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Manifesto for a new political party

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Manifesto for a new political party

Dear Sir,

New Zealand’s main political parties agree with government policy to suppress investigation of the tyranny related to Covid-19 that has crippled New Zealand.

With this Manifesto a new party can confidently expect to win one million votes:

  1. Investigate the hundreds of deaths and thousands of serious injuries to New Zealanders within six months of receiving one or more Pfizer mRNA gene therapy jabs.
  2. Investigate the suppression of Ivermectin in NZ despite 100 peer-reviewed papers supporting its success with Covid-19.
  3. Investigate the NZ government’s suppression of the Pfizer mRNA jab trial data showing over 1000 serious injuries and deaths.
  4. Investigate the penalties applied in NZ to those doctors who advised their patients against the Pfizer mRNA jabs.
  5. Investigate under the Nuremberg Code the crimes committed by NZ doctors, nurses and other authorities in administering experimental Pfizer mRNA jabs.
  6. Investigate the lies told and ordered by NZ politicians who said
    (a) the Pfizer mRNA jabs are “safe and effective”.
    (b) there will be no mandates in NZ for those who choose not to risk the Pfizer mRNA jabs.
    (c) the NZ government is the sole credible source of information on the Pfizer mRNA jabs.
  7. Investigate the NZ police brutality in smashing and burning the peaceful demonstration outside Parliament in March 2022.
  8. Investigate the refusal of all sitting NZ politicians to meet with protestors outside Parliament in March 2022.
  9. Investigate the scientific evidence in NZ that the Pfizer mRNA jabs contains non-medical materials susceptible to activation by 5G.
  10. Investigate the refusal of NZ Health Authorities to investigate and document the pathology of persons dead within six weeks of receiving one or more Pfizer mRNA jabs.
  11. Investigate the financial contribution to NZ political parties by Pfizer.
  12. Investigate why the NZ government purchased Pfizer mRNA jabs and indemnified Pfizer against death and/or injury when Pfizer was previously convicted of fraud and fined over US$1 billion.
  13. Investigate why the NZ government ordered lockdowns, social distancing and facemasks despite scientific evidence that none of these is effective.
  14. Investigate why the NZ government borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars to fund their advertising and lockdown campaign, putting NZ at serious risk of bankruptcy.
  15. Investigate why the NZ government accepted and applied instructions re Covid-19 from the WHO and Fauci rather than advice from NZ doctors who knew their patients personally.
  16. Investigate why the NZ government allowed mandates for the Pfizer mRNA jabs to over-ride advice from medical doctors as to the safety of the jab for their own patients.
  17. Investigate how NZ employers can be held liable for any consequent adverse health issues after they mandate/d the Pfizer mRNA jabs for their employees.
  18. Investigate the levels of compensation (if any) paid by the NZ government to victims of the Pfizer mRNA jabs.
  19. Investigate how the Pfizer mRNA jabs were administered in NZ without informed consent that included information on the deaths and serious injuries that occurred during the Pfizer trial.
  20. Investigate the scientific evidence that the Pfizer mRNA jabs will cause full or partial sterilisation of girls and women.
  21. Investigate the scientific evidence that zinc can kill the Covid-19 virus when taken with a zinc ionophore (eg quercetin, EGCG) and how this information was suppressed by the NZ government.
  22. Investigate how despite evidence that the Pfizer mRNA jabs were killing and injuring people in many countries, the NZ government financed a campaign against “vaccine hesitancy”.
  23. Investigate the absence of scientific debate in NZ mainstream media on the dangers and absolute efficacy (1%) of the Pfizer mRNA jabs and boosters.
  24. Investigate how the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab, Jacinda Adern etc) plans to destroy life as we have known and loved it in New Zealand.
  25. Investigate how a Public Enquiry with world-renowned expert witnesses can be set up and held in NZ to deal with all the above issues.

Yours faithfully,


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  1. A good start but as a political manifesto it lacks the substance of now we do that and how we tackle the WEF and globalist agenda of the emerging countries with influence in the political system here – or rather its corruption.
    So you would need.
    1. Real science research into the actual causes of global warming and weather changes.
    2. The debt and housing crisis and the positive resetting of the economic situation to a new self managed wealth – market.
    3. Welfare state reform
    4. Law and order reform
    5. Democracy strengthening legal frameworks.
    6. Return of commonwealth opportunity and advantage over goal.

    Then and maybe then we could have a new electable NZ party,

  2. Regardless, we must elect something new, different, even it it’s not perfect, it will START something…. that’s all we need…. to expose the truth to the slow to awaken…

  3. If the New Zealand that we knew, and loved is to survive, it is essential that we form a party that will have the comviction and integrity to deal with “the swamp”. It is more than time that we learned to stand up for our rights, opinions and freedoms. Freedom Village was a foretaste of what we can accomplish – but we seem to have stopped there. We need to keep on keeping on. No more kowtowing to political correctness, which is yet another political weapon designed to control us. There are those who have started to form parties which espouse these values; we must encourage and help them get together. Our very survival depends on this to happen.

      • Sorry, I disagree. What maybe brings down this laudable plan is people like YOU, who don’t realize, that fences need to be jumped. Ideologies, religion, ethnicity and such needs to be put aside to unhinge the status quo. Once the swamp is cleared, THEN bicker about details.
        But I betcha, by then the rats have left the ship and are employed at the UN.

  4. I am unvaxed and brought the horse paste ivermectin online through Amazon and used it when I got Covid, I went from laid out on the couch to up and about doing light duties in 2 hours, it works a treat.

  5. Wake up people, no such thing as a virus. Do a deep dive into the current vaccines you think you need. You will come to realize that the research done does not stack up. It never has.

    Also we need to band the advertising of pharmacy drugs within New Zealand. Long over due.

  6. Of course issues like foreign policy, 3 Waters, fluoride etc are very important. But they pale to insignificance beside the tyranny of our main political parties which have all supported the Ardern government. This tyranny has killed people, maimed people, wrecked society, crippled schools, hospitals and the tourist industry. A million angry people could become a powerful force.
    Otherwise it will just happen again and again: is that what we want?

  7. These questions need to be answered also;
    1. Did certain sections of society or some privileged people (members of Parliament etc) get a placebo or a saline jabb, and also while they were demonstrating to the new Zealand public that they were getting a mRNA covid jab to demonstrate that it was safe and effective?
    And 2. Did people who when into or admitted to hospital for any reason, did they get the mRNA covid jabb without their consent or knowledge?

  8. Agree with all the questions that must be answered, and those who need to be held to account.
    It is clear that the form of government we currently have is flawed and does not operate for the benefit of the (living) men, women and children who give lifento the world.
    The Cabal must be stripped of their wealth, which is all stolen and does not belong to them. The “authority” exhibited by this cabal is inhumaine and they display a sickness that cannot be cured. The ordinary men and women of the world must be woken to the evil that is among us, then they will understand the total inferiority of the cabal. The world has more than enough wealth and resources to sustain the growing population.


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