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‘Advancing Agenda 2030’ conference moved online over ‘safety concerns’

The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) was due to hold the conference at Parliament Buildings on 28 September.

Former Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfied was due to deliver the keynote speech at the ‘Advancing Agenda 2030’ conference.

A notice released by UNA NZ said the meeting will now take place via online conferencing due to a possible ‘disruption’ at Parliament on the day, and that as a result the Parliamentary Service had recommended against holding it in person due to ‘public safety concerns’, a decision UNA NZ said had ‘not been taken lightly.’

‘For UNA NZ the safety of attendees and participants is paramount. Given this development we have made a decision to shift the conference to being held fully online.’

UNA NZ described the conference as their ‘flagship’ annual event. This year’s edition is to address ‘what actions need to be taken to advance the 2030 agenda,’ in light of a number of recent global crises which have ‘reversed’ gains.

According to the United Nations, Agenda 2030 is ‘an action plan for people, planet and prosperity,’ with the goal of eradicating poverty and implementing sustainable growth goals. Critics say the plan is an undemocratic ‘power grab’ which will give an unelected, corrupt trans-national institution sweeping powers to dictate and control populations at a local level.

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  1. If we are lucky now that it’s online it will all get recorded and leaked to the masses so that more people than ever before will understand that the corrupt u.n.’s agenda 2030 is just more globalist rubbish no sane individual would ever agree to.
    We have bent over to the un all my life, what more proof do the people of NZ need that we have not been a real democracy for decades and that it’s only going to get worse and more in your face now than ever before.
    We are roughly 7 years away from 2030 we need to do all we can to stop them starting now, one of the best ways to do this is to keep physical cash in motion because once we end up a cashless society which is part of what they are pushing here we will lose so many of our rights to do anything and we will give complete control of what little money (in digital form) they allow us to keep over to this corrupt globalst system.

    Any one in parliament or other taxpayer funded positions who show up to this or support this should immediately be shown the door.

  2. NZ needs to kick out the UN & WEF before their crimes are rolled out fury in NZ. These two corrupt organisations are cancer to freedom.

  3. Everyone’s treated equally, no one owns anything, you can purchase what’s provided, 3 squares a day, can’t travel without permission, everyone will have a job.
    Doesn’t that describe prison?

    • … and the “Elites” will still travel by private jets with unvaccinated pilots, eat the best foods on Earth whilst we “eat ze bugs” and will live in their multi-million mansions whilst we live in pods.

      You will only be able to travel if your social credit score is high enough, in other words, you say and do what “the state” wants and if you do not keep your vaccines up to date then you will not travel at all.

      It is, very much, a prison with arguably less rights than a real prisoner.

      Also, I’m not sure you will be able to purchase what is provided: I think the plan is that you may rent what is provided so that you are always paying the “Elites” money which is debt slavery.

      These evil people are very cunning!

  4. Based on the Deagel Forecast for 2025, by the time 2030 rolls around, 80% of the population will probably be dead from Covid vaccine complications anyway…!
    Or, from war that is ever increasing in intensity from ‘regional conflicts’ to a full world war conflagration that will actually be many nations conducting civil wars simultaneously, ie the oppressed populations versus the Globalist UN.
    Ashley Doomfield is like many of the non-voted-in but appointed-to-office types who never go away, just like the appointed pigs, toads, ticks, lampreys, deceptive and deflective liars in Parliament that never seem to go away, but get re-used and rotated around like old dusty stock on a supermarket shelf!!!
    Keep using cash, TRY and get some precious metals, get a Big Berkey water system, and stock-up some long-life food.
    Paint your roof and home blue, and keep your blue vehicle in order to match the spectrum frequency of the lasers that were used and are being used to start DEW fires everywhere! (Blue is 66.6 Hz Laser matching that inerts the effectiveness of the Laser, and will not combust!).
    & if you hold a firearms licence, check your ammo levels and your rifles, etc., as when the UN Agendas are finally realised by the public (which is slowly awakening…), the roving gangs will be out in force.
    Mad Max lV: coming to a neighbourhood near YOU!!!

  5. Due to the nature of this topic the whole proceedings must be live streamed and a full recording made available to the public
    No Secret Stuff

  6. This is the same Sir Ashley who refused any jab exemptions even after a bad reaction from the first round, likewise natural immunity was not good enough even though it confers the best protection which current research reveals, a fact every doctor in NZ is aware of, even the one with the gong. I strongly suspect the agreement signed with Pfizer was for the Govt to stick to the narrative, evidence by the identical playbook rolled out around the western world, any dissenters would be punishment severely.
    Don’t worry, Luxon is going to pay the Doctors $75 for every jab they administer and coerce everyone on their patient list to get their jabs up to date, they have already been paid quite well in the last rollout.
    Justice will be served eventually.

    • The largest single failings in New Zealand was the ‘mandatory’ aspect to vaccination and the lack of expertise to deal with the outfall.
      Clearly a percentage of our population were negatively impacted through receipt of the vaccine. If our Govt had implemented a proper agency in the first instance, as opposed to a harsh criteria exemption back office application process whereby medical records were not properly viewed nor patients seen)and evaluated prior to receipt of the vaccine, if proper informed consent had been obtained, If they had trained Immunologists in each city to deal with the adverse reactions honestly, effectively and efficiently ….then things may have been different and people may have viewed this differently.
      These aspects are critical to the success of any Immunisation programme and were opportunities missed. Individuals remain angry and feel cheated. When my Mum’s medical record (blood tests) indicated Thrombocytopenia post receipt of the Covid vaccine and her GP failed to tell her….I begged to wonder how much critical information has actually been swept under the mat!
      For this I do hold Sir Ashley and his team accountable!

      • You do not seem to comprehend the fact Anonymous that this was not a ‘vaccination rollout’. It was a bioweapon rollout for depopulation and control nothing to do with your health. An ‘immunisation programme’ yes the type that destroys your immune system ‘immunisation programme’ again nothing to do with your health. Its all about the UN WEF and WHOs depopulation agendas. Ask yourself why did they coerce and push ‘no jab no job’ mandates ? If you for one minute think your Govt. was looking out for you then you are gravely mistaken. You have been conned by the masters of deception you have been brainwashed. The Govt. were bribed they are corrupt through the whole ‘covid’ charade the Govt. just looked out for themselves. Ask yourself why there were no mandates for Parliamentarians ? If you think some trained Immunologists could have helped deal with the adverse reactions then you are looking in the wrong Department. You should be looking at the Defence Departments Administrations advice on Chemical and Bioweapons reactions in relation tto being directed with 5G Frequencies. Unleashing a Bioweapon onto your population is High Treason a War Crime and a Crime Against Humanity. The Govt. became really Tyrannical about the mandates forcing people to forgo informed concent. In doing so the Govt. have violated the 1946 Nuremburg Codes that were supposed to protect the World from these sort of circumstances ever happening again. I hope when the Queen Bee finally leaves the Hive all the ‘useless worker bees’ follow as in getting voted out onto the street where they really really all belong. Vote NZ Loyal Party clean out the swamp.

    Otherwise, such may no longer be issued under either of the two Zio-Globalist ‘Governments’ (Labour and Nazional).
    If you want to put a stop to all of this bullshit, then vote for the NZ Loyal Party.
    Do NOT comply with vaccine and mask demands, nor lock-down orders!
    I noticed over the last two days that the elderly are blindly and obediently wearing their masks again…breathing in dangerous CO2 levels with low O2 saturations…the compliance without asking questions is exactly why this country is in trouble!

    • Regarding the masks…if people choose to wear them, they should not be judged. I did not receive Covid vaccine due to being immunocompromised from a different vaccine. I did wear a mask as my husband has had a transplant. To date we have not had Covid but as he is immunosuppressed and I am immunocompromised …this was simply a choice and we feel comfortable. When I went to the Dentist yesterday, he was wearing a mask as was my Specialist a month ago.
      Please back off the mask judgement..for some it is simply peace of mind and the personal choice and shouldn’t hurt, anger nor offend others. Short of wearing the T-shirt to explain, I am not sure why harsh judgment continues on this issue.

      • Harsh judgement is probably because you are enabling it. Your mask protects no-one, including the wearer. My co-workers come in wearing a mask sometimes – then are off work sick. They will make any sickness worse.

        Please stop complying with this abuse

  8. No one in New Zealand voted for Agenda 2030. As long as people in this country with some sort of ‘power’ keep pushing it, then we the people will make them accountable. Whatever it takes.

    We DONT want agenda 2030. And we don’t want “leaders” who push it and anyone who does will get the message loud and clear from WE the people.

    • Well then; vote for the NZ Loyal Party, as their edicts and doctrine call for leaving the WEF, WHO, the UN and World Bank.
      Candidate Vote-NZ Loyal Party Candidate,
      Party Vote; NZ Loyal Party!
      The Agendas 20 and 2030 have NEVER been voted on by the public, entered into a balloted referendum by the voters, and directly violates the Nuremburg Code, the Geneva Convention, the NZ Human Rights Act and the NZ Patient Rights Law.
      Until we have a proper ratified Constitution which includes the right to bear arms, the right to free and uncensored speech, and the right to move freely and be secure in our homes and papers, this shit will continue.
      Again; NZ Loyal Party!


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