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Parliament Protest Group Press Release 22 Feb: Protesters concerned about Police inaction over offenders, ‘External Parties causing tensions’

Full text of Press Release of Combined Parliament Protest Group, 22 February 2022.

  • Protesters concerned about Police inaction over offenders
  • External Parties causing tensions

The Wellington protest group is shocked by the alleged violent and antisocial behaviour exhibited during the past 48 hours by a number of individuals who do not appear to be associated with the protest.

Throughout, we have continually sought to work with Police to identify individuals involved in any criminal acts and maintain a safe and peaceful environment. We are ever-mindful that approximately 15 percent of protestors present are either children or aged over 60, and 55 percent are women.

Freedom over Fear news

However, significant concern has arisen during the past 48 hours over a notable lack of action by Police against identified individuals committing offences outside the protest area.

Emerging evidence of potential external involvement in placing these agitators among the protest is even more worrying.

The individual who sprayed faecal matter at Police on Monday morning was unknown to protestors. He intentionally hid behind a protestor as he sprayed the police, wore a ski mask and fled immediately. Protest organisers have asked Police for pictures from surveillance footage to help us ascertain if the person is still amongst the protest. Police denied the request.

We are now worried he may have returned to the site to perpetrate further violent acts.

Video and photographic evidence (see Clashes erupt at Parliament Protest, accusations of ‘paid police agitators’ – Daily Telegraph NZ ) has emerged that agitators use earpieces identical to that used by Police. An individual letting off loud fireworks to the rear of the protest on Tuesday morning, making a sound similar to gunshots that naturally increased tension, was immediately stopped by other protestors, and he was handed over to Police. Footage of this person is widely available on social media.

It is not surprising that many of those at the protest site are now suspicious that a deliberate and coordinated action by external parties is being waged to escalate tensions and smear the protestors.

Given the enormous numbers of Police and blanket surveillance of the area, we’ve been advised they are tracking specific trouble-makers but not acting. We can only perceive their protracted inaction is at the bidding of the Government’s PR machine. Meanwhile, anywhere up to 10,000 people per day peacefully visit Parliament grounds to protest these mandates.

The person who allegedly sprayed a mystery substance into the eyes of three Police officers today was also a person unknown to any of the protestors present. He was wearing a face-covering similar to a ski mask.

The vehicle rolled into the back of officers was outside of the protest site (as were the other events) and in an area in which Police have jurisdiction. No one was hurt.

The leaders of the combined groups that comprise the majority of the protestors condemn any acts of violence and request that Police do more to work with them in removing known perpetrators. We also believe that subversive actions of people posing as protestors is an underhand and dishonest tactic that doesn’t fit with New Zealand values.

It has not been helpful today that Police raised with media the possibility for sexual assaults before communicating that to us and before anything of the nature had occurred at the site. This is despite a legal representative having daily and sometimes hourly contact with Police on our behalf for this express purpose.

We are increasingly of the view that Police are playing PR games – taking a leaf out of the Prime Minister’s book. It’s not drawing too long a bow to observe that it would suit the interests of both Police and Government for the trouble-makers to cause problems for media to report widely upon.

We urge politicians to reflect on a professional survey that revealed the majority of protestors are the exact opposite of “ferals”, far-right extremists and “a river of filth”. Of the 312 people researchers spoke to on-site over the weekend, 27 percent are Maori, and 45 percent voted Labour or Greens at the last election. See: RESEARCH: Parliamentary Protest Poll Results Feb 2022 | The Platform

Speaking on behalf of the majority of the groups represented on-site, we are unanimous in our commitment to maintaining a peaceful protest that does not support any violence.

Today, we have passed on our sympathies via official Police channels to the officers injured during the past few days.

*** End of Press Release***

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  1. “subversive actions of people posing as protestors is an underhand and dishonest tactic that doesn’t fit with New Zealand values.”

    Assistance in subversive actions from a large Pacific actor is as possible as funding from the same geographic area for the protest. What a wonderful world of speculation it is. Meanwhile, the protest will end at some point. How long will we be under this totalitarian jackboot though? A crisis will probably be designed to preclude elections. That would incite a very large convoy.

    • That’s precisely what Darth Klaus wants. An “angrier world” is what he keeps waffling on about.

      The more people (justifiably) lose faith in their governments, the greater the likelihood of protests and insurrection. A couple of years worth of misery and economic suffering, and you can ride in on your white horse called the great reset and “save” everyone with your digital currency and your agenda 2030.

  2. Would be good PR for the protesters if they could apprehend this ski mask wearing infiltrator and hand him over to the police. Looks like the police need a bit of a helping hand. And if someone got it on film that would go viral. Headline: ‘river of filth’ show police how to beat crime

  3. Maybe ardern and so her so called police corporation should just leave the freedom fighters alone they have right to protest by law! The ardern corporation continuously break the laws to suit, specially laws against humanity! Maybe arderns corporation should be more concerned about how many lives businesses and jobs, inflation etc, they’ve destroyed and not be to concerned bout the odd person complaining while walking somewhere or a couple of sheep businesses who are not viable, not that ardern cares anyway. Wake up people!!!!!!!

  4. Quote:”We also believe that subversive actions of people posing as protestors is an underhand and dishonest tactic that doesn’t fit with New Zealand values.”

    Considering NZ’s situation over the last couple of years, with the brutal unlawful changes (which, by the way, have nothing to do with health) enforced by our current tyrannical ruling authorities, and the wilful ignorance and blind acceptance by the people of NZ who submit to the coercion, and the lies, that are deliberately and unlawfully instigated by the government of this country (and countries all over the world), that the choices made by the people to follow the evil doings of the corporations and their leaders is deserving of what they receive. It may be to some a harsh statement for me to say that, but HEY, WAKE UP!! Would you buy a car before checking it out first?

    New Zealand no longer has those values that are befitting of a Godly nation. A nation at the feet of God bonded by love, entrusting unto Him our defence against the evil that now encompasses our country, and that our voices are heard as we humble ourselves before Him.

    And then there are those citizens who are not afraid to stand up and fight against the evil that poisons our country Those who believe in the good values that they were raised up with, and who give us courage and determination to also stand up for what is right and just. Our freedom, their freedom.

    It is written, “you reap what you sow”, and, to “overcome evil with good.”
    It is also written, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    My point. That there is only One way, One source of reparation and healing for this country of ours. The LORD JESUS CHRIST. Believe Him, if you will, because God knows and sees all. He who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them has control. Have faith in God our Creator. Trust and obey Him, Hes the Only way.

  5. The car driver was identified on telegram and he was at the protest over several days as shown on his Facebook account. I thought no one sprayed fecal matter, yet you all now claim this did happen and that he was in the crowd hidden behind another protester. You also claim the alleged spraying of an unknown substance at police, yet somehow have a description of what the alleged person was wearing, so they were seen doing this alleged spraying then? Just admit that not all protesters at the protest are peaceful. Stop trying to blame it on outsiders, when it is in fact some protesters doing this, and call them out on it. Just admit you can’t control your own protest. And go home. #endtheprotest

    • No point protesting now. Ardern and Ma Huta have turned their attention to the Russia/Ukraine situation. What New Zealand’s absentee government thinks of what’s happening at the top of the planet will surely turn that crisis around. New Zealand stopped mattering to Ardern a while ago. A chance to peek out from the curtain onto the world stage was just too good to miss. Meanwhile, Grant Robertson is trying to assure everyone except the protestors that the stage 3 of the omicron strategy will be started very soon. I hope the press statements reach the lawn somehow.

    • The definition of home from Merriam-Webster
      1: one’s place of residence
      2: the social unit formed by a family living together trying to make a good home for their children
      3: a familiar or usual setting – the focus of one’s domestic attention
      4: a place of origin – one’s own country

      THEY ARE HOME and they’re trying to make their home Good as a residence, as a social unit, as their place of origin – their country. They’re just asking for the chance to sit down with the leader of our National Government to have a civil conversation about a difficult topic.


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