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Boris Johnson resigns from UK Parliament

Boris Johnson news

The former prime minister has claimed that he was forced out as an MP over the ‘Partygate’ scandal.

Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson has resigned as a member of Parliament, saying political rivals forced him out of office by making disingenuous allegations over his handling of the ‘Partygate’ scandal, which involved lockdown-violating parties at 10 Downing Street during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am now being forced out of Parliament by a tiny handful of people with no evidence to back up their assertions – and without the approval even of Conservative Party members, let alone the wider electorate,” Johnson said on Friday in a statement. “I believe that a dangerous and unsettling precedent is being set.” He added that his removal is the “necessary first step” for lawmakers who want to overturn the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Johnson stepped down, effective immediately, after he received a copy of a yet-to-be-published report by a parliamentary committee that investigated misleading statements he made to the House of Commons regarding Partygate. He argued that the report was “riddled with inaccuracies” and that the committee hadn’t produced evidence that he “knowingly or recklessly misled the Commons.”

“They know perfectly well that when I spoke in the Commons, I was saying what I believed sincerely to be true and what I had been briefed to say, like any other minister,” Johnson said. “They know that I corrected the record as soon as possible, and they know that I and every other senior official and minister – including the current prime minister and then-occupant of the same building, Rishi Sunak – believed that we were working lawfully together.”

The Privileges Committee probe was headed by Labour Party MP Harriet Harman. Johnson claimed that she and some other committee members made prejudicial remarks about his alleged guilt even before examining the evidence, and their aim was to prevent him from helping the Conservative Party to win the next election.

“Their purpose from the beginning was to find me guilty, regardless of the facts,” Johnson said. “This is the very definition of a kangaroo court.” He added that the investigation process gave him no formal ability to challenge the committee’s findings.

The Privileges Committee reportedly recommended a lengthy suspension of Johnson from the House of Commons, which would have led to a by-election in his district. The former PM hinted at a return to politics: “It’s very sad to be leaving Parliament – at least for now – but above all, I am bewildered and appalled that I can be forced out, anti-democratically, by a committee chaired and managed by Harriet Harman with such egregious bias.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. No matter why or how he was ousted, the fact remains when it looked like the wee Ukrainian guy Zelensky might talk peace, Johnson was in Kiev in a heartbeat talking him out of it. Yes, the same Zelensky recently in Germany to receive the Charlemagne prize for services to Europe. The equivalent of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
    And Mr Scruffy wants his father to be knighted. For what?
    Harriet Harman – still in UK Govt and now heading the Privileges Committee. This woman was born and raised in privilege and has never done an honest day’s work in her life. She runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. I remember the smell around her in the late seventies and her association with PIE https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/harriet-harman-pie-nccl-controversy-what-was-paedophile-information-exchange-1437862

  2. Boris got himself where is with bullying tactics and lies, I would expect him to go down still spouting lies. His downfall is way overdue. The whole house of cards is tumbling, buckle up while mankind transitions

  3. ‘Bojo the Boffin’ is a product of the ‘exclusive’ Boys Schools that is just around the corner from the British Parliament.
    The woman who came after him lives in a Victorian countryside mansion…
    Rishi has more money than does the Royal Family combined…BUT-
    How much of that money has Rishi donated to homeless shelters, food banks and health care????
    Barring a Civil Uprising in the UK, the arena of Breat Britain isn’t so great anymore…
    AND- this all began with another female, Auntie Margaret T.
    Maybe ‘Bojo the Boffin’ can get a WEF-based job as a;
    1. Tropical-themed ‘Escape to the Caribbean’ Clown for illegal Covid Parties-
    2. A professional plate-thrower, testing out breakage limits-
    3. A minimalist Barber-
    4. An UBER Driver that always seems to divert to 10 Downing Street-
    5. A revolving door installer with lots of retrofits at both 10 Downing Street and Parliament-
    6. Delivering Parliamentary Pizzas in an attempt to regain…TOUSELED-HAIR POWER!!!
    7. A sperm donor, based on the various offspring he has sired with several ‘mums’…
    8. A private jet passenger, with chem-trail fuel additives pumping out tonnes of carbon monoxide.
    Boris, being related to the Royals, and having attended the arrogant exceptional Masonic-based ‘Private Schools’ and entering politics with outside influences (City of London Zionist Banksters…!) has no qualm about endangering the UK from the threat of a nuke based on his so-called ‘Foreign Policy’ that supported and gave in to every one of Zio-Communist Zelensky’s demands.
    If a Belgorod nuclear torpedo goes off and floods the UK with radioactive sea water, at least the Brits (those who survive) will know who to go after..IF they can find him!


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