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Auckland CBD shooting: Offender identified online, police updates

Matu Reid news
Image – social media.

The man has been named online by various sources as 24-year-old Matu Tangi Matua Reid.

Reid was on electronically monitoried home detention for a raft of serious domestic violence convictions, including imepeding breathing, wilful damage, male assaults female and injuring with intent to injure. Questions are being asked as to why Reid was not imprisoned for these crimes instead of receiving a lenient community-based sentence.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off this evening in Auckland. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the tournament will proceed as planned, and that there was ‘no wider national security threat.

Police update (11.57am) on injuries as large investigation commences

Police can confirm an officer has been injured, as well as four members of the public at this stage.

The Police officer was transported to hospital in a critical condition, but we can advise his condition has stabilised.

The four members of the public have injuries ranging from moderate to critical.

At least one of these people has self-presented to Auckland City Hospital with moderate injuries.

‘While the situation and scene is still under active Police management, we know that there may be more victims yet to make themselves known to Police and these injury statuses may change,’ said Acting Superintendent Sunny Patel, Relieving Auckland District Commander.

The building site has now been secured and a scene examination is now underway.

A Police critical incident investigation has been launched and as part of this we are working to understand the circumstances behind the offender’s actions.

There are upwards of 40 witnesses who were at or around the scene and they are in the process of being spoken to as part of this investigation.

‘Police are still confirming the sequence of events in which the offender died, and we will continue to provide updates.

‘As we have previously advised this is not a national security risk.

‘Police are liaising with the families of the victims, including that of the deceased, and we have engaged with Victim Support.

‘Support is in place for our officer.’

Police enquiries will likely continue for the coming days, and we will be contacting those who were working on site and in the surrounding area.

‘Police are reassuring the public that they can continue to come into the CBD. However, please stay clear of the Police cordon at the lower part of Queen Street while our work continues at the scene.’

Police are in the process of speaking to the large number of witnesses.

‘However, if there is anyone who was involved or witnessed today’s events, and they haven’t made themselves known to Police, we ask that you please contact us via 105 as soon as you can.’

Full statement of Police Commissioner Andrew Coster

I am extending my condolences and sympathies to the families, friends and colleagues of those who were killed in today’s shooting event in central city Auckland.

Their lives have been irrevocably affected by this tragic event and our thoughts are very much with them today.

I have had an update from the investigation team who are working at pace to understand why this terrible event occurred today.

At 7.22am, Police received multiple emergency calls with reports of a person discharging a firearm from inside the third floor of a building under construction at the bottom of Queen Street.

Police were on scene at the site within minutes. We are continuing to piece together the entire sequence of events, however what we know is:

That the offender made his way up through the building site, discharging his firearm on multiple occasions.

Police entered the building within 10 minutes.

Staff from various groups right across Tāmaki Makaurau responded and members of the public inside the building were evacuated where possible.

We know several workers inside the building found refuge hiding within the building.

At 8am, our Armed Offenders Squad, alongside Special Tactics Group, located the offender inside a lift shaft where he had barricaded himself and our staff attempted to engage with him after securing the floors above and below.

The offender fired at Police, injuring an officer.

Shots were exchanged, and the offender was later located deceased.

Tragically, Police located two members of the public deceased on the lower levels of the building site.

The Police officer was transported to hospital in a critical condition, but we can advise his condition has stabilised.

The four members of the public have injuries ranging from moderate to more serious.

At least one of these people self-presented to Auckland City Hospital with moderate injuries.

While the situation is still developing, we know that there may be more victims as they make themselves known to Police and these injury statuses may change.

The building has now been cleared and the lockdown lifted.

A scene guard will remain in place while Police investigations continue.

This was an incredibly alarming incident for workers who were beginning their day.

We have contained the situation and are not seeking anyone else.

We have not formally identified the offender however we believe the man is a 24-year-old. We understand that he has worked at construction site and we believe the reason for his presence at the site this morning was connected with that work.

We know that those who work and live in the vicinity may be feeling vulnerable. However, we can provide reassurance that there is no reason for ongoing concern about this situation.

There is an increased Police presence in the area and we reassure the public that they can continue to come into the CBD.

The immediate vicinity remains cordoned while our team continues the scene examination.

We are communicating with local and central government, and FIFA tournament organisers.

Police have been part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup operational planning group, and as such were well placed to manage impacts on the event.

We are satisfied there is no ongoing risk to the public and no reason why the tournament should not proceed – the matches are safe to attend.

Again, I want to acknowledge this has been a shocking and traumatic event for those people who came to work and found themselves in the middle of an armed emergency.

Thankfully many people were able to escape the building, but I know that for those who hid or remained trapped in the building, this was a terrifying experience.

I want to acknowledge the bravery of our staff who walk towards danger to keep the public safe. I’m very proud of their actions today.

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  1. Gun control policies’ breathtaking success record continues 👏 👏👏

    Where’d this idiot get his hands on a shotgun.

    Check his social media (if it hasn’t been scrubbed yet), see how many intelligence agents he was friends with.

    • Dude, no matter the circumstances, there’s a black market. Guns, drugs, sex are always available. My city (USA) has 5,000 cops vs 50,000 criminals, there’s no controlling​ anything! Digital currency, universal basic income is a joke. What they can’t buy, they’ll just take.

  2. 1/ no one cares about the World Cup. Most people have more pressing issues than watching a bunch of people chasing a ball around

    2/ no doubt this act will be blamed on ‘Cis white men’ or colonialism

    3/ the 16 year old who sexually violated a pregnant woman after dragging her out of her bed in her own home where she was sleeping with her toddler, is just another example of a violent and dangerous criminal who got let off a harsher penalty because of his cultural report.

    4/ no cultural report for crying victim for the white pedo kiddy fiddler in Oamaru though…..off to jail for him (and quite right too but since when was sexually violating a pregnant woman a lesser crime than kiddy fiddling?)

    5/ enough of these useless judges and bring back hard labour and the death penalty and get rid of this whole crim enabling bunch of Marxist communists running this country.

    • We’ve had about fifty years now of continuous softening on crime and a preoccupation with the poor criminal’s rights over those of their victims. And it f@cking shows.

      Things have never been worse, crime has never been higher. And these glorified, professional fraudsters posing as our “leaders” get up in front of the camera every day and with a straight face tell us the solution to all the crime and violence is MORE tolerance and MORE of the same. And they wonder why the gangs still run amok.

      I’m closely watching this business with the dairy owners asking the government to grant them the right to defend themselves. I suspect they’re going to do it anyway, regardless of what the ginger ninja and his cabinet of clowns say. There WILL be justice, there will be. If the authorities are no longer interested in dispensing it, then the people will. There are centuries of historical precedent here, the only problem is that the people’s justice will be far more swift and brutal. A LOT more potential for innocent people to be falsely accused, but also a LOT higher probability of those “leaders” to end up like Mussolini, hanging from a street light. Not good for anyone, but at this point it almost feels like it’s what they want.

    • Yes its always about devious means of gun control. With the highest house price to income ratio in the world NZ has, a major financial collapse is almost inevitable and could happen sooner rather than later especially when coupled with a true 25% inflation and not the Govts. rubbery numbers The cost of housing with current interest rates to income is simply unsustainable. I would invest in a van or a tent before they sell out. Then start a ‘Visitors to the World Cup’ tour of the tent cities in the local parks just like you see when you land in Hawaii.

  3. Given he had home detention how did he manage to do this without being stopped at his gate or down the road? Isn’t this supposed to be monitored and controlled?

  4. Some one said he was permitted to go to work. That is he should have been in one of two places when monitored. Home or work.
    Guns will be in the spotlight again. And yet again. Until they have them all.
    Soft on crime will end in surveillance cameras everywhere to ‘keep you safe’. We will be assured this will stop all the bad things happening. Morons will believe them. They will be above the doors of supermarkets. Then the country will be set up for CBDC and a social credit rating. Don’t play the game – don’t eat. They are just moving the pieces into place as ordered by the WEF.
    Clearing out old papers last week I came across a 2018 doctor scrip for a blood test. This time I scutinised it and found that at the bottom there was Social Risk category and under that I was categorised as a non-smoker.
    One online Vuse seller wants proof of age – your drivers licence, or passport, or birth certificate details and the number of each certificate. To buy an $8 vape. Can these people check your details at government departments? If not, how do they validate the information? What other information is being gathered and by whom?
    It’s been going on for a long time.


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