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‘Team of 5 Million – Yeah Where?’

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Dear Sir,

So many Kiwis express their frustration on this and other forums about the current government and the other options which are the same. Just another colour. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow they have all deserted the team of 5 million. They are all interested in feathering their own nest, smiling for the international paparazzi, and looking for a cosy offshore job when they have gutted us enough!

I’m not a political activist, nor am I a political leader – too old for that. What I do know is that in the coffee shop where I catch up with friends and business acquaintances every day everybody is expressing the same frustration. They are pi**ed off with the current political setup and politicians of all creeds.

But nobody wants to do anything about giving the current crop of politicians and would be politicians a wake-up call. Michael Wood’s reference to “rivers of filth” actually applies to politicians – he just didn’t realise he was talking about himself.

So, are we all going to languish in our misery and keep complaining into our coffee cups and take no action? If that’s the case, then we have only ourselves to blame!

You might think that there is nothing as an individual you can do? I disagree. There is an existing political movement in New Zealand that can be that vehicle for change.

What I am going to suggest might be surprising. My understanding is that political parties receive advertising funding based on their membership numbers. At the last election both National and Labour received $1.3m.

Let’s get behind Social Credit. Yes, I hear your groans about the old-fashioned name and about your recollection of past policies. But! Look at it this way

    1. Well established name recognition
    2. Party structure in place
    3. Has a history of parliamentary membership
    4. Chris Leitch is standing up for our rights on a number of issues, but cannot do it alone

So, Team of 5 Million, are you ready to make a change and take control of your future?

By becoming a member of Team Social Credit, the Team of 5 Million can increase membership numbers and thus adverting funding. You can contribute to policy in areas that interest you. You can help shape New Zealand – dump Three Waters if that’s what you want, really exercise your rights under the Bill of Rights, develop a crime/policing policy, re open Marsden Point, ensure our kids and grand kids are being taught the three R’s (not this woke gender stuff my grandkids are being introduced to).

Are you ready?

Just in case you are wondering – I am not Chris Leitch, but made a decision to join the party a few weeks ago.


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  1. Now, if Chris Leitch could just bring in , blend in and adopt the Outdoors and Freedom Party platform in part, along with Sue Grey as the Co-Leader, then we would see a proper platform of proper policies.
    New Zealand First (which right now is seen as a worn-out party…) should then discuss a merger with the New Conservatives.
    After all is set-up, then a coalition and perhaps a further merger can happen. Between the four political parties, there isn’t much difference in their end goals, and it would certainly give new Zealanders a proper choice.
    THAT would really piss-off the PTB…!
    But sadly, I don’t see any of this happening. & IF it did, rest assured that the PTB would subvert the vote, and activate Operation katipo against the citizenry!
    That is a forecasted given!

    • The `New Conservatives` ? That pro Israel Zionist party? they should merge with National, they are not an alternative party, they are a subversive party.

      • New Conservatives have been told to drop the illogical support of Is-Ra-El due to their problematic assassinations, monetary manipulations, and subversion into governments that do not support the Zionist State.
        Kevin Stitt knows this, because I sent him my concerns!
        The New Conservative platform, apart from their ‘Christian’ support of Is-Ra-El is logical enough.

  2. Single issue parties, and recyled old parties are harder to succeed unless a grand coalition is formed. The term “social credit” itself is abnoxious given that the WEF sponsored NWO engages in the same ideology. Chinese social credit system is also not everyone’s cuppa. Public disappointmet in the main stream political parties is real but it needs a credible alternative, a new party or coalition; or else many wont vote in the next election. You have to remember that non-participation is the most popular choice and not voting for old stuff bottled and presented again and again. This trick wont work and only strengthen the mainstream parties wasting votes.

    • Is that you `John Key` yep you convinced me, wont vote for these guys, I dont want to waste my vote! so I will vote National again and make my vote count.

      • Both labour and national are the two cheeks of the same arse. Minor parties just join one of them. There is no strong alternative at the moment. A grand coalition is needed that can cross the 5% threshold. In the ansence of such a third strong alternate front, voting or not voting results in the same outcome.

        • More and more people are now realising there is no one to vote for,now they have to realise voting is when you grant consent to be RULED by the winner of the selection

  3. Anarchist – Amen.
    But note how the media is now promoting Luxon as a competent leader? The PtB – already aware of how little chance the incumbent PM has of getting back into power – are polishing up the image of her male version. Will the NZ population fall for it in 2003?
    Who counts the votes?

    • They took the Jab, they don’t believe the US election was stolen, they believe it was Russia that started the war in Ukraine, they believe Julian Assange broke some law, they think China wants to take over the world, they believe the US is a functioning democracy, they are not aware that JA is a graduate of WEF program, do you think these people will vote for change before they see their loved ones die in front of their eyes?


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