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AMPS – the new Australian medical union aiming to ‘reclaim medicine’ from government bureaucrats

The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) was established recently as an alternative to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF).

The AMPS was founded in 2021 ‘to give a choice in representation. Doctors, not the government nor your employer can now choose who represents and protects them.’ The AMPS is run by doctors and not ‘union officials’, and supports:

  • The primacy of the doctor/patient relationship with Government bureaucrats being removed from the surgery room.
  • Making it easier for doctors to speak out publicly. Doctors are gagged by AHPRA – the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority, which is the body responsible for the registration and accreditation of various health professions in Australia.
  • Removal of AHPRA from monitoring doctors on social media and voicing their medical opinions.
  • Resisting Government Coercion.
  • The ability to speak out about refugee health without fear of de-registration.
  • Resisting Government mandates.
  • Resisting Government agencies running roughshod over doctors in what they can prescribe and recommend.

What also makes AMPS different from the AMA and ASMOF is that it is a non-party political alternative to the AMA and ASMOF.

The AMPS remains fully committed to defending a medical professional’s right ‘to treat patients as you see fit and respect the enormous amount of medical training undergone to achieve this right. AHPRA and Government must be drastically limited in this space.’

Rebel News Australia journalist Avi Yemini recently dropped into an AMPS meeting in Melbourne and spoke to some of the leadership and attendees.

Member Dr. Kunadhasan told Yemini, ‘We felt during the pandemic so many doctors were silenced and a lot of doctors didn’t agree with what was done in the pandemic response. We felt we lost our profession because of all of the censorship and the suppression. And this conference is named ‘Reclaiming Medicine’, in an aim to reset everything so that we can go towards better patient care.’

Member Dr. Syme said, ‘This [the pandemic] is more about control of the population, using medicine as a tool to start that control.’

Dr. Robert Brennan said, ‘Doctors, regarding masks, regarding vaccines, regarding any issue in the COVID era, if they’ve evaluated their evidence, and if they’re advising their patients in good faith, then that is a matter between doctor and patient, that’s the substance of free speech, and that’s also the substance of the scientific dialectic. So doctors of all stripes and all persuasions need to be able to have their voice unencumbered by regulators, injecting politicisation of science and politicisation of medicine into the discourse. So that’s why we need alternate unions and industrial societies because let’s face it, the standard unions are fronts for the interests of political parties and also certain other interest groups and lobby groups inside. So we want to be truly ‘interested membership’ based.’

Member Dr. Neil said, ‘We have hundreds of members, we needs thousands. We believe there are thousands out there, thousands of doctors who are asking critical questions, and that’s only going to increase, because more and more data is coming out.’

‘Let doctors be doctors. Get the politicians out of medicine, and let us treat our patients to the best of our ability,’ said Dr. Kunadhasan.

‘What I’ve seen in the past two, two-and-a-half years, is basically the destruction of medical ethics. And the starting point of any doctor-patient relationship is medical ethics and bodily autonomy. And I saw the interference of government through health regulators getting into the doctor-patient relationship. It’s like having a third party in all the conversations,’ said Dr. Syme.

‘The purpose of this conference,’ said Dr. Neil, ‘is to give a platform to Australian and international experts. We’ve had facinating sessions already, well attended. The first session was Dr. Naomi Woolf talking about what they are finding in hundreds of thousands of documents from Pfizer which were suppressed. Is that interesting to doctors? It should be. There’s incredible things that are coming out. I don’t think it can be stopped. I think the trend will be more and more information. So expect the ranks of doctors thinking critically to swell.’

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  1. How does that Mossad Shill Arvi get so much publicity and access? Be careful of people like him and Alex Jones, Jones is CIA and these people are just controlled opposition sent to infiltrate and confuse the enemy.

    • I doubt about the claims but nevertheless, always look at both sides of the argument and make your own decision. “Confuse the enemy” works when a one-sided opinion is read. Arvi is part of Rebel news, which is an international team of independent journalists and I dont think there is any Mossad link involved. Anyway, each to their own.

      • Rebel News is run by by a Jewish gentleman called Ezra Levant , set up in 2015 for Trumps run for the presidency, Trump was Israel’s greatest President, didn’t call him Zion Don for nothing, Trump has the support of the Chabad-Lubavitch, a right wing orthodox/ Zionist organisation, Chabad-Lubavitch members also made up the majority of Trumps donors and appointees to his administration.

    • I’ll take Rebel news over the bought and paid for MSM shills, any day of the week. They have done a lot to help ordinary people on the ground, who are victims of govt tyranny.

      • Avi is solid.

        The clips of him ambushing hapless WEF and WHO bigwigs in the streets of Davos this year are epic. I was 0% surprised Jacinda wouldn’t even let him into the country.

    • I like Avi’s work. I don’t agree with him on every issue, but he’s been pretty excellent at reporting on the Dictator Dan Andrews in Melbourne and in Davos this year he was brilliant

    • I don’t know how you justify saying that. If it wasn’t for the likes of Alex Jones we would be a lot more naive as to what really goes on in the world.

      Avi seems passionate and genuine. What is to be gained from being duplicitous?

    • I agree and believe we have the start of such an organisation with NZDSOS. What they need to do now as more information about the poison jabs comes out, is to get on board the many hundreds of doctors around New Zealand who are slowly waking up to the fact they have been duped.

    • Like Henry Kissinger and George Sorros? Gosh the world will be a better place when these evil types with huge chips on their shoulders and sheer hate for people who had absolutely nothing to do with their childhood oppression have finally met their maker. You can’t heal decades of loathing both for self and the rest of the human race. Those deep psychological wounds from childhood rejection are what drives their sick agenda. Never mind that lots of other people in the world have suffered and continue to suffer – no these sicko make it ALL about them.typical narcissists. In the end, their evil will be be exposed and for the last and final time, their sick and self serving ideas will be banished to the depths of hell for good where it belongs so that other peoples with beautiful souls can rise and guide the world into peace.

    • I disagree. I am not left wing or right wing, I just want fairness for all free of corruption and lies. It’s not that much to ask that people who run this country do so in an honest way with the welfare of all in mind. What the last 3 years have shown is that we are so far from democracy now it is going to take a cataclysmic event to rid ourselves of the tyrants that exist on both sides and forge a new system, genuinely designed for the benefit of all.

      • You have got your cataclysmic event but they seem to be handling it so far, just have to wait for the people to notice the bodies hitting the floor.


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