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$100k reward offered for information on Kirsty Bentley’s murder

Kirty Bentley news

Police are today announcing a $100,000 reward for information about the murder of Ashburton teen Kirsty Bentley.

Kirsty was last seen walking her dog on the afternoon of 31 December 1998. Her body was found in the Rakaia Gorge more than two weeks later.

“Police have gone to great lengths to explore all possible scenarios and investigative leads and, even after more than 20 years, we remain committed to holding the offender or offenders to account,” Detective Inspector Greg Murton says.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide answers and a sense of closure for Kirsty’s family.

“That’s why today we’re offering up to $100,000 for material information or evidence leading to the identify and conviction of the person or people responsible for her death.

“Someone out there knows the truth. We urge them to do the right thing and finally come forward — if not for themselves, then for Kirsty and all those who loved her.”

Immunity from prosecution may be considered for any accomplice, not being the main offender.

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The offer will remain in place for six months. The Commissioner of Police will determine the amount of the reward and will, if necessary, apportion payment where there is more than one claimant.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police via 105 and reference Operation Kirsty.

Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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    • Just like they did with David Bain and three others I can think of.
      The Police are a lazy bunch, and pin the crimes on those who are most convenient for them to maliciously prosecute and frame-up, usually with Masonic influences involved, or knowing the victim of the frame-up has knowledge of Masonic corruptions in high places!!!!
      Just like in the UK, US and Canada…!
      Bain had his conviction quashed by the Privy Counsel in the UK.
      Result; he’s free, and then the PTP vote to remove the Privy Counsel from anyone who may have been wronged via Masonic cover-ups in the Police Forces, Attorney Generals , and Prosecutors!
      In the meantime, these beautiful girls and young women continue to be targeted by the thugs that society seems to protect, or look the other way with regards to their anti-social criminal behaviours that include the abuse and murder of women of all ages.
      Christchurch, Hamilton and Auckland are well known for such adverse social structures, and it’s no wonder residents are leaving to either get out of Jabcinda’s New Zealand, or at least move to smaller cities.

      • I agree with you about some cops. Can’t say I agree re David Bain though but I guess we all have our opinions on that depending on how much research we have each done. How many days you got to discuss?!!!

        You are right regarding the system protecting thugs though. Look at our appalling domestic and child abuse stats.

        As for leaving, I am all up for leaving this country which I love but please tell me where I should go? I might ask that of the next person who tells me to go back to where I came from. Will be interested in their response.

        • Very few places are safe from the illegal ‘Vaccine Mandates’ (Mandates are not actually the ‘law of the land’ as these have not passed proper 3-step legislation under many Parliamentarian Systems, and even IF they did, such would be illegal under the Nuremburg Code, the UN HRC, the Geneva Convention, the NZ Rights Act, and the NZ Patient Rights).
          Look at what has happened in Oz, and the oppression that corrupt judges and prosecutors have set about doing…!
          Case in point; The Aussie Cossack and other ‘Political Prisoners’.
          Going into the Northern Hemisphere is dicey, due to the very real possibility of a nuclear exchange by countries in that part of the world! Most all of the nuclear powers are in the Northern Hemisphere, save a nuclear-armed submarine showing up in our waters…!
          (See ‘Belgorod’ and Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo’ online…)
          We’re hunkered-down far from town and people on South Island, heavily fenced with 2 barbed wire fences that are 3.5 meters high and secured with locked gates, security doors and cameras.
          And- we never answer the phone if we do not recognise who the caller is…
          And; we have pro-Firearms lawyers on stand-by at all times w/ retainers!

  1. All girls from age 12 to 21: get trained in mixed martial arts, and learn the use both legally and physically of lethality!
    Learn situational awareness.
    Learn how to use everyday items as protective weapons! (ie ball-point pens, hair pins, keys, under 10cm pocket ‘tools’ etc.
    Get some firearms training, in the event of war and total social break-downs.
    Avoid people who have risky anti-social behaviours, and finding yourselves trapped in such relationships.
    On a per capita basis, girls and women are often abused physically, sexually, psychologically and oftentimes monetarily by these so called ‘boyfriends / partners / husbands’, and the percentage per capita is very high in New Zealand.
    I’ve seen this abuse at all levels, in the rugby and sports world, in all social classes, in the gangs, etc.
    Get OUT of these situations at the soonest possibility.
    Too many gorgeous and beautiful girls and women are being exploited, murdered and severely abused here, and those perpetuating the same seem to think that here in NZ one can escape view and scrutiny from doing the same, similar to what Pitcairn Island went thru a few years back!
    Look at the family connections that many cops have to gangs as well! Look at the masonic elements in the same, and the Od Boy elements that keep such activities hush-hush!
    And what about the other girls who were murdered that are unsolved…? Will there be $100K offered for info about their unsolved murders????

  2. What kind of person needs to be offered 100K to come forward and tell the truth? Anyone out there knowing the truth should have come forward YEARS AGO out of moral duty.


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