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Ardern and her government tighten their hold on information access in New Zealand and give us a glimpse into their enforcement methods.

Ardern misinformation news

Last week the government called for mask wearing to be enforced in New Zealand schools. Many schools have apparently decided to punish students who do not wear masks.

Asked whether she was happy that schools punished students who did not wear masks, Ardern ducked the question, denied the mandate, passed the buck, and still managed to appear happy for students to be punished. Ardern said:

“We are really open minded on this issue [???]. We in fact went back multiple times to education and health and said that ‘look if you believe we should bring that mask mandate back we are happy to do that. Whatever you think is going to be in the best interest of our learners, our schools, and our health outcomes’. They came back to us and said we should strongly encourage their use but we should still allow schools to implement the policies themselves. That’s where we have landed….We have not said mask wearing is compulsory, but we are strongly encouraging it.”

Watch the full interview here. There is plenty of spin but not a lot of ambiguity. Principals have been given a green light to dust off the detention book.

Some schools are giving students detention either during lunchtime or after school (the modern equivalent of writing out “I will wear my mask” a thousand times) which translates into loss of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and sports. This should be unacceptable and is certainly deleterious to a student at any age and may result in them becoming alienated or adversely affected emotionally or socially.

Students go to school to learn and understand the process of verifying knowledge, to engage socially, and to further develop skills in communication; whereby they may debate and agree or disagree with one another, without the fear of being punished or discriminated against.

There is a considerable body of scientific evidence pointing to the ineffectiveness of masks to stop transmission. Longterm mask use also poses health risks and causes significant learning deficits. Some parents, and hence their children, will be well aware of this. A policy of punishment for non mask wearers, is the antithesis of a constructive learning environment and teaches, ‘comply without question or face a penalty.’

School attendance in NZ is already at an all time low. As a result of this, it is only going to fall further. The opportunities for constructive debate are fast disappearing in education and we can understand why many parents are turning their thoughts to homeschooling and homeschooling communities.

The problem here in NZ is that the general public is being deliberately kept in the dark about the ineffectiveness of masks and the dangers of prolonged mask wearing. Most are following government advice thinking that they are protecting themselves and others from Covid. They are ending the day with a headache and a sore face, but sure that they have thereby saved the world.

So far the government has kept a tight hold on the Covid narrative by warning people that alternative news sources and social media conversations are full of misinformation, whilst government announcements are closely following ‘the science’. They also give cash grants to MSM and advertise to the point of saturation.

That is all set to ramp up from today. The government has concluded a formal binding agreement with Meta (FB and Instagram), TikTok, Google (Gmail and YouTube), Amazon (Spark) and Twitter to limit the availability of harmful content including misinformation and disinformation in New Zealand.

In a world first, the code is described as ‘voluntary’, but it also includes a ‘commitment’ to being held ‘accountable’ which allows its provisions to be ‘enforced’. How is that for doublespeak? And who is deciding what is harmful?

The mask mandate rules and the information censorship have something in common. The government is asking others to do their dirty work and then asking us to believe it has nothing to do with them. We are not naive, we already know how this works.

The agreement cleverly conflates things that we all feel should be controled such as child sexual exploitation and incitement to violence with rational discussions about drug safety and effectiveness. YouTube has previously withdrawn Covid content from view at the private request of the Ministry of Health. Apparently this can happen if any content causes the NZ government embarrassment.

I don’t suppose it has escaped your notice that internet censorship is a tool of oppressive governments. The dangers are becoming all too obvious in New Zealand where the majority of the general public, who are subjected to saturation government advertising, still believe that regular mRNA boosters and flu shots offer protection for life that is stronger than natural immunity.

This is all taking on a macabre aspect as official Covid data here and in the EU is showing that boosted individuals are increasingly more likely to die with Covid than the unvaccinated are. The apparent reluctance on the part of the government to engage with the implications of this official Covid data is seriously worrying. Governments traditionally have a general duty of care when it comes to policing public health measures.

This year has been one of the wettest on record. As a result, ants are coming into homes in record numbers and you may have been struck with how expendable ant populations are. Ant colonies appear to have a centralised administrative policy whereby any number of workers can be put at risk in the search for homes and food for queens. A sort of ‘group think’ which starkly contrasts with human ethics wherein the individual is highly valued.

Here in New Zealand we are 90% mRNA vaccinated. Last week, One World Data rated NZ No 1 in the world for its rate of excess all cause mortality. Even the Ministry of Health has admitted this is not because of Covid. Yet if you follow the government advertising and press statements you will probably be unaware of this and happily sure that ‘the science’ is being followed.

I don’t need to draw conclusions for you here. If you are following the current Covid science journal publishing you will be well aware of mathematical arguments entirely based on collected data which are taking place within a rational framework. Ignoring or hiding these is dangerous.

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  1. Approx 34,000 people die in New Zealand (all cause mortality) every year (pre 2020). The works out at 93 people a day.

    So when you hear that “10 people died with covid today” – what does that even mean? What about the other 83 people? Did they die of something notable or what? Was there some kind of other pandemic?

    All that aside, I wonder if we will be given the annual death toll (all cause mortality) at the end of this year? We have VERY accurate records pre 2020 so we really will be able to see the impacts of this vaccine sooner or later, especially when we break it down into age groups. Don’t hold your breath for accurate figures though. This govt will no doubt find some way of lying about them.

    • When I hear that “10 people died with covid today” – it emphatically means that 20 people had accidents/heart attacks/cancers or other injurious events that had them admitted to hospital where they got tested. Inaccurate RATS tests then declared them positive cases. They then naturally died and the Lame Stream media who are now Jacinda Ardern’s propaganda arm of government declared they died with covid. “with covid” may or may not be true, but they certainly didn’t die OF covid.

      We know for a fact that covid deaths have been drastically over reported everywhere in the western world. Howler, in the England and Wales office of National Statics, was forced earlier this year by FOI request to release the actual deaths OF covid where no other cause of death was noted on the death cert, and it came to around 17,500 people for (roughly) the two years Jan 2020 – Jan 2022. That’s far less than the deaths of flu in the years 2019 which was around 25,000 and averaged that for several per year roughly except for 2018 where over 65,000 people died of flu. The coronavirus has been let loose to scare the shee-it out of people, not to actually kill them. After all, the powers that be would also be at risk too wouldn’t they?

      We all know it is a sham, we all know the deaths reported by LSM are pure and utter BS.

  2. Thank you DT. So grateful for your truth journalism and having the courage of your convictions by researching and publishing real science, evidence and fact. You are the only media source in NZ I now trust for reliable scientific and health information. It’s obvious too how much you care about New Zealander’s lives and health. Please don’t ever stop doing the incredibly valuable work you are.

    • Same.

      Heard Guy Hatchard on The Platform yesterday. Great interview! I always enjoy Guys contribution to The Daily Telegraph.

    • Yes thank you DT so very much for giving all of us access to speak freely. Freedom of speech is something that we cannot attach a price to. The articles from those like Guy Hatchard are greatly treasured.

      I am not a well off person by any means but I will find a way to support DT with what I can.

  3. Another great article Guy, and thanks are due as always. Long may you have a platform to disseminate the truth as you have here on DT.

    Yet it has come to my attention that Daily Telegraph is under harassment from the powers that be, as they are regularly putting up articles contrary to the Government narrative and therefore, unwelcome. This is naturally no surprise. Wherever the facts are being shared, and the truth about mRNA is being written and made known, that source of information is put under threat. It is clear to any thinking individual the Government is at war with the truth and its availability to the wider community. And we all know what this means and the likely future it will lead to.

    It is therefore in the interest of reason and truth that all thinking New Zealanders do what they can to keep these lines of communication and dialogue open. The best way to do this is to say “no” to the tyranny now upon the nation, placed there by Jabinda and the unseen hands of her minions. The Deep State at work.

    May sanity and reason prevail sooner rather than later, for if not, we are headed to a very dark place…

    • If what you say is true it’s disturbing but not surprising. I guess we just have to be like whack a mole. If they shut us down we will pop up somewhere else. It really has become like Nazi germany where our dear leader has the other citizens all running around doing her dirty work. Brown shirts. I mean the nazis were socialists so hardly surprising we are seeing this type of behaviour. Let’s shame the brown shirts in the same way they have shamed us for the last 2 years, see how they like it turning on their fellow citizens. Fight them with truth and facts. Be prepared for them to try and shut us down with silly names like conspiracy theorist, or stupid or racist – you know you’re winning when they have to resort to that!

      Off social media and in casual face to face conversations though (myself and my husband and our friends, customers and many other random people) I don’t think I have ever heard of or witnessed such sheer hate and loathing for politicians in my lifetime. Labour and the greens cop most of it, but national and act aren’t far behind. It’s clear this country needs change and the time for pushing back is now before these narcissistic traitors do any more damage. I don’t like liars – remember when our prime minister stood before our nation on the TV debate and declared she never lies, well we have now seen she is the biggest liar of all. She can spin it any way she wants, lying is lying whether by spin, obfuscation or by omission. Sooner or later lies will be exposed.

      However after listening to the platform this week I am reassured greatly there are plenty of amazing,, educated and very knowledgeable people out there in this country all standing shoulder to shoulder with us as truth and freedom warriors. It’s heartening to know that we are not alone. Also, love him or hate him, big ups to Brian Tamaki for uniting people too. regardless of where we come from or what our story is, we can definitely all come together to defend each other’s rights and freedoms.

      Start small. turn off all mainstream media. Don’t look at it. The less clicks we give them the better. Make them go broke, make them fight for their jobs. They are traitors and only speak to the mighty $$$$$. We need to stop enabling the govt by tuning out of any organisation that has received funding from them to push the narrative. Any radio station that plays govt ads, switch them OFF. Bye bye. We now have alternatives.

      Join local groups. Find your people, like minded people who found the strength to stand up to the military grade brainwashing that has been going on for the last 2 years. Kia kaha to us all. ????????????

      • Yes, turn off all corrupt media. It amuses me on Kiwiblog, how many constantly complain of legacy media bias, yet still follow it (and thereby give them support).Legacy media lost credibility years ago, so why waste precious time consuming their stuff when there are so many other options?

  4. Ardern and her government does NOT exist. It is simply a regime headed by agent Jacinda Arden and other subagents just obey her like the main agent obeys to the Global Elite aka deep state with its tenticles called Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Military Industrial Complex, Big Food, Big Media etc.

    Powers of deciding what is truth is taken over by the Big Media, and Jacinda’s regime simply created an “formal binding agreement” to fool public as if NZ regime has any big role in it. Censoring is already in place, the Jacinda’s regime can add more to thye censorship which the AI fails to pick up.

    • The bribes to the media are contractual too. They must be contrary to sound public policy hence not enforceable except by the Thought Police.
      Interestingly,Ardern R. has become reviled and an object of mockery throughout the world. Media not paid by her are delighting in revealing her Stalinist (Satanist?) persona.

  5. Jabcinda, the curse of NZ, spoils everything she touches. British consumers are complaining about high grocery prices. The reality is that we pay double for our groceries compared to the prices at Lidl, as of today 26 Jul. Yes, after converting pounds to NZD. Check for yourself.
    Health system has collapsed; poverty is getting acute for many.

    • Same thing for petrol / fuel when converting litres to gallons, and NZD to USD; and the food prices are out of hand globally, especially here! CD had $4.95 celery, lettuce for $5.50, etc. Disgusting…!
      Elderly pushing shopping trolleys with only a handful of food items in the same…
      Little kids crying at the check-out till “Mummy, I’m hungry! Is that all we’re buying??”
      Vote for the Outdoors & Freedom Party, and watch all of this imposed corporate fascism come crashing down, along with Jabcinda’s illegal gun grab that has violated UN Section 7, and the pemnalising of buying petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles that now face fuel shortages due to Marsden Point and the Auckland Airport fuel line being ignored for years now due to the lack of infrastructure maintenance.
      & David Seymour is NOT to be trusted as a ‘mainstream alternative candidate’…
      NO ONE talks or speaks about the Zionist-Communist Hidden hand that exists here in New Zealand; and the attempts at Noahide Law and enforcement of Talmudic principles that are encroaching on our everyday life.
      Jabcinda, being a former Mormon (supposedly) knows full well the priority of support that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day ‘Saints’ (devils) gives to the Khazarian and Ashkenazi Talmudic Mafias, and also to Israel.
      Read Gordon Duff’s expose on the Christchurch Massacres along with what and who was REALLY behind it…!
      And yet, I can find NO petition calling for HM QEll and the NZ Governor General to DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT AND REMOVE THE CURRENT POLITICAL PARTY AND IT’S MINOR FACTIONS (ie Greens)!!

  6. Well said, good points for any critical thinker, but the underlining concern is still the sheep and wolves out there funding pharma with the non rationale fear of the WHO’s and Gates latest animal to human transmissions of diseases that may in 99.7% of cases be just an inconvenience.
    We must resist and hold these politicians to account imagine the hate that would be directed at Queen Elizabeth if she was personally ordering all these mandates , masks, EUA drugs with 95% non effectiveness and 60% adverse effectiveness to sterilise the population control it and economically destroy it. Then the Nats and Act would be throwing tea in Manukau harbour and wearing black face (as endorsed by the WEF muppet running mad in Canada.)
    Ignorance is never a true strength Mr Chris -Hawaii- LUXON of the 3% of well off kiwis not struggling pay check to pay check.

  7. Problem is most teachers/principals that would not go along with these harmful measures have already been got rid of.

  8. `and to further develop skills in communication; whereby they may debate and agree or disagree with one another, without the fear of being punished or discriminated against`

    Then how come they come out of school like just another brick in the wall ?

  9. Well the paid media mercenaries do all the propaganda. Over $200 per voter is budgetted by the Jacinda regime for this purpose. Why not some of these paid “journos” try to place their narrative in reader’s comment and see whether they can defend themselves? They wont because they all know their lies will get further exposed. They would rather use tyrannical laws and backhand methods to stop DT.

  10. When Covid initially hit with 20,000 cases a day that peak was Covid going through schools like wildfire and the kids taking Covid home to their families, after Covid had run its coarse through the schools daily cases dropped back as Covid set to work its way through the rest of the population, my point is, unvaccinated School kids have already been exposed to covid and have long lasting natural immunity, unlike their teachers who are all vaxed and have no long term immunity and can be reinfected.
    So has the teachers Union pressured Ja Ja Jonestown to reimpose the mask mandate to placate teachers while throwing school chlidren under the bus ? she wouldn’t do that would she? she is the fairy godmother minister of children. We were all told that women were the gently ones but the more we see of them the more we see that they have a hierarchy and children are below women and are expendable (well they abort their babies so this should be no surprise)

  11. One of the main issues is the sheep. I dont use FB but people that do tell me there are many who just adore Jabcinda. I know one or two people in this category and you cant have a rational discussion with them without starting WWIII

    • Most of those people who adore her are apparently based overseas! Seems the fan club has been outsourced offshore in much the same manner telecom took their call centre overseas.

      Any locally based fans don’t seem to be people capable of demonstrating critical thought. Some are quite well ‘educated’ but clearly lazy and devoid of common sense. (some of my own family fit in this category). There are Lao some who started out as fans and now they hate her but are just quiet because they are embarrassed at their own stupidity.

  12. How does it work in classrooms now, are the teachers masked as well or are just the children masked so the teachers dont have to be?

  13. Wow your angry that’s what Jabcinda wants,fighting one another,the only way going forward is to look after each other and vote these idiots out of parliament at the next election.United we stand devided we fall. Kia Kaha.

  14. Lets call what this dismal Labour govt have done what it is “medical apartheid”. Conform or be shut out/persecuted whilst not being given any real option to not participate in the process as school and college kids.

    In all my years of life this is comfortably the worst New Zealand government I can remember. What shocks me is not only the silence but also the fawning cheer leading from the so called opposition parties.

    Its high time we reject the existing political establishment and look to new parties and politicians who respect peoples rights. This lot are not worth a dime in my opinion.

    • Look at what the Mormon Church really is (a Masonically-inspired institution by Joseph Smith, himself a 32 degree Freemason) and the fact that Jabcinda had Uni paid for by the Freemasons.
      THAT is who she answers to, in all of their corrupt policies, laws and institutions!

  15. I see as of today, Facebook has limited published comments on news sites to ‘relevant’ comments only. In other words, only comments they agree with. How desperate!

    Meh well, I hardly read any herald articles anyway, less inclined to now. Go woke go broke.

  16. not much of a life, grizzling about a flu shot and not being able to sneeze over people. the things we complain of in others are the things that we find in ourselves


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