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Watch: UFO or Hoax? Strange ‘Sphere’ Caught on Camera in California Sky

If an eyewitness’ account is to be believed, the “sphere” remained “stationary” in the sky for about 15 minutes before “vertically ascending.”

Yet another strange aerial phenomenon has been brought to the attention of the public thanks to some curious onlookers with a camera.

The footage, apparently recorded in Menlo Park, California, depicts what looks like some kind of spherical shape in the sky.

According to blogger and UFO hunting enthusiast Scott C. Waring, who uploaded the video in question on YouTube, the eyewitness who recorded the footage said that the flying object remained “stationary” in the sky for about 15 minutes before “slowly ascending vertically and directly in the same position”.

“Love this video, as short as it is, it tells me so many things, its sphere shape, its slow rotation, its high in the blue sky and moving ever so slowly…I just wish we could see it leaving,” Waring wrote on his blog. “To see it move faster or change directions would help understand it a bit.”

Social media users who commented on the video on YouTube seemed unsure of what to make of it, although some alleged that they had seen something similar in the past.

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  1. This is not a UFO, it is classic hoax – we know this from the hours of UFO footage we do have , or from 16th century paintings, or stone cravings from 2000 Bc (or in woke language BCE) from South America and Egyptian tombs through to WWII combat footage of FOO fighters and in the modern era US/UK/Canadian/French/German and other Military response footage.
    How is this a hoax:
    1. Camera use – its common for hoaxers to shake the camera from side to side creating jerky movements to make a slow moving object appear to fly in an erratic manner – The question of why such a flight pattern in an alien object would occur the times that I have observed erratic flight it is recorded by military planes then the UFO is clearly offering a defensive flight plan to evade what sensors will have indicated is a missile equipped plane that can’t follow in that manner by our current engineering standard. In this footage there is no USAF jets buzzing this object.
    2. Size – dimensions are important UFO’s described in the bible , paintings and art work from ancient peoples have a scale and it is large not small. The compression of dimensions or inter dimensional travel is a possibility but unlikely as the time required to be compressed for interstellar travel would be too long – however so considering life as humanoid and not intelligent fish or cellular microscopic beings , is its not likely therefore the object can only be a man made one for example an actual weather ballon or airship model drone.
    3. The object movement – ie slow and rising – tends to suggest the iPhone user witness has either released this ballon or ball filled with helium and filmed it or has come out and by change found this weather ballon airship drone just by chance and taken to the hoax idea. I have done the same using the moon as the sphere in a summer sky and created a moving sphere by moving my phone the focus of course can’t pick detail just as here.

    So in conclusion I have no real confidence that this is a UFO or UFA the critical thinker must also view this in the same manner Aliens visit this planet – the James Webb scope pictures are evidence that we not alone in the vastness of space. Aliens coming here do so at critical periods in our development and come perhaps for elements /minerals etc over mined in their time and space and not in ours. Human kinds biology is also important to them as some abductees are credible and have unexplained medical marks. If these smaller objects are observed they are Reece vessels (drones) for example the foo fighters were smaller then fighter aircraft deployed in WWII and they tended not to engage in combat but observe allied air power during the day light bombing missions over occupied Europe and Germany. Until USN footage these WWII reports were the only evidence of smaller UFO craft the USN Nimitz footage shows what I would maintain is a true UFO drone doing exactly the same job observing current military power.

    Of course those who wish to see alien can but this footage clearly an amateur film and hoax. If thought of logically.


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