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The whole COVID saga is just one lie after another

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COVID lies

Dear Sir,

I am frankly amazed and dumb-founded at the lies this present government seem to be getting away with.

The whole Covid19 saga is just one lie after another. Since our P.M. is a ‘darling’ adherent and supporter of the Reset – WEF – One World Government – there is much reason to believe that she knew this virus would be purposely released to screw down humanity throughout the globe well before it actually happened. Remember she insisted the only one who could give accurate info re the virus was her, thus we were to take no heed to any other opinion. So, her party of misinformation was thus allowed to shape the beliefs of most of the kiwi sheeples. And it still continues today.

Have I bowed to her nasty, hidden agenda? NO. And you can bet that neither she or her daughter, and probably most of her party politicians, are smug in the fact that they haven’t been jabbed or have received the saline cover-up version.

The sheep must be pretty indoctrinated to not be able to observe, that, regardless of how many jabs they get, the virus over-rides any precautions they think they have taken, and strikes out at both jabbed and un-jabbed. But I guess the queue will be just as long for the next booster that ‘comes along.’

P.S. Why not do some research to check out the ingredients in the jab before rolling up your sleeve so eagerly next time.


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  1. Jacinda Ardern has divided new zealanders with all the lies about the jab ( i wouldnt call it a vacine because vacines are supposed to keep people safe ). She said it was 95% effective and that simply isnt true as the covid case nos have shown when in our area if we have over 90% jabbed the high nos of infections far exceed expectations. Its time we said NO MORE OF THIS and make her and her comrades accountable.

  2. If this nasty piece of work, Jacinda, has a full knowledge of the SARS-CoV-2 hoax, does she also have a full knowledge of who instigated the Christchurch mosque massacre? Jacinda must be charged and prosecuted for treason and for crimes against humanity. We’re being governed by the most despicable people imaginable. New Zealanders must wake-up to the existential threat we’re facing from the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. Digital IDs are the lynch-pin to the establishment of a tyrannical New World Order. “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” – WEF

  3. Yes, agree with your summation, that lies and deceit have permeated the Government’s involvement with the Covid rollout. It’s plain to any prepared to do a little digging into this travesty.

    That there is now a wealth of good, honest and qualified people presenting the truth about the virus and especially the vaccine, reveals a corrupt Government and leadership. Jacinda Ardern will certainly go down in history as a notable leader in the same way any dictator has. And will perhaps be known as the Smiling Assassin…


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