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Charges laid over Gisborne rainbow crossing ‘hate crime’ incident

Gisborne rainbow crossing news
Image – Screenshot, @churPanic X (Twitter).

Gisborne Police have charged three people with graffiti vandalism and have identified a fourth suspect after the city’s rainbow crossing was defaced with white paint earlier this week.

Two men, aged 46 and 36, and a 45-year-old woman, were charged today.

‘We consider that, on the face of it, the alleged offending is consistent with a hate crime, and we will seek to establish that as fact during the ongoing investigations and court proceedings,’ said Inspector Danny Kirk.

‘This incident has caused concern for many people in our diverse community and acts like this have no place here. Freedom of speech and the right to protest are fundamental principles of a free and democratic society under the rule of law. Sadly, a line has been crossed on this occasion.

‘The three accused are due to appear in the Gisborne District Court on Wednesday and our enquiries are ongoing to locate a fourth individual. Police will be seeking reparation of costs.

‘As the case is before the courts, we are unable to comment further.’

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Source:NZ Police

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  1. Charged with a hate crime, yet the gutless deranged commie that assaulted an elderly woman at Posey Parkers event gets let off and name suppression. Come on coalition govt, this rainbow gender cult and lying woke state media are two of the main reasons we booted that last lot of miscreants out.

  2. Ok it’s technically a crime but why are these woke cops labelling it a hate crime? It’s just a relatively minor vandalism that’s had a lot of publicity.

    • Vandalism was the first act, namely to paint a rainbow on a street, confusing motorists and taking away their attention to traffic. A rainbow has NO place on a public road.

      • I agree. Our stupid council in Rotorua had these red crossings that were supposed to be part of some bike trail. No one knew if they were supposed to stop or what. Dangerous as hell. Anyway they have now gone as there was so much confusion. If someone gets hit on one of these crossings because they think they have right of way then the council should be sued for allowing an illegal crossing that is confusing in the first place!

  3. Ah yes, freedom of speech and the right to protest are “super important”. Just as long as we speak and protest the way the government wants us to. We remember, it hasn’t been that long.

    Anything in this case beyond a generic vandalism charge is just open tyranny and political persecution. Plain and simple.

    No one was hurt, words ARE NOT violence. VIOLENCE IS VIOLENCE. And to date, it’s only one side who ever exhibit violence; the side the government and all its apparatchiks point blank refuse to ever hold accountable. EVER.

    So strap in, here comes some fresh new government muscle flexing, probably to get us all well primed for that pandemic treaty sign off in May. The jackboots are probably already rock hard at the thought of reliving the glory days of 2020-2022.

    • Markings must be reflectorised white and the roadway must contrast with the white crossing bars. Note: Existing zebra crossings can be remarked using an interim format with bar widths of 450mm with 450mm gaps. A centre-line should be marked. A centre-line should be marked if there is not one.
      So these rainbow things are illegal as they aren’t white and don’t have bars, therefore painting them over was a public service.

  4. I expect these people to get a discharge and full name suppression, just like the precedent set by that clownface granny puncher at the posie parker

  5. Here is what most of the average members of the alphabet community don’t seem to understand, if they kept this s*** to themselves and stopped pushing it as a political and ideological agenda a vast majority of ordinary Kiwis would not care. However when you do push it as a political and Ideological agenda that seeps not only into our classrooms and our business and all the govt. departments and other institutions so much so that you cannot get away from it then there is bound to be backlash. When the Law is unjust and will not prosecute a loonie leftist who assaulted an elderly women for a hate crime but will pretend, hell even ideologically lie that spilling some paint over a symbol of any kind is a far more serious crime than assault is it not time we consider that the law is no longer something we should take seriously?….we need to mock the law and the lawmakers and the media that push this s*** every chance we get. Any organization, business, politician that is pushing this stuff as a political and ideological agenda needs to be mocked and made fun of as often as possible. If this so called community kept this shit to themselves no one would care and they would get what they already have but with out the backlash, the ability to love as they choose.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Woke ‘hate crime’

    I simply love the woke morons, they’re a laugh a minute.

    Climate change is real I tell ya!!!!

    • It’s 100% psychological warfare.

      It has to be seen at every possible waking moment of the day. It has to be injected into every conceivable thing from Oreos to cartoons films and video games to the workplace to traffic crossings. There is nowhere the tentacles won’t reach.

      This is the new state religion, and thou shalt prostrate yourself and your children before it or be digitally burned at the stake.

      The reason they’re pushing it all so hard is because they actually WANT these sorts of reactions from us. They want protests and pushback, they want outrage. Their fake news twits will use it to whine about growing “hatred” in NZ, which in turn can be used to justify more of those shiny new digital surveillance tools they unveiled during Covid. The alternative is to just do nothing, but that’s at the cost of your children’s sanity (and possibly their reproductive futures).

  7. & BTW- those road marking are illegal according to the Road Code.
    Remove them immediately!!!
    Remember- the homos, lesbians and brainwashed LGBTABCXYZ-supporters have probably been the first ones to be compliant in lining-up for their Covid jabs…!
    End result?
    Defacing public roadways that violate the road code.
    Kinda like genocide is OK for the Palestinians, but ‘never again’ for the Zionist-Globalist J3w$ who are promoting this crap in order to de-stabilise society overall, with jabs, STD’s, drugs, and corrupt Zionist-based and inspired ‘politicians’.

  8. Are LGBTQ+++ pedestrian crossings safer than straight/transphobic/colonialist zebra crossings I wonder?

    Follow the science.

    • It’s really quite simple.

      Rainbow crossings are for gay/trans people.

      In the meantime straight people aren’t allowed to cross the road.

      It’s called diversity, inclusion and equity.

  9. If painting over the rainbow crossing is a hate crime to the rainbow 🌈 community surely the painting of the rainbow crossing is a hate crime to religious groups or people that don’t have the same beliefs???

  10. This prosecution labelled as hate crime is a manifestation wholly attributable to globalist transhumanist cultists.
    We do not consent to the wholesale promotion of the trans sex industrial corporation and the psychological operations currently funded and employed by globalist institutions used to normalise this agenda to our children.
    Anyone who looks will see this foul assault playing out all over the western world.
    This is not naturally occurring and “our” govtcorporation is complicit as they were with the biotoxin injections.
    Blackrock induces this compliance using monetary leans.
    Is it acceptable to invest with this obviously unethical satanic organisation which is the root of this transhumanist assault?

  11. What they clearly were doing was trying to add the colour white to the crossing which is clearly missing.
    Is white light not a vaild colour, I suspect we need some reparations from the Police who are telling us white does not exist.
    Is that a hate crime from the rainbow left ?

  12. People voted in another lot of losers who hate democracy as much as the last lot, peddling a warped globalist agenda..Maybe next time try new party’s who actually want real change? As for the so called police, they represent nothing of value, in my estimation. Zero support for them and their masters.

  13. Danny Kirk, YOU are a shill and gofer for woke BS.
    What a fine specimen of subversive agent in our society!
    Have you forgotten your oath?

  14. I suspect this might be a court battle Mr. Tamaki is looking forward to. The whole legality and hypocrisy of this will be on display for all to see. Make no mistake, if this plays out they way I’m thinking it might, it’ll be a win to all fair minded kiwis. Grab the popcorn and get comfy…

  15. In fact the people who painted the Rainbow should be prosecuted

    According to Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004

    A pedestrian crossing must be marked in reflectorised white, or if white does not contrast with the colour of the adjacent roadway then it must be resurfaced or marked to provide contrast.

  16. what’s hate crime, there is no hate crime? the p’lice commissioner announced it ? don’t tell me they are lying again???


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