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‘There is no doubt Ukraine is a Nazi state’

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Ukraine Nazi state news

Dear Sir,

Why do we support Ukraine?

There is no doubt that Ukraine is a Nazi state. So why do we support it. My father – now deceased – fought against the Nazis in WWII. All his life he was a Labour Party supporter. Growing up our house was decorated with tributes to labour party stalwarts like Michael Joseph Savage.

My father and his deceased army mates of WWII would be turning over in their graves if they knew this woke Labour Government was supporting Ukraine. So, what do we know about Ukraine?

Firstly, Zelensky is a puppet of a Ukrainian billionaire who only got 1% when he stood for president. So, the next best thing was to support, and bank roll a comedian – Zelensky.
WWII – Ukrainian Nazis murdered 33,000 Jews at Bab Yar – just outside Kyiv.
“At Babi Yar no memorials preside.”

Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote that line in a 1961 poem in a reference to the ravine in the suburbs of Kyiv where, starting on Sept. 29, 1941, and continuing into the following day, over 33,000 Jews were murdered by Nazi forces and their Ukrainian collaborators.

Ukrainian Nazis murdered 10,000 Jews in Odessa by burning them to death.

And today. Ukrainians march in the streets of towns and cities with photographs of their adored Nazi leaders. They name streets after these modern-day Nazi leaders, build statues of them, and generally celebrate them.

What about the Nazi Azov battalion? Much less than the heroic defenders they are made out to be, the extremist regiment’s many crimes are well documented.

“Western media has been bending over backwards trying to explain how people covered in Nazi tattoos are not neo-Nazis. However, it turns out that sporting symbols related to Adolf Hitler’s odious Third Reich is not even close to being the worst of the crimes committed by the Azov.”

So where does Jacinda and her woke leftist elites get the right to support Ukraine, a country steeped in Nazi ideology? Is the sacrifice my father and his mates made on the battlefields of WWII now to be scrubbed from history? Some of his mates never returned, never knew they had helped free the world from Nazi horrors.

Hitler promised a thousand-year Reich. Is Jacinda now promoting a fourth and fifth Reich? I don’t remember voting for another Reich.

Mind you the Jacinda Reich started some time ago. Come on New Zealanders, lets get our freedom back!


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  1. Ukraine is NOT a democracy. US & NATO plotted to use Ukraine to destroy or divide Russia. Unclassified documents prove that CIA was using the neonazis in the Soviet Union after WWII. CIA also made deals with many nazis and helped them to move to South America. There are many nazi hunters who placed their videos on YouTube which shows many links between CIA and the nazis. Americans act only with their self interest and not for any moral values per se.

    There are hundreds of evidences on the web on the illegal and immoral actions of US/EU/NATO and their involvment in Ukraine. One can Google the following names for expert opinions on this conflict and their origins.
    John Mearsheimer
    Tod Postal
    Scott Ritter
    Doug Macgregor
    Richard Falk
    Bruce Fein
    Ray McGovern

    MSM is creating a web of lies on the ukranian conflict. They are good at this propaganda war to be honest.

  2. The Nazis in World War Two and Hitler were financed by J3wi$h Banksters!
    The J3w$ who were murdered during that time period were mostly Orthodox Torah J3w$ who were not imbued nor required to follow Zionism based on Talmudic teachings.
    They, along with Seventh Day Adventists, Political Dissenters, POW’s, Gays, Military Deserters, Russians, Roma…ALL were murdered en-masse and received no support from any nation…
    The J3w$ have been at war with one another based on Orthodox Torah J3w$ versus Zionist Talmudic J3w$ who demand that the nations adopt Noahide Law to further Zionism’s aims and goals at the expense of the citizens of their nations!
    This continues on a regular basis, as evidenced with the weekly protest marches in Israel, in New York, and many major cities by Torah Orthodox J3w$ with their signs ‘Zionism is not Judaism’.
    And when they do their weekly marches, the Talmudic Zionists throw rocks, bottles and garbage at them.
    As Aleksander Solzhenytsyn duly noted in his book ‘The Gulag Archipelago’; “J3w$ ran the (GULAG) camps.” He also wrote his last book titled ‘200 Years Together’ which documents the deranged and adversarial methods that Khazarian Talmudic Zionists used against the people of Russia.
    That book has been banned in many nations for it’s truthful content…similar to Alina Lipp being persecuted in Germany for reporting the truth in the Donbass, and the REAL reasons for the current Zionist-funded war in the Ukraine.
    The Zionist-J3wi$h attacks against the Orthodox Russian Christians in the Donbass who have been steadily murdered for the last 8 years by the last two J3wi$h Ukrainian Presidents is repeating an attempt to destroy Russia based on a past horrible history of deranged Talmudic Zionists who committed the Red Terrors, Holodomor, and te murder of 68 MILLION Ukrainian Russian Orthodox Christians!
    But, you’ll never hear about that on you MSM.
    See also the illustrated book online called ‘Drawings from the Gulag’ by a former Gulag guard who exposed the hideous crimes against the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Christians, Political Dissenters, and those who keps food back to feed themselves and their families!
    The Western Media shares much guilt in it’s spin, conjecture, and distorted lies regarding the so-called ‘Russian Invasion’.
    Believe none of the MSM tripe!

    • Japanese engaged in bioterrorism in Russia and China, who also killed millions. They never paid any compensation after becoming a colony of the Ultimate Scum (US)


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