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Why are we supporting Ukraine?

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Why are we supporting Ukraine?

Dear Sir,


Can somebody explain to me why we are supporting Ukraine?

There is no question that Ukraine is a Nazi state. You only must read these articles to know the truth: Here and here.

Ukrainian Nazi Auxiliaries murdered 33,000 Jews. On September 29 and 30, 1941, more than 33,000 Jews were executed in the Babi Yar ravine near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The Holocaust in Ukraine represents the first phase of the Holocaust in which an estimated 1.5 million Jews were shot to death at close range in ravines, open fields, and forests.

Based on present-day borders, one in every four Jewish victims of the Holocaust was murdered in Ukraine.

And then there is Odessa. The auxiliaries rounded up the Jews. locked them in buildings and then dynamited them and set fire.

The Biden administration is arming Nazi regiments in Ukraine. Now these are not Neo Nazis, they are full blown Nazis who sign up to Hitler’s ideology of racial purity – that’s why they were constantly shelling Donbass since 2014 and will “fight to the death” in the steel works.

The real reason why the west supports Ukraine

UK. The UK has been irrelevant since the US shafted Churchill at the Potsdam Conference and Boris Johnson is sabre rattling to try and be relevant again.

US. Well now. When Russia finally takes Ukraine all the dirty US and the Biden family’s dirty secrets will be revealed. That will shatter Biden, Clinton, Obama and more.


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  1. The problem we face is that both Labour and National are cheeks of the same arse. Even well before the Russian special military operation started, the collective West knew this is going to happen. Over 60,000 Ukranian troups were moved to the Eastern part last year with the plan to fully take over Donbass reions in the East and Crimea. Media war actually started late last year accusing Russia. Lend-Lease law to supply weapons to Ukraine was introduced in the US congress well before the Russian forces entered. NZ power block, being part of 5eyes, must know what is going on fully. Both Jacinda and Luxon must have received the security briefings from our own government officials and US consulate. Ukrainian conflict is going on for the last 10 years, and US/NATO were training Ukrainan Army and Azov. RAND coporation Reports publically show the plan to draw Russia into Ukraine and weaken it and possibly divide it into mnay smaller countries so that the resources can be exploited.

    The strategy of hybrid war requires news to be created and spread in all main stream media, all the political leaders speak in the same voice. Luxon started talking the need to ban Russian assests, send arms etc. Also the Greens. Jacinda cannot say no in any way. NZ media publishes all the one-sided stories coming from the war mongers without any verification. Even if the news turns out to be untrue, no apology at all. ChCh shooter had Azov neonazi connections. None of the leaders or MSM want to talk about it.

    To cut the long story, our leaders and the main stream media failed us. They are selling us a narrative taking a Go After Yanks (GAY) policy. We no longer have any independent foreign policy or neutrality. The only strong political voice that is raising concerns is Matt Robson, ex minister in the labour government, and now the deputy leader of the Progressive party. There may be few others.

    Infowar on the Ukraine issue has beed won in NZ by the main stream poltical parties, and the media in the sense that they have spread Russophobia to many kiwis. Get ready for NWO protectorate Aotearoa.

  2. “Zelensky is a Jew, so there cant be any neo-nazis in Ukraine” is the MSM propganda. Obama is black; so there is no racism in US right?

    Oe 20 million russians died in WW2. Millions of innocent russian civilians were killed by the nazi army. About 10 times more than the Jews killed. No body seems to think why Russians would want to denazify when russians in the eastern part of Ukaraine were systematically targetted and killed. Russian language was banned. Schools started teaching children that russians are evil and barbaric etc. Bandera was worshipped by Ukranian Azov and other far right within Ukaraine and then captured power. MSM is very quiet about all of this.


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