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Friday, July 1, 2022
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17 dead after being gunned down at a funeral in Mexico

Mexico funeral attack news

The gunmen pulled the victims out of a funeral wake and lined them up for execution against a wall in full view of the public.

A neighbour caught the shocking act on camera, which took place 5pm (local time) Sunday 27 February.

The crime took place in Mexico’s Michoacan state Sunday, a well-known battlefield in the drug gang wars.In the video, the gunmen’s line of white vehicles can be seen blocking the street, while the victims are lined up against a wall, many of them with their hands above their heads surrendering.

The tweet is in Spanish, but reads, ‘It’s not Ukraine, it’s San Jose de Gracia Michoacan.’

The tweet has since been removed by Twitter.

While law enforcement authorities had been alterted to the killings, they had not yet apprehended any suspects.

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