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Baby W – High Court case resumes: Counterspin Live Stream link available now


Supporters of Baby W’s parents are urged to go down and support them outside the High Court at Auckland today, commencing 9am, on Waterloo Quadrant.

NOTE: The Care of Children Act 2004 prohibits publication of particulars that may lead to the identification of Baby W.

The Counterspin Media live stream link from outside the court is available here.

A series of vigils were held last night around the country. Counterspin Media were on hand outside the High Court to meet some of the supports in Auckland.

Updates to follow.

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    • *evil.

      Evil bunch. They do what they want, walk all over their fellow man, and go out of their way to destroy his life if he doesn’t believe what they believe or profess his undying loyalty to the collective.

      They will do everything in their power to see that poison squirted into this baby’s veins, and when he dies a little ways down the road they’ll all shamelessly blame it on his existing heart condition. They feel nothing for the sanctity of human life. Why would they when they openly demand the murder of unborn babies, when they have parades to celebrate PRIDE (and just about every other deadly sin), when they’re constantly denouncing tradition, marriage and family; and celebrating promiscuity, drugs and idolatry? These people have become so rotten, so corrupted that they’re everything all of the world’s great religions ever warned us about. And they’re so drunk on sin and immorality that they can’t even see it. They literally believe they’re still the good guys, even as they FORCE and COERCE others into doing what they want. Just look back at the last three years.

      I saw some sh!thead comedian make a joke out of the whole situation yesterday: “Just lie to those parents and say the blood is unvaxed, they won’t know lol…”

      The others in studio with him giggled with delight.

      Sorry, but some people DESERVE the vaccine damage coming their way in the next few years. I feel no sympathy. In fact, I’m going to f*cking well enjoy watching it unfold 🍿

  1. It is so hard to believe another wasted week has gone by with this case…the Unvaccinated Donor blood could have been secured, screened and be ready to go…in fact the operation could have been completed and baby Will discharged by now.

    Our Medical fraternity have seemingly become as arrogant as our Govt! Time to move forward, accept the unvaccinated donor blood and give this amazing little man a fighting chance!

  2. I would not have thought that a government, even one as corrupt as this labour cult, would be so low as to gamble with a babies future and life. But then I guess they approve of abortion.

    • I totally agree. This creepy government have introduced the most ‘liberal’ abortion laws in the world.

      The extreme leftist types have always been very keen on abortion, eugenics and euthanasia for some reason. It’s all part of their perverse ‘greater good’ ideology.

  3. Grey and her sidekick are evil vampires, There is NO danger from the blood of vaccinated people. If there was, people would be dying from blood transfusions. Nothing stays in blood forever. Grey claimed that an unvaxxed man had somehow died of the vax that he hadn’t had, that a teenager had died from it and a woman who died some time later of a genetic condition had died of it. Gunn said that people were being dragged out and forcibly vaxxed and that children were going down like ninepins in a vacconation clinic.

    The government has nothing to do with this case. The hospital staff want to save the baby’s life; it’s the antivaxxers who are using baby in a cynical manner to score pojnts/

    • The parents want unvaccinated blood for their child. If they’re wrong, so what. Nothing will befall the child anyway. They have all the donors lined up, they’ve already done all the legwork required.
      There is NOTHING stopping the process except the medical “experts’” own pathetic egos. They cannot stand the thought of someone being allowed to have an opinion contrary to theirs, the borg must be obeyed at all costs.

      Your precious vaccines are KNOWN to cause heart complications like Myocarditis and pericarditis (medsafe themselves confirm this, even if they falsely claim its super rare). These parents understandably want to have as little risk as possible given the child ALREADY has an existing heart condition, the government minions in white coats are the ones trying to introduce undue risk into the equation (even if it indeed may be a very small risk) because they are egomaniacal authoritarian assholes, THOSE are the facts.

      Maybe in future don’t press the cotton bud so deeply into your ear. You’re supposed to stop when there’s resistance.

  4. In fairness the parents are simply exercising their right to ‘informed consent’ on behalf of their child.

    In this particular case they are very reasonably simply adhering to the ‘precautionary principle’.

    It’s such a shame for baby Will, and also somewhat bizarre, that the health authorities have become so incredibly intransigent and belligerent.


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