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74-year old smacked over by Riot Police hospitalised

A 74 year old man knocked to the ground by Riot Police is now in Wellington Hospital.

The man, NZ Outdoors and Freedom party co-leader Alan Simmonds broke his hip after being knocked over this morning by Riot Police. DTNZ understands Mr. Simmonds is awaiting urgent hip replacement surgery.

Mr. Simmonds was recording evidence of violent police conduct when a police officer in riot gear repeatedly assaulted him with his shield, sending him crashing to the ground.

The assault was recorded on video.

The incident contradicts the public assurance given by Police Commissioner Andrew Coster at a press conference later in the day (@5:58) that he was ‘not aware’ of any injured protester having to go to hospital.

Alan Simmonds news
Alan Simmonds cared for by volunteer mandated medical staff at Parliament Protest

When asked about the incident Sue Grey co-leader of the NZ Outdoors and Freedom party said, “police do know about Alan, they have been texting me all morning at the hospital for updates.”

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  1. I am beyond words, part of me angry with the disgraceful politics involved in this, and part sad for disgraceful treatment of law abiding citizens, and lastly I feel bit
    ashamed that this has happened in OUR beautiful country!
    One question that nags in my mind, while Jabcinda runs roughshod over us, is where are the opposition politicians in all this????
    Oh! are they on they “Payroll of Schwaub/Big Pharma” as well??
    Shame on all you so-called Parliamentarians…… Just disgraceful.
    Except Seymour and Peters, At least you made an appearance. Credit to you
    both! Wasn’t hard was it!

      • Goodness – you people were breaking the law – pushing, spitting, abusing police, and when they push back you cry like babies – what is this – kindergarten? If you are going to defy the police and the law then at least expect to face consequences and stop your grizzling about it.

        • they weren’t breaking the law, they were exercising their right to peacefully protest. The Police were breaking the law & the Police planted trouble makers in the crowd to incite violence. You’re an idiot ! Karmas coming your way, we will see whose crying like a baby keyboard warrior

    • Yes, utterly shameful/disgraceful and certainly not ‘law abiding police’! These police and NZ Govt and all members of Parliament must be held to account. They are all complicit. Many would have stood at their windows watching and seeing. Everyone could see the unlawful officers were to blame. They are all disgusting.

      • You could see the pollies ustairs watching, and more sickening were the cops filmed on the roof laughing, utterly disgusting.

  2. Is it just me or is everyone else getting sick and tired of the continuous stream of lies!!!!! Government, msm, police and so on. They get caught red handed in their lies with evidence usually a previous statement that they have made only to appear again with some other made up BS.???? All on film and video all able to be proven. STOP LYING!!!!! You can’t defend them!!!! Tell the TRUTH for goodness sake!! It’s not hard. Go on I dare you ????

    • The majority of NZ has been sick of the lies, threats, misinformation, disinformation and tinfoil horse***t from the protestors since day dot.

      • A lot of this Anti mandate, Anti jab sentiment started with one simple fact , as you say the “majority” 99% of people , to them covid is nothing more than a flu it’s likely more so with omicron, The jab doesn’t stop you from catching it or spreading it , so when confronted with those basic facts is it any wonder people are questioning the governments over reaction . As it turns out the majority really are a herd of sheep , hopefully in the near future people like you will wake up , you have been conned .

  3. Wake the f•ck up
    .Jacindas Gestapo hate us they want us disarmed and helpless and to be able to bully us into submission

  4. He was told to leave. He’s a grown man and has finally learned that choices come with consequences. A lesson you have all learned.

    • From the sanctimonious way you speak you possibly are sitting on your high horse with your head buried in the sand? Wake up and smell the coffee “Anon”.
      Are you sure that your choices are going to be worth your consequence??
      He’s a grown man standing up for what he believes! Nothing wrong with that!!

        • Anonymous: “don’t whine when breaking the laws leads to an owie…”

          Holy smokes you’re edgy!! Seriously, leave a few ladies for the rest of us!

        • So people who have lost loved ones, have injuries and illness because of the vaccine are lyers and making false statements. You may have been lucky to not be affected by the vaccine but others have not been so fortunate. How dare you. Where has nzs compassion gone
          You may still have ur job and the limited amount of freedom these mandates have created but a lot of people havent. There choice to not be vaccinated but it should never have been at a loss of their rights as nz citizens. A lot of those people were not able to have it because of medical reasons, Jacinder said no mandates, she lied and is still lying and stupid people like you just suck up her bulshit. The whole labour party are disgusting as are other parliamentary figures and unfortunayely so are a lot of nz citizens.

        • It is rather gutless of you to be commenting under the anonymous tag isn’t it or are you just another under educated, mindless fool who believes that all is well and these people who were protesting were having a fun day out? When did our country ever display such a shocking and undemocratic response to what could have been possibly resolved had any of our so called politicians had the balls to come out and do so. No, the contriving cowards sat back and schemed while many righteous Wellingtonians, who incidentally have been the only ones not truly effected by the lockdowns, lied, whinged and moaned about it all. Shame on you also for your stupid inane comment.

        • Are you a toddler? Owie, !!!!!!!! Peaceful protest is our basic human right. And to get your hip broken is more that a little hurt. If that was your dad. Oh actually you probably disown him. Stand up for peace kindness. Or back off. Stop your moaning. If we loose our rights. We all loose. But I’m talk to a brick wall I think.

    • So if people don’t do what u want u resort to violence??? Weren’t we taught as wee kids that wasn’t acceptable? Shame on you!

      • When the police warn you repeatedly and tell you you’re trespassing and to leave and you choose to be a dick instead, you’re responsible for the consequences. Simple.

        • Anonymous: “when the police warn you repeatedly…”

          Yeah, totally dude. I get you.
          Like back in the day when the police told all those people to just get on the trains, and just go into the camps, and just line up at the gas chambers…

          They should’ve just listened instead of being dicks ????


        • How can you be trespassed from a road or private church grounds when you have the permission of the owners to be there? This is not legally possible. As for Govt ground yes you can be BUT only if you acting in a violent manor. The only violence came from the police each time the tuned up. Even the speaker can not trespass you for no good reason.
          Mallard, Hipkins know the rules. Both have been arrested for protesting 1 received a $200K payout for wrong full arrest and a public apology from the govt. They are a bunch of hypocrites with over inflated egos and opinions of their importance. I hope they have budget to compensate all those injured and wrongfully arrested over the course of this peaceful stand

          • They didn’t. Set a camp up in the middle of the road and you’re trespassing. I know he got an owie, but that’s on him.

      • Exactly as you said: when the people don’t do what the government wants, the government resorts to violence.

        On the other hand, when the government won’t allow people to get a cup of coffee because they didn’t take an injection (that does not reduce transmission or prevent illness), the people resort to peacefully protesting (and ejected those who were inciting violence).

        God will judge those who commit violence and lies. It is our job to love and forgive our fellow humans. I love you anonymous. You only act as you do in ignorance.

  5. Wow the government spent some money hasn’t she!! Extra police and now a new hip for the police brutality of that dear man. I hope that the mandates end soon she’s going to need every cent of tax payers money she can get. That’s unless of course she’s deliberately crashing the economy. Feel free to reply prime minister ????

  6. She is a puppet unable and unwilling to have her own thoughts,it has gotten her this far by just following the orders of her masters so dont expect any change from her soon,or any of the opposition puppets either

  7. Everything you have been told, about New Zealand’s Prime Minister, is a lie.

    The woman who has been feted globally, by an adoring mainstream international media, fawning internationalist organisations, from NGOs to the UN and its myriad offshoots, and legions of star-struck acolytes alike, as the Snow White of modern world politics, is, in fact, the Evil Stepmother Queen in disguise – and she has been all along.

    Preposterous? Impossible? No, I’m afraid it’s true.

    Yes, this ‘pandemic’ IS a Plandemic.

    Yes, it is deliberate.

    Yes, it has been orchestrated by multiple Governments, across the developed world, working in concert, to a long pre-planned agenda. And Jacinda Ardern, former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth (right before she first became an MP, and not long after she’d spent a couple of years as a senior advisor in Tony Blair’s spin department), has been a key player in it for a decade-and-a-half.

    Yes, they are doing this at the behest of a global financial cartel who own the world’s commercial banking sector, and who own and control the world’s media, and who own and control the corporations that monopolise agriculture, military materiel production, and utilities, including oil, electricity, telecommunications, and even water.

    They – the Governmental players – are doing this because they have been offered the continuation of their own political power and privilege within this new order, and because they support the aims of this cartel themselves, at an ideological level.

    Yes, their goal is a great reduction in the population of the developed world, and the virtual enslavement of the remainder, within a totalitarian surveillance One World Police State; having one Government, one currency, and one recognised authority.

    Yes, I’m afraid it’s so. All the above is true.

    This is The Big One, people. It is happening. It has begun. We are living the beginnings of it.

    Is Con-vid 19 the highly dangerous virus we have been told it is?

    No, Con-vid 19 is not actually very dangerous at all. At worst it lies somewhere in between a bad cold and a mild flu, though almost everyone who encounters it will experience little to nothing in the way of symptoms. The few who do experience symptoms, will only have very mild symptoms. And for almost all the rest, very effective treatment exists, via very simple medications. These include vitamin C, zinc, and the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which is rapidly being made illegal in such jurisdictions as are under the sway of the above mentioned collaborators, and ridiculed across the board.

    Only a tiny fraction, of one percent, of people infected with Con-vid 19, will die because of it, and all but a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction, have one or more significant other health problems.

    The terrible danger we have been sold, regarding Con-vid 19, is a complete and utter fabrication. It’s one of those lies that is so huge, that people believe it because they can’t comprehend that it could be fake.

    However everyone who encounters Con-vid will subsequently carry antibodies, meaning that they will ‘test positive’.

    Of course they might well be testing positive for one of the other several hundred coronaviruses in circulation, perhaps even one of the seven known to infect humans, including the one that causes the common cold; or they might not be tested at all, but rather, fall into the category of ‘presumed’, which is huge, and getting bigger all the time.

    This will be used as justification for the forced vaccination of entire populations. Yes, this is part of the plan. You will be vaccinated – well, injected with something, at any rate – regardless of your wishes.

    No, the ‘vaccine’ will not be anything that can afford you protection against the scary coronavirus. You don’t need a vaccine against the scary coronavirus, and creating a vaccine against a coronavirus is not possible anyway. This proposition is a lie. That is all it is; a lie. Yes, they are lying to you. Yes, Jacinda is lying to you – and smiling while she does.

    What the vaccine is, indeed what the ‘virus’ itself is, is an excuse to force you to comply, with a regime that requires you to carry, at all times, a unique electronic identifier, by which your movements and interactions can be tracked and traced at all times. This electronic ID may be in the form of a Bluetooth enabled card, or a phone App, or, ideally from their point of view, an RFID chip embedded in your body.

    Yes, all the above is true. Yes, it is happening.

    There is a second disease being circulated in parallel with Con-vid 19. It is very much more nasty than the more common one, and it can be lethal. This nasty form is much less transmissible, but it can, and has been, used in a targeted manner against certain populations and individuals. However, it is also able to be very easily and effectively treated via simple means and medications (these are the ones that are being simultaneously ridiculed and made illegal).

    Again, there is no need for, or even the possibility of, a genuine ‘vaccine’ for this actually nasty bug that shares a name with Con-vid 19. Again, that is a lie.

    Are lockdowns and social distancing the right way to deal with such a virus anyway?


    There has never been any need for anyone to be placed under lockdown, whether it was legal or not. In New Zealand it wasn’t, but Jacinda and her government did it anyway, and the New Zealand Police enforced it anyway.

    There has never been any need for social distancing. These two measures are all about instilling fear and enforcing control. They have been instigated to break economies and make populations reliant on handouts of fake money created by Governments.

    They have also been instigated in order to break social cohesion, to make people distrusting of others, and force dependency on The State as “your sole source of truth” – words straight from George Orwell, and also straight from Jacinda Ardern’s mouth. Yes, she said that.

    Lockdown and social distancing is not only unnecessary, but actually counterproductive, where immunity to disease is concerned. Human immune systems are exercised and strengthened through exposure to multiple threats, not weakened. Exposure to multiple threats is the ONLY means by which the immune system is made stronger. Hiding from threats does not make them go away – all it does is prevent the immune system from becoming able to counter them.

    Yes, all the above is true. Yes, it is happening.

    Yes, it is a conspiracy. Yes, your Governments are lying to you. Yes, it is happening. Yes, this is The Big One. And yes, it is about to get real, and get worse, and by that I don’t mean the scary virus – though they will attempt to roll the nastier version out on a larger scale, shortly.

    One means by which they will attempt to spread the nastier disease, is by putting it into the ‘vaccine’ for the very mild one.

    This Plandemic is the final push by the New World Order to impose total control over the peoples of the developed world. It is fake, it is a conspiracy, it is a lie, it is based in fear and misinformation, and if you allow it to continue, it will spell the end of freedom, democracy, and society as we have known them.

    Yes, all the above is true. It is real. It is happening. And both Jacinda Ardern, and the media – and other useful idiots (even the ones who haven’t been bribed with $50 million of the aforementioned fake money) – who fawn at her feet, and spread lies, have been central to it from the very beginning.

    Judge Snow White by her actions, and by that I don’t mean the stage-managed public appearances.

    Snow White wouldn’t disregard the law, and impose draconian restrictions on people’s lives, businesses, and movements, in spite of it.

    Snow White wouldn’t deliberately vote AGAINST a proposed amendment to an abortion law, that sought to mandate medical help being provided to foetuses that survive the abortion process.

    Snow White wouldn’t issue illegal-but-Police-enforced edicts, preventing a husband from visiting his dying wife because of a fake Plandemic, or a son from visiting his dying mother because of a fake Plandemic.

    Snow White wouldn’t watch silently while New Zealand’s suicide rate quintupled because of an illegal lockdown that she had decreed, in response to a fake Plandemic that she had helped to organise, on behalf of an evil totalitarian global regime to which she had willingly sold her soul.

    Snow White wouldn’t delay an election because of a Plandemic that she knew to be fake, because she’d been involved in orchestrating it.

    Snow White wouldn’t do those things, but a sociopathic ideologue, for whom smiles and compassion are just stage make-up, might. A narcissistic con-artist might do those things. A cynical megalomaniac might do those things. A totalitarian Marxist might do those things.

    But then Jacinda Ardern has never been Snow White, and her supporters have been had. I wouldn’t blame them for feeling just a little bit, you know, betrayed.

    Wake up.

    – Richard Prosser

      • Anonymous – you are too stupid to read let alone comprehend what is above which is the truth, not like the governments lies and manipulation. You don’t even deserve to be here so do us all a favour and crawl back under the rock you came from.

          • Sorry, I am quite popular but seems you are not, hence your negativity on this website that no one appreciates. You are just a loner who has nothing relevant to say here so grow up and get out of here. Done with you and will ignore you from here on out!!!!!

        • Hi Margaret, I am not Richard Prosser – he wrote this – This was an excerpt that I cut and pasted here from using TOR web browser. The more this is spread around the better.

    • You are exactly right!!! Anyone that says otherwise really needs to do more research!! and not on msm! BNT perhaps is a good start.
      Congrats for spelling it out so well, but sadly for most of the dumbed down hypnotised populous I fear it will be way over their heads.
      Thank you and God Bless

      • I go the above excerpt from the TOR browser – (the dark web). You will be surprised at what you find there where you won’t find on FB, YouTube or the like of the lying local media.

        • Yeah Ghost msm got nothing only Govt controlled tripe!!
          Brand New Tube, Bitchute, Brighteon, and others have a load of truthful info, that not Govt controlled
          Dont ya get sick of the troll?

          • Vsracer – yeah the troll is just another minion of our horrible leader. Probably an MP or media staff………. just an insignificant POS!

    • You lost me when you surpassed the length of war and peace. I’m pretty sure your political career, where you garnered no support, should have told you your wordy dialogue isn’t enjoyable. Love your work. Like a Russian classics writer

  8. To the obedient masses.

    If you are surprised at how much life has changed over the last two years, and you struggle to make sense of the constant and contradictory rules that keep on being mandated on you..

    If, deep down inside, you know that something is not adding up..

    You have a choice.

    Keep on trying to comply your way out of tyranny. (That worked out fine in 1930’s Germany)

    Or start thinking for yourself and start saying NO.


  9. The police and their puppet master should hang their head in shame to their web of lies and spin from beginning to end.

    To quote “Lose the battle to win the war” ……

  10. The big question is how do we change the govt at the next election? All Politian’s are the same. Luxon for instance belongs to the same WEF club that Jacinda does

    • Yeah, age old question right here.

      Elections are fake and rigged. The media will destroy the credibility of anyone who tries to make a stand against the global cabal (like they did to Trump). The social media platforms will ban and silence you, the banks will freeze your funds and cancel your donations.


      And no, I’m not suggesting that means we should shoot or kill our way out either because that’s just as much of a dead end. Every major revolution that’s happened in the last 80 years or so has been basically controlled and manipulated by the same cabal, so anyone who overthrows the current corrupt group will just end up becoming them in the long run.

      I don’t know what the solution is, but I would imagine the central banks would be a good starting point.

      • Agree with you Dave.

        The way the system has been set up (rigged), it’s hard to change the status quo by simply voting for the opposition. And we have seen there is ACTUALLY NO opposition. You just watch, the little weasels will be coming out making half hearted statements intermittently criticising the government. They all just as fake and a lot of them criminal like Jabcinda.

        I am not sure what the way out is but perhaps people just not voting at next elections? But Jabcinda has a lot of decipals who will blindly vote for her:(

        • Anonymous and dave before; the guy getting his hip broken is the co leader of the NZ Outdoor and Freedom party!

          Pretty sure he’s not for whats going on – maybe vote for them next election

      • Believe in and worship Jesus Christ. Read the book of Revelation, the last book in the bible, it’s all in there what will happen to this fallen world. I’m not a religious nut case, just a follower of Jesus and His truth. The Rapture WILL happen soon so get ready to meet Him in the air.

  11. Those poor officers.

    I mean, this vicious old man actually pointed his camera at them, while all they had for protection was masks, riot shields, batons, pepper spray and tear gas.

    Think of their families

  12. Today was dispicable police brutality again. NZ police you’ve sold your souls. All because Mark Coster you had your job threatened. Mark Coster you are commissioner. Your job is to serve the people not the Government!
    Shame shame shame shame on you. You have brought yourself and the entire police force into corruption.
    You know jolly well that the prime Minister and her ministers have committed crimes against humanity.
    She is guilty of murder Culpable murder and manslaughter as well as genocide and treason.
    Your job is to follow up those charges!
    Not persecute peaceful protesters.
    Those violent people that came covered in face masks and scarves were Altiva.
    Protesters weren’t fighting you.
    They took your tear gas and your pepper spray and your beatings and they stood firm stoicly.
    No matter what your abusive ghestapo threw at them they took it.
    It was police that set the fire!
    They kicked over the generator into the tents putting everyone’s lives in danger.
    It was police that tore up the gardens and trashed parliament grounds not protesters. They had it beautiful.
    Police destroyed thousands of dollars of equipment unnecessarily.
    But what you did to the people throughout the three weeks is a disgrace.
    You are not police any more your a pack of thugs and no longer represent NZ police.
    You do nothing to protect children from abuse and violence ,you do nothing to protect victims but you persecute peaceful protesters and tell lies. When police lie, the public turn their backs on police and you have done this today. Everyone who sees what really happened and see the lies from msm and from from police and especially Jacinda
    Your relationship with the public will be damaged
    This is a dark day for NZ
    You should be investigating why jacinda has so much money. She hasn’t earned it as prime Minister. Where’s it come from? [Edited] ? Is she getting spoils from Gaford’s [Edited]? 25million is alot of money for people to be talking about.
    Where’s it come from?

    • Smith, I couldn’t have said it better. Well done.

      There should be a new oath all Police recruits have to take- Protect and serve the law abiding Public first, second and Third. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to serve government first regardless of the circumstance.

      As soon that dodgy judge on Jabcindas behest dropped the vaccine criteria for Police and Defence Forces, I knew this was a political move to get the law enforcement and the armed forces on her side. Like buying them out. How all we decent people cheered for the Police and celebrated a small win for the every day battlers. And how they have let us down. Let humanity down. You could see some of the individual cops behaviours, they new no action will be taken from higher ups if they went feral. And they did.

      As for Jabcindas ill gotten gains, that’s easy, it’s the shares in Pfizer, the kickbacks from under the table deals with mask suppliers (quickly becoming a big environmental hazard, the material is not bio degradable), RATS. Not to mention the ‘fees’ she would getting from
      her handlers for implanting phase one of the WEF Agenda. She is not doing this for free. Soon she will be jetting out to give a written speech somewhere (the UN I think) for a reported fee of $350,000 while the country is divided and in flames.

      • We do not need a new oath. We do not need police. Everyone needs their personal sovereignty, as soon as someone is in charge of someone else, it is over.
        Rinse and repeat.

  13. Stupid muppet Nz cops think they’re upholding law and order but don’t even realise they’re doing the dirty work for Pfizer and sicko uncle Klaus sitting safely in his palatial residence 10,000 miles away. Hey cops, Klaus baby doesn’t give a shit about you. Wake up you thin blue clowns

  14. I agree. Most people have little confidence in the police at the best of times and now they have no credibility what so ever.
    The police created the mess at parliament grounds. They should be cleaning up their carnage. To all the protesters out there we’re proud of you and so sorry you all had to suffer so much when all you wanted was to be heard. She is not a leader of the people we all know that so you couldn’t expect her to do the right thing. Stay strong good will always win over evil in the long run.

  15. A whistleblower in the 111 emergency call centre? No ambulance until after 6pm news? Interview yesterday of this man waiting with two support people, well outside the cordon, in a lightly policed area, unable to get an ambulance for a couple of hours. Were ambulance told to stand-off from the protest? Get ready to walk public, if the free ambulance service takes orders from the Commissioner of Police who takes orders from the Politicians.

  16. While watching I kept seeing those crosses hung up. We must never forget the 380 people who lost their lives and all those seriously injured by this so called vaccine.
    I cant believe whats happening in NZ. We must continue to stand in our truth we have been sold out to cooperation’s who want to chip us and rule us like cattle in a field. God help all those who are asleep to whats happening around them. They will wake up! and when they do it will be too late they will be enslaved in a life of control and fear forever.

  17. Jacinda I am writing this in response to your repeated use of the word misinformation. So let’s break this down and clarify some things shall we?
    Misinformation no.1
    You said we have a virus in our country. Are you sure? World reknown scientists have never isolated the virus so at this stage it’s proven to not exist.
    Misinformation no2
    You said that a trial jab was our best chance at fighting this virus.
    Not true there are other proven and effective treatments for the virus and you removed and banned them all. Why?
    Misinformation no3
    You said the jab was safe and effective. Not true people have died and are dying and are seriously injured because of this jab.
    Misinformation no4
    You said the virus literally hunts down the unvaccinated. Scientifically debunked the virus does not know where you live.
    Misinformation no5
    You said getting jabbed would prevent us from getting the virus, keep us out of hospital and prevent death.
    Not true the jab prevents none of these things. Hospital’s are full of people who have had at least 1 or 2 or 3 jabs. Vaccinated people can still contract and pass on the virus and/or die.
    Misinformation no6
    You said that people had the freedom to choose to take it. Not true. No jab no job.
    Misinformation no7
    You said you wouldn’t mandate. Not true you mandated.
    Misinformation no8
    You said the protesters protesting against mandates were there illegally and unlawfully. If that were true then lawfully they would have been removed on the first day not bullied and forced off on day 22.
    Misinformation no9
    You said that the protesters were a fringe minority this has yet to be proven, but an early election would clarify this also. Gosh we could go on and on but I think I have made things a little more clearer. So in summary we agree! There has and is and continues to be a river of misinformation out there. So let me ask you this Jacinda, why are you still spreading it!!!!!!!!

  18. Yes Time for a snap election before they can set up the steal. in the states a special investigator has recommended Wisconsin decertify the 2020 election result due to election fraud. Yes people rigged elections are common place in this hijacked world we live in. we need to dismantle all ties to wef , the un ,the who and those other unelected burecratic entities that think they can rule the world.

  19. It is sickening. After listening to Sue post yesterday. Now Alan as a result of the brutal attack needs a full hip replacement.

  20. What a load of rubbish, the tin foilers are rabid and rampant on here, the video shows nothing of the sort whilst it is the conspiracy theorist who post lies and utter rubbish, law abiding yeah right,they were all tressapassed of Parliament…..you lost, get over it, your pathetic conspiracy claims and rioting gained you NO favours, you are a tiny minority and don’t represent the majority of decent NZs that care about our most vulnerable, elderly, immunosuppressed, asthmatics and young, unlike you c****ns

    • Anonymous….you are nothing but an oxygen thief and wasted space……obviously a narcissist who is so unhappy with his/her own life and trying to make sure everyone is unhappy too……… Well when you and all the other misfits that have caused society a headache stand in front of our maker on judgment day, you and all the likes of you will be held accountable for every evil thing you all have ever done. Hate to be in your shoes on that day……. no running from that event……who will have lost then aye?

    • Our so called Leader is guilty of nepotism, genocide, treason, evilness, corruption, greed, vanity, tyranny to say the least. You think we are a minority, think again, our numbers are growing ten fold you poor delusional Brown’s cow……..

  21. The silly old p****. What was he thinking? On one hand he’s protesting against state-provided healthcare, presumably aware of the impact on its availability caused by his “protest”. Nek minnit the dumb**** is fully in the folds of that care, protesting loudly about how long it took to get to him (ignoring the previous hours of assault of emergency services from his lawless crew). His equally deluded “partner” is crying because she can’t visit him in hospital as she isn’t vaccinated/refuses to wear a mask.

    Now someone who’s been in serious pain for years waiting for an elective hip replacement is suddenly bumped off the list to accommodate this l****.
    Seriously, you’re adults, WTF is wrong with your ability to reason


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