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Climate ideology will destroy farming communities – Matt King

Climate change and farming news

DemocracyNZ Party Leader and farmer, Matt King has thrown his support behind Kiwi farming and rural communities – and vows to stand up for farmers when the party is elected into Parliament at next year’s general election.

The former MP for Northland has been a farmer for more than 30 years and is a vehement supporter of the agricultural sector. “New Zealand’s farming and rural communities are being hung out to dry,” Matt says.

“Under the Government’s proposals released this week, farming will become uneconomic, food producers will be forced off the land, and rural communities destroyed. The current reduction targets cannot be achieved without farmers dramatically reducing stock numbers and cutting food production – and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that means for New Zealand – reduced food production, fewer exports, more imports, less income, struggling economy.”

The 10% methane reduction target asks more from farmers than any other sector of the economy, and is driven by ideology – not science.

Matt pledges that DemocracyNZ, which was born out of the rural sector as much as anything, will work to scrap the climate change target for our farmers, and will support farmer-led solutions to create a workable emissions scheme that promotes our efficiency to world markets.

Matt singled out the current National Party leadership for its muted opposition to Government proposals, highlighting that the party has lost touch with its previously strong rural base and instead fallen victim to Labour-Green’s ill-conceived and ideologically-driven climate agenda.

“The National Party fails to understand that it is disingenuous to criticise the Government’s proposal when National’s own plan would cause equal hardship to rural communities. It is hypocrisy to attack the Government on a proposal National would largely replicate,” Matt says.

Dairy, agriculture and forestry, along with a flourishing food and beverage industry, make up our country’s top tier export earners. But to sustain that, farming must be supportive and good food-producing land protected from being used for carbon farming.

“The farming and rural community can be at the vanguard of that change and stand up against questionable ideology. If National won’t stand up for farmers, we certainly will.”

“Politics has changed over the last three years. It’s no longer about being on the left or on the right. It’s about what’s good for this country. The global agenda followed by our current Government will bankrupt our future and we are the only party trying to stop that from happening. DemocracyNZ chooses evidence over ideology,” Matt says.

Image credit: Andrey Niqi

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  1. I want to hear a politician stand up ans stop using weasel words just directly say it, that the AGW emergency is totally fake,. The climate is NOT changing due to human activity and it certainly isn’t changing to cow farts. that is a preposterous suggestion and one of the utmost unscientific dogma.
    CO2 does NOT drive climate change. CO2 rise and fall follows climate change. Water vapour is THE Greenhiosue gas and no matter what that harridan Ardern says, we can’t live witout water. Nor incidently,c an we live without CO2.
    C’mon Matt get a grip of the science, get up on your hide legs and say it. Read up on Prof Murray Salby’s presentations.
    here is Prof Murray Salby 101 for your review. Stop beating about the bush. The Planet’s climate is doing. the changes by itself as if we weren’t even here and it will continue to do so even after Biden has let off all his Nukes.

    • Dave it is simpler and more accurate to say ” CO2 increases FOLLOW temperature increases” Most of the CO2 is held within the oceans and the sea temperature has to increase before “degassing” occurs.

  2. Transfer of most productive farmland to Globalist Rich should occur. Food is the best weapon to control people and so it has to be implemented for NWO. Jacinda is implementing the orders she received. If we are a soveriegn country, we will delink our dollar from USD and disallow globalists to hold our dollar and trade/speculate NZD. International trade in NZD is several times moe than our annual GDP and globalists will buy up more and more NZ farm and foresty land. We can stop it if we throw out both Jacinda and Luxon, NWO agents.

    • “… trade/speculate NZD.” That is how John Key made his millions: At Merryl Lynch, trading the NZ dollar, i.e. sucking hard earned wealth off Kiwis. And then the sheeple even elect him!

      • Dont think Key made anything; he was given being an agent. Soros was given a huge sum during the plot on british pounds. All the agents are taken care of but in different forms. Aunty Helen was rewarded in a different way for example. NZ has had just agents running the show for over 3 decades; just a colony no soveriegnity.

  3. So the government claims the solution to ‘climate change’ is taxing farmers more, which will obviously force many out of business and further increase consumer food prices during a cost of living crisis.

    Yet another deliberately cruel ill-conceived policy from this sadistic psychotic government. I’m looking forward to 2023 when we can vote these evil cretins permanently out of office.

    • Voting means Jack shit when all the opposition are already funded and financed by the same people and already have their spot on the bandwagon.

      Luxon is making big noise about those poor farmers right now, but there will 100% be a pivot (what the media call it when a politician admits they were lying) on his very first day as PM. Deep down all know it already.

      Voting is NOT going to solve this

  4. Matt is the only hope we have. He has a good chance of winning his seat and can bring in MPs with him. We must all vote Democracy NZ party vote if we want to get rid of these WEF puppets, Labour and National. Winnie has had his chance. All NZ first people need to support Matt. WE CAN DO IT!

    If Matt does get in, he needs to demand that he will only work with another party IF he is PM. THat way his is the King maker AND calling all the shots. Bottom line. Matt King – Prime Minister of New New Zealand! ????????????

    Actually I believe it’s time we got a whole new political system and get rid of overpaid public service bureaucrats. Those idiots in the Public Service couldn’t grow their own food if they tried. Cut Wellington off from food supple and see how long they last before they come begging. Oh and electric bikes ARENT green! A human powered pedal bike is though. Let’s see those hypocritical muppets in Wellington pedalling their own bikes to work.

    Plants need CO2 to grow. Climate change is a scam to ultimately blame make it impossible for farmers to farm their land so they will eventually be driven off it altogether.

    New Zealand we are in the fight of our lives for our country against OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Get in behind the farmers this week for the Groundswell protest. No farmers, no food.

    • I totally agree.
      However, NO splinter party can do it alone. There needs to be a coalition of ALL splinter parties under ONE umbrella to have a chance of change. Political egos have NO ROOM in such coalition. Same with ideological or religious differences. WE THE PEOPLE MUST UNITE! The ego warfare can start once we have gained momentum. The people of New Zealand had enough of egomaniac psychopaths, who never earned a decent dollar in their life. Never forget: ALL parties in parliament have forced you to give up your freedom and (health) autonomy. ALL OF THEM!

  5. I wont be voting for him but I will be voting for a new party that has a rational approach to this issues, not the nonsense coming out of the mainstream party’s, which will destroy our food supply and see us “eating ze burgs.”


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