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Watch: Elderly Sikh leader bashed in sickening attack in Manchester

Manchester assault news

The 62-year-old victim was left for dead in a pool of blood in the middle of a Manchester street. He’s still in hospital recovering.

The attack happened on 23 June this year but police have released the video today in a bid to identify the assailant with the help of the public.

It is thought the attacker got angry when the victim walked past his girlfriend and accidentally brushed her with his arm.

CCTV footage captures the men exchanging words on Hilton Street. The victim moves away but he is pursued onto Tib Street and is hit in the head twice before falling to the floor.

Police also released a statement from the man’s family:

‘On the June 23, 2022, our loving and caring husband/father, a 62 year old Sikh priest, had his life tragically altered forever when a thug cowardly committed this heinous act, leaving him in a pool of blood with catastrophic permanent life-changing brain damage and walked away as if it was normal behaviour,’ they said in a statement.

‘A devoted husband and father who has lived, worked and supported a community in a city he has loved for 37 years and now cannot even leave the hospital.

‘He worked long hours every day to help his children live the life he never got to and make sure we were raised to help and inspire future generations, raising a teacher, a pharmacist and a soon-to-be doctor.

‘A Sikh priest was left for dead on the bustling streets of Manchester, a route he has walked home every day, while people watched on. He was mindlessly and violently attacked and the sick, cowardly individuals are still out there.

In addition to the video, police also released images of the alleged attacker and his girlfriend.

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  1. Many in the West cannot distinquish Sikhism from Islam. Over a million Sikhs were killed by Pakistani muslims during the partition of India. Yet, the western media did not talk about it much because they viewed India being under the sphere of influence of USSR, and Pakistan waskept under the influence of UK/US. Whatever the history was, the average IQ is falling in UK; so does its income and standard of living. So hate and racism thrives in such an environment.

    There are also Sikhs who hate Hindus because of the CIA sponsored Khalistan separatist movements in Canada, UK and US. Former indian PM Indira Ghandi was assasinated by a Khalistan agent who infiltrated as a security agent. Recently an American Sikh, a product of Khalistan plot, was abusing a Californian Hindu in a Taco Bell outlet; see

    While it is hard to stop haters, politicians should limit migration and should not use excessive inflation and migrant labour to cut real wages. NZ is the worst of its kind; it does not care about its own poor. Real wages are kept at a third world level for most low level jobs. Even after NZ productivity Commision reports, both labour and national continue to keep real wages low with excessive inflation. This does not help those emigrate to NZ as well as the poor who are already live in NZ.

  2. I am sad for this man & his family as this attack is totally unwarranted

    Yet the rest of your post informs us, NZ is not the wondrous society many Kiwi’s believe it to be. This makes me happy I surrendered my citizenship years ago & now hold myself a resident foreign alien in the country of my birth

  3. I am 60 and I would be quite offended if someone called me `elderly` I can still outwork most young people, also why do you have to be black or brown to make international headlines if someone hits you?


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