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Australian PM concedes as Labor takes power

Australian election 2022 news

Scott Morrison acknowledges loss in federal election.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted defeat following the country’s federal elections on Saturday, calling Labor Party chief Anthony Albanese to congratulate him on his victory. The PM conceded in a televised speech from Liberal headquarters in Sydney, adding that he would stand down as the party’s leader.

“On a night like tonight it is proper to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy. I have always believed in Australians and their judgment, and I’ve always been prepared to accept their verdicts, and tonight they have delivered their verdict,” Morrison said.

The Liberal Party lost more than 12 seats during the election. While vote counting had not been completed at the time of Morrison’s concession speech, the Labor Party’s victory appeared certain, winning at least 72 of the parliament’s 151 seats. Morrison’s Liberals nabbed just 54, while independents and third parties – led by the Greens, who secured their best election results yet – have netted 11 thus far, according to ABC. Labor needs 76 seats to form a majority government.

Morrison, who served just one term in office, was not the only prominent Liberal to lose out in the election. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, viewed as Morrison’s most likely successor, was also knocked out of his post.

Morrison’s conservative government had been widely panned going into the election for what many viewed as its abysmally poor handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters, specifically the devastating fires that preceded the coronavirus outbreak.

Albanese thanked his constituents for “vot[ing] for change,” ticking off several policy points in his victory speech with promises to “end the climate wars,” launch a “national anti-corruption commission,” strengthen the country’s healthcare and aged care, and turn Australia into a “renewable energy superpower.” His win is the first victory for Labor since 2007.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Tired Australian public still think Labour will do better. Kiwis may do the same and switch to a National government. Both ruling and opposition blocks in Aiustralia & NZ are just two cheeks of the same arse. Nothing much is going to change poltically, economically and socially. It is highly important for the minor parties in NZ contest under one umbrella (symbol, alliance or whatever you call it) for gaining political power under the MMP. If this does not happen, votes will just get wasted. Single issue parties do have support but they cant reach the 5% threshold. So unity is important for fighting the two blocks, which exist to fool kiwis.

    • True! VERY true…!
      But do people have the mental capacity to realise that the on-going Labour / National, Democrat / Republican, etc. will stifle FREE VOTING??? While continuing the Agenda21 and Agenda 30, Georgia Guide Stones, and the formulation of the varied modus operandi of the NWO?
      The New Conservatives, New Zealand First (NOT Winston First) Outdoors and Freedom Party, the Public Party ALL NEED TO FORM-UP INTO A CREDIBLE THIRD PARTY INCLUSIVE!!!!
      If that happens, and IF such a combined party platform won the el-ection, you can rest assured that the NZ PTB under the guidance of Zionist International Banker ‘Sir’John Key would enact ‘Operation Katipo’ on New Zealand soil via the puppets that he and the Zionist Banksters control!!!
      Watch for it,…& wait for it!

  2. Big deal. Out goes Tweedle Dum, in comes Tweedle Dee. The NWO will remain in place, running the operating system, not the Auzzie people. Irrelevant also as within the next week the WHO will, to all practical purposes, own everyone’s body so ‘elections’ just don’t matter. There will be FORCED INJECTIONS every few months. Welcome to permanent captivity. It’s the ‘new normal’.

    • Second that. Labour states were tyrannical when it comes to mandates and lies. Left cannot tolerate criticism and they are always “right”

    • Second that. Labour states were tyrannical when it comes to mandates and lies. Left cannot tolerate criticism and they are always “right”. This is true in US/UK/NZ/Canada. They call themselves as “progressives” when the fact is otherwise; we are pushed backwards playing with our animal insticnts.

  3. Conservatives = Covid-19
    Labour= Monkeypox.
    No reporting on the minor parties, …
    Nothiing will change except for the ‘health emergencies’ that will continue to bring about global tyranny

  4. Kristina Kenneally, yankie import, was put in a SAFE about seat and lost. The MSM pushed her, particularly ABC. She woke claim she made was that “She is for social justice”. Zero self awareness. She displaced a local labour candidate and stood in an electorate she did not belong thinking that it is a safe labour seat. The propaganda of ABC TV is astonishing. Albo is waek and should not have opted for “social justice for Kristina Kenneally”. Period.

    Albo is no different from Scomo; Aussies have not woken up fully from the MSM spin.

  5. Boris, who equals Scotty for lies, will be next. May not even survive to face the next election to be honest.


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