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The All Blacks – A fresh look

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The All Blacks - A Fresh Look news

Dear Sir,

Much has been said about our current All Black Team and particularly its head coach Foster in the light of unprecedented losses.  I thought I would throw in my two bobs worth.  My suggestion is the need for us all to stand back a bit and see not what is on the surface but what has been going on in NZ Rugby over a long time, primarily since the professional era.

All my life I have heard our All Blacks cry; “Oh, the All Black Jersey, the All Black Jersey!” as they bow and worship.  The cry still goes up, but since the professional era, now someone from overseas comes along and waves a big fat cheque under their noses.  They look at the dollars and quickly say; “Stuff the Black Jersey, I’m off!”  It seems that the almighty dollar is more important now.  But then what happens with all this exodus?  Well these All Blacks and other top rugby players take all the ‘secrets’ of the All Black Team and ‘sell’ (inadvertently, of course) them to the professional team they are contracted to. Not only that but the players they play with after a while discover that these players are human after all and when cut they bleed just like them.

This is followed by the exodus of our coaches, under the guise that ‘this will be a good experience for them’ which assumes they will come back to bolster NZ Rugby!  Really?  The only teams that are being bolstered are the overseas teams.  NZ can’t pay the big bucks that the overseas countries can offer.  The great Sir Grahan Henry coaches the World Cup winning All Blacks, then steps down, and within 5 minutes has signed with Argentina.  He freshly knows every All Black, how they play, their strengths and weaknesses, and how Steve Hansen coaches.  He now no longer wants the All Blacks to win.  He wants Argentina to win.  And we give him a knighthood for it! It is all about the money.  Kiwi John Mitchell, Kiwi Joe Schmid, Kiwi Kidwell, Kiwi Gatland  must be feeling extremely proud of themselves and continue to pat themselves on the back. “I beat the All Blacks.”  Yet most of what they know they learnt in NZ.  Are they not Kiwis anymore?

Razor Robinson, whom everyone is looking to be the saviour of the All Blacks, prevents a Kiwi from playing for the Crusaders by importing Pablo Matera.  Who is the Crusaders forward coach?  Who is now the All Blacks forwards coach?  Who knows how Jason Ryan coaches?  Who knows all his ‘secrets’?  Surely we are not so naive as to think that Michael Cheika doesn’t now know how the All Black forwards are going to play?  Why do we wonder that the Argentinian forwards out-manourved the All Black forwards?  Robinson has already nailed his colours to the mast.  He has clearly stated that he doesn’t care a fig as to which team wins the World Cup, as long as he is the coach.  It is all about his ego and no doubt the big bucks.  Stuff the All Blacks. Loyalty and an appreciation of all NZ has taught him about rugby doesn’t come into it. Whoops! That’s right loyalty is a Christian value and we can’t have that in our country.  Our godless education system would not allow it to be taught.

Kiwi Dave Rennie, whom I consider the best coach in the world, will be looking fairly and squarely at the Bledislow Cup with some confidence this year.  Dan (“the GOAT?) Carter is off to South Africa to sell off all he knows to give them a boost.  Why couldn’t he offer his expertise to NZ Rugby?  Did he not get paid enough while he was learning his trade here that he could give something back?  All about individual ego and the big bucks?  After all “I am the GOAT and deserve the big bucks!”  And everyone applauds.  I have it on very good authority that, what would be reckoned as a ‘lesser’  college First XV player, in fact their very best player, has taken up a contract with an England Club.  English Clubs, going around our schools and raiding our stocks? The almighty dollar wins every time.

The stable door is wide open, the horses have bolted, they are feeding on richer pastures.  All the ‘secrets’ of the All Blacks are now known all over the world. The ‘invicibility’ factor, the ‘mystique’, the ‘aura’, has now gone.  The cupboard is now empty and open for all to see.  Not even the haka is going to save us as opposing teams stand and yawn as they watch detached on. Besides it has been so overdone.  We have all congratulated our players and coaches getting the big bucks, because money is our god and supposedly makes us happy.  But is seems that this god has no loyalty to All Black Rugby.  We cannot congratulate these players and coaches, agree with their decisions to chase the big bucks and then in the next breath turn around and complain that our All Blacks are being beaten.

The two just don’t go together and it is now time to recognise that.  Because money will win out every time, and NZ Rugby doesn’t have the resources of the overseas countries, we will lose out every time.  So we will just have to get used to seeing our All Blacks lose.  No good overly blaming Foster, he has come in at a time when this is all finally catching up with us.  We will continue to be a ‘good’ rugby playing nation, will win on occasions, but we are now just a ‘good’ side among many other ‘good’ sides that we have helped to create.

Chris Dombroski
Palmerston North

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head mate! And the issue goes deeper as well. Look at the warriors (I hate league) constantly losing and who gives a hoot? Probably 12 die hard fans. The same happens to rugby. Boring, boring! I nearly didnt watch the second Pumas game. I wonder whether that was the influence of Jo Scmidt? Maybe he bought his Irish experience home?
    Maybe NZ Rugby needs to introduce a restraint of trade for x years. Its almost intellectual property.

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