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Study identifies best place to hide from nuclear-blast shockwave

A photo of a nuclear explosion. © Sputnik.

Those who shelter indoors relatively far from the explosion will still be in danger, scientists warn.

The corner of a room is the safest spot to hide from a massive shockwave caused by a nuclear explosion, scientists from Cyprus have discovered after running a computer simulation of the catastrophic event.

Those unlucky enough to be near the epicenter of the blast would be instantly vaporized, but those who are quite far away would still be in danger – even if they remain indoors, the researchers warned in a paper published in Physics of Fluids journal on Tuesday.

The study “shows that high airspeeds remain a considerable hazard,” Dimitris Drikakis, who led the team at the University of Nicosia, told the American Institute of Physics.

The blast would cause a shockwave bubble almost 5km in radius, with strong winds capable of bringing down shabby constructions, as well as injuring or killing people, the study revealed.

Concrete-reinforced buildings are likely to withstand the winds, but those inside would have to get to specific areas within seconds of the explosion in order to remain safe, according to the paper.

“The most dangerous critical indoor locations to avoid are the windows, the corridors, and the doors,” said Ioannis Kokkinakis, one of the authors of the study.

The advanced computer simulation created by the team revealed that tight spaces inside buildings can sharply increase airspeed, with the shockwave also causing winds to deflect off walls and bend around corners. Such conditions can create a force equivalent to up to 18 times a human’s body weight, the research showed.

According to Kokkinakis, “One can be safe from the high airspeeds if positioned at the corners of the wall facing the blast,” even if the room is facing the explosion.

Should a survivor manage to withstand the shockwave by hiding in a corner, however, they would still have to contend with “increased radiation levels, unsafe buildings, damaged power and gas lines, and fires,” Drikakis warned.

The authors of the paper believe their findings could be used by relevant authorities to amend instructions on how people should behave in the event of a nuclear explosion. They could also be used by architects to inform designs for new concrete buildings. However, the team expressed hope that the need for such considerations never arises.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Go to ‘NaturalNews.com’ and see Mike Adam’s expose’ on Nuclear War.
    This was put out 3 or so days ago.
    You might survive being outside of the blast zone, but not the cause and effects of the economic, social and medical collapse along with the distribution routes being destroyed…! Nothing will be available!
    Then see the interview of Mike Adams and Steve Quayle titled ‘Kill Grid’…
    See also the YouTube video titled ‘Slaughterbots’ and how dangerous facial recognition can become!

  2. Note Hal Turner’s assessment based on a Nuclear Science expert’s evaluation.
    IF things continues to degenerate, and the West doesn’t cease and desist in provoking Russia, those who don’t become lumps of bio-charcoal or atomised will die a slow death due to the total breakdown of society.
    Germans are now entering the Weimar Republic-like living conditions with recycled food now stocking the food banks!
    The Potsdam Conference is also being violated with U.S.- built F-16’s that were sold to other nations by the U.S. are now being forwarded to the Ukraine by those initial countries.
    Russia and Putin have stated that IF that happens (and it is…) then World War 3 will get underway with the Ukrainian Conflict expanding past Ukraine’s borders and the Donbass Region!
    The NZ Governor-General needs to dissolve Parliament, call for Snap Elections, and then the new Parliament will and should declare NZ a Neutral Nation, and lift the sanctions on the Russians.
    Previous Labour support for the Ukraine and it’s Khazarian, Zio-Communist J3wi$h Presidencies has made NZ a potential nuclear target.


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