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Winston: Maori ‘are not indigenous’

Winston Peters news

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters told a packed public meeting in Nelson yesterday that Maori were not ‘indigenous.’

‘We come from Hawai-iki. Where’s our Hawai-iki? We think it is in the Cook Islands. We think it’s in Rarotonga, but we’re not from here. And [if] you go back 5000 years, we came with our DNA from China,’ Peters tweeted today.

‘We didn’t come 54,000 years ago, for example, like the Aboriginals in Australia. If our story says we came from Hawai-iki or this place from the Pacific, then it means we’re not indigenous. I’m not trying to kid anybody, so why are we trying to kid each other?’

Peters called the belief Maori were the indigenous people of New Zealand a ‘misconstruct.’

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  1. …not to mention the ‘Moon-Eyed People’ that traveled about the rivers and lakes at night in NZ before they either left or went extinct.
    See Dr. Robert Sepehr’s website re; ‘New Zealand’ and the red-haired mystery that isn’t so ‘mysterious’…!
    Note also that the hidden history of New Zealand also has monolithic ruins that were constructed similar to what is in South and Central America.
    Whenever ruins that verify that others were here before Maori are promptly destroyed by the Woke PTB’ in order to promote the false ‘indigenous agenda’ that politically benefits Maori, and ignores the works of the ‘Fair-Haired Moon-Eyed’ People.
    The ‘Moon-Eyed People’ were also noted in the Carolinas by the Cherokee tribe, and similar architectural ruins found there also, along with the skeletons of Nephilim, or ‘Giants’. Steve Quayle has the info on that at his website.
    See also ‘The Kandahar Giant’ the U.S. Forces encountered in northern Afghanistan.
    The Satanic Zionist Media NEVER mentions these things, as to do so would lend credence and verifiable affirmation to the cover-up of ancient archeology and confirming what was in Genesis Chap. 6 of the 1611 KJV of the Bible, and the Geneva Bible.
    Historians have had their records scrubbed of the various mysteries which are not really so ‘mysterious.!

  2. More distractions from the king of spin, issues that matter are
    Climate Fraud.
    Our rights and freedoms.
    Investigation into the Vax and holding those responsible to account with jail time.

  3. One question regarding the DNA evidence of the Asian input into the Maori genome that I have never gotten an answer to derives from Gavin Menzies’ book “1421: The Year China Discovered the World”, in which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He visited the Americas (and New Zealand) prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492, and that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan. Menzie’s work has been dismissed by established Historians on grounds that he was a Naval officer, not a University trained Historian – not valid in my book. History has often been overturned by perspicacious amateurs. I have spent many hours in the Zheng He Museum in Melaka, Malaysia where evidence for Menzie’s basic narrative abounds.
    As a sailor who has crossed the Pacific many times in small to medium sized sailboats I can attest that the concept of West – East migration is highly improbable. I had formed a similar thesis to Menzies long before I read his first book based on certain facts:
    1. Not only did the Kumara itself originate in South America but the etymology leads us to ancient Andean language derivations.
    2. The language spoken on Fatu Hiva (Marquesas) and neighbouring Tuamotus is remarkably similar to Te Reo.
    3. All over the Marquesas you can see ancient stone platforms presumed to be meeting places and called “Marae”.
    Whilst these do not directly support Menzies, one fact does and that is the Chinese or Tamil bell discovered in 1836 by William Colenso : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_bell#/media/File:Tamilbell1.JPG
    It would seem to be incontrovertible evidence of a pre-European visitation by an Eastern entity.
    My question is this: Could the Eastern DNA be an admixture post-dating original migration to New Zealand by Polynesians of South American origins?

  4. Ancient Celtic New Zealand – How Maori Activists & Their Lawyers Reinvented New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi
    The Egyptians were originally a white race
    Who employed Nubian mercenary’s from Sudan
    In the 25th Dynasty the Pharaoh died and the Nubian’s entered Egypt and that was the end of the white race in Egypt
    Who were shafted
    Which is what is planned for NZ with mass migration of non white ethnicity
    Interesting eucalyptus oil found in embalming agents found in Pharaohs mummies


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