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NZ Loyal health policy released, new candidates announced

This week the New Zealand Loyal party released their health policy and announced a number of new candidates for this year’s general election.

In speaking of the health policy, leader Liz Gunn said, ‘there has been a deliberate and targeted campaign by certain entities with in an interest in the destruction of your health.’

The Health Policy of legacy parties was ‘long-term illness maintenance system rather than a health system,’ she said, pointing to the following practices as evidence of this claim:

  • Water fluorodation
  • 1080 use
  • GMOs and heavy glyphosate use
  • Big Pharma medicies, which treat symptoms rather that causes, and in many cases cause additional health issues
  • Toxic vaccines, and its link to autism

‘We are all being systematically poisoned, and yet they wonder why we have a health crisis. Medical experts deny this… These experts propose not to cure our medical problems at all, but rather to manage them via Big Pharma prescriptions.

‘Our doctors in fact have just become Big Pharma marketing agents. They are not allowed to practise real medicine… The people in charge of the doctors, the people who design the Big Pharma, Rockefeller medical industrial complex suppress effective cures and treatments. And they’ve done this for decades.’

Gunn referenced an interview she did earlier this year with Dr. Bruce Dooley on the FSMB – the Federation of State Medical Boards, a shadowy Big Pharma controlled institution which had an undue influence over health policies throughout much of the world, including New Zealand.

Big Pharma interventions, where demonstrably safe and effective should be used as one part of an holistic approach to human health. There needed to be more emphasis on tried and tested traditional health remedies, like accupuncture, Ayurydeic medicine, osteopathy, homeopathy, natropath herbs, water therapies, quantum healing, sound and light therapies, Gunn emphasised.

‘When people are allowed to be creative, curious, inventive and seek solutions outside the very rigid square in which our society has been operating… Instead of encouraging this, the powers that be persecute and censor those.’

New Candidates announced

A number of new candidates were announced by NZ Loyal this week.

Michael Feyen – Northland

Former electrician, policeman and business owner, Feyen has been a City Councillor in Palmerston North in Horowhenua, the latter included a successful campaign for mayor.

‘I’m standing for this party [ie. NZ Loyal] as a result of what I saw and underwent… in my term as a mayor, where I discovered that governance in New Zealand is in a very sorry state, especially for it’s very own people.’

‘Essentially the corporatisation of governance, the power is not with the elected people in terms of local government.’

Donna Kouka – Papakura

Responding to a question from Gunn on the current state of New Zealand’s race relations, Kouka said, ‘We are all New Zealanders. We are all together. You’re right, up until just fairly recently, it’s been standing side-by-side no matter what… now it’s completely different – completely different to what I remember growing up. For me, we’re all together in this, but as soon as the division comes in, as soon as people start putting one group there, one group there, and trying to separate a privilege for here and no privilege for here, it’s making the division wider and wider.’

Kouka said she was standing for NZ Loyal because leader Gunn was ‘about the truth.’

‘We need something new, and this [ie NZ Loyal] is new. And people are really, really desperate for something which honours our values and our beliefs in something better.’

Chris Newman – Upper Harbour

‘The current options are out. I’m not interested in anything that’s gone before because none of its worked – it’s just made us sick and tired of being sick and tired,’ Upper Harbour party candidate Chris Newman said.

‘NZ Loyal was a ‘breath of fresh air’.

‘When I saw how you had the guts to stand up and to express thoughts about the reality we’re living in, about a breakdown in trust, a breakdown in society. But you weren’t just moaning about it. You were saying ‘let’s revive those values that hold families together, that give us dignity, pride in ourselves, and give us real accountability from the grassroots.’

Anne Perratt – Tamaki

Perratt was born and raised in Orakei. The issues in her electorate were high-density housing, co-governance and the the rising costs of living.

Perratt is the daughter of George Hitchcock, a war veteran who later became a doctor.

‘My parents gave the example to us of hard work, study and serving our country as best we could with good knowledge, good questions… and just doing the right thing for people, in both a self-interested and atruistic way.’

‘The team we’re bringing together with your leadership is an amazing team across New Zealand.’

Dean Grant – Palmerston North

‘So much as happened over these last few years… I’ve seen some things, I’ve experienced some things, and this is the only way we’re actually going to get rid of these people out of the government and do something about it. New Zealand Loyal to me, is the only viable option.’

‘Give power back to the people’ was at the heart of New Zealand Loyal.

Grant is a Funeral Director and embalmer from the Manawatu. He described what he was seeing ‘on the ground’ in his practice since the roll-out of COVID mRNA gene therapy.

‘Since the rollout of the vaccines there’s been quite a noticeable change in [death rates], birth rates are down… We’re noticing more younger people, a lot of people under 55, a lot of cancers – ‘turbo cancers’ where people have been only diagnosed and dying a matter of weeks or months… People are just so blind to it. They are not putting the dots together. We’re seeing what’s going on… we have to expose it. We’ve got to bring it out. We’ve got to make people aware what the government’s done to us with these vaccine rollouts and everything else associated with that.’

‘I’ve never had to bury or cremate so many people in their 50s… it’s horrible. We’re picking up 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds that have just died – literally dropped dead, for no reason.’

The Coroner’s Amemdment Act had changed the way deaths were being recorded – there were ‘a lot of things going on that need to be dealt with properly,’ said Grant.

Fred Roberts – Taieri

Roberts said it was a ‘very important time in New Zealand’ now because of ‘what government is doing to us.’

‘They’re taking away our freedoms and rights. Everything they’re throwing at us is just diabolical, and it needs to be stopped.’

Roberts, a shearer by trade said the Taieri farming community was under stress due to government regulations.

‘We grow enough food to feed 50 million people, but the food prices in our country are so high and outrageous. It shouldn’t be. We’ve got food just over the fence from us, yet we’re paying through the nose for it… Everything about what this government is doing to us is pure theft and to run us down.’

Ray Bailey – Waitaki

‘Enough is enough,’ said Bailey. ‘The people have had enough. I’ve had enough.’

Father of three Bailey said he was appalled by the state of the education system. Basic reading and maths skill were declining. ‘NZ Loyal are the ones. NZ Loyal are the ones who are going to be fixing New Zealand.’

‘It’s not about me. It’s not about NZ Loyal. It’s about the country as one.’

Bill Dyet – East Coast Bays

Engineer Dyet will stand for NZ Loyal in Auckland’s East Coast Bay’s electorate.

Dyet said that while standing for parliament was normally something he would shy away from, he felt he had to. Gunn agreed saying ‘none of us want to do this but we feel that something’s calling us.’

Anne Fitzsimon – Nelson

Long-term Nelson resident Anne Fitzsimon has noticed a big downturn in the tourist numbers visiting the area after COVID lockdowns, and this was backed up by conversations she had with business owners.

She was a firm believer in the party’s 1% tax policy, believing it ‘could turn things around for people.’

‘The more money that’s turning over in your economy or your community, everybody does well out of it. At the moment people are really struggling. The price of food – fresh food and vegetables in the supermarket is off the planet.’

Fitzsimon said the reason she was standing for NZ Loyal was for the future of the country. ‘The last three years has absolutely killed this country, and if we don’t stop it now we’re giving it away, completely and utterly at every level.’

Asked what her vision of a future New Zealand would look like, Fitzsimon said de-centralisation was a key factor, ‘communities taking more responsibility for what’s going on in their own community… less laws, less rules, less overheads and more freedom. Because if we look at our basic moral code as a human being we can make good choices. We don’t have to be instructed and told ‘you can’t do this’ by [ie WorkSafe, or MPI etc].

Ray Cobb – Coromandel

Cobb is another who has reluctantly put his hand up but felt he needed to do something to get the country back on track.

‘There’s some really good people out there that are frustrated and looking for some leadership… that’s what we’ve been lacking in all the other parties – there is no real leadership, and they have lost focus on why they are actually there.’

He said it was refreshing to see leader Gunn and others who were like-minded trying to make a real difference for the wider community, ‘rather than just their own politics’. Voting for any of the current parties in the hope they would solve problems they helped to create was ‘insanity’, he said.

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  1. I don’t see Candidates flocking to any other political party in this number as I have seen with New Zealand Loyal over the last two weeks!
    And, more people who fully understand what the Zio-based Globalists have done to this country are the ones who feel compelled to be running for office, because they know that they need to out the pigs, toads and various Nazi parasites that have allowed NGO’s to dictate to what our society should be!
    I have skeletons in my closet like many others do, and if I ran for office it could damage the party via MSM mudslinging that the MSM and the Zio-Globalists would use against me; after all, look at what Winston Peters has had to deal with over the years!
    But- we also have good if not excellent ideas to pass on to those running on the NZ Loyal Party ticket, and I do hope they pay attention to offered solutions that are outside the 3D box.


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