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‘Drop the Mandates Now Jacinda’: Combined Parliament Protest – Second Press Release of 21 February 2022

Drop the Mandates Now Jacinda.

Full text of the second press release of the Combined Parliament Protest for 21 February 2022.

If Covid-19 is now mild, as the Prime Minister stated in today’s post-Cabinet meeting media conference, why do the mandates need to stay in place for even one day longer?

We don’t use mandates to protect New Zealanders from the seasonal flu, nor the common cold – to which Omicron has been likened internationally, even by the WHO.

Parliament Protest news

There is no evidence either that the unvaccinated transmit Covid more than the vaccinated. Not even the vaccines protect the vaccinated anymore.

There is now no justification for trying to ‘protect’ the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.

Jacinda, it’s time to put up or shut up about the evidence supporting your mandate policy. This government has failed to present its scientific justification for perpetuating a system of socio-medical apartheid against the unvaccinated. Hundreds of unvaccinated doctors, nurses, scientists, and academics in New Zealand have reviewed this critical information. Why does it have to stay hidden?

Today, the prime minister’s reflections on the protest in Wellington were predicated upon relentless, deliberate misuse of information about Omicron. She is more concerned with avoiding distress to the victims of her ongoing fearmongering. Politics, not health, drive her strategy.

We have a very serious problem when the country’s top GP, Dr Bryan Betty, admits to being much more concerned about the unnecessarily ‘worried well’ flooding appointment books of GP’s around New Zealand, getting in the way of things like routine cancer screening and follow-ups (Link to source)

Dr Betty even went so far as to predict this winter’s regular seasonal flu will prove more deadly than Omicron.

Those standing in the rain demanding their freedom back are now in a literal standoff with a government behaving like a bolshy teenager and unwilling to back down. The Prime Minister is so arrogant as to ignore an offer to meet from a highly experienced mediator with exemplary credentials. She has bitten off her nose to spite her face.

Meanwhile, the human rights of thousands of New Zealanders, tragically including their children, continue to be curtailed to an extraordinary extent. Forget three more weeks to the peak Jacinda – just one more day of the mandates is intolerable.

Our demands must immediately be taken into account. The Prime Minister’s barely concealed political objective of extending mandates simply to comfort the ‘worried well’ is utterly shameless. The overseas experience of Omicron proves people have nothing to be terrified of compared with seasonal flu.

A timely reminder to New Zealanders that hundreds of us die from old fashioned flu every winter does not suit the Prime Minister’s political, as opposed to health, agenda.

Government spin-doctoring works to keep New Zealanders believing that a single coronavirus death is a national tragedy while deliberately ignoring the real tragedy. As a result of the mandates, tens of thousands of New Zealanders are losing their jobs, being vaccinated against their free will, suffering worsening mental health and domestic abuse outcomes, and seeing widespread distress inflicted on our children.

It is a disgrace that not just Labour but all political parties in New Zealand continue to favour their own political self-interest over public health and human rights. Shame on you all.

History will show that the harm caused by the mandates will massively exceed that caused by Covid-19 during 2022.

Drop the mandates now, Jacinda, and get out of our lives.

***End of Press Release***

This communication summarises the agreed position of groups representing the majority people at Parliament:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • Voices for Freedom.


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  1. agreed, our choices for leadership were limited
    even Chloe captured discrimination thru a catch phrase

    but now that we have been busy chasing microbials as if they never existed before & flu deaths weren’t real at over 100 in 2018

    its time to shift to acceptance, grieve our losses and prepare for whats next cos its not going to be easy & we need someone with a brain & ears … too much to ask?

    for the hope of bringing adulthood to the table ????

  2. The one who has the biggest problem is Jacinda Ardern. Every step and move she and her cohort of ill-informed, soft-brained advisers and so-called experts have made was precisely the wrong one – destined only to exacerbate the problem whilst emptying the Governments coffers and beggaring the economy.
    Today’s Stuff headlines tell the story:
    “Jacinda Ardern says mandates will wind down after Omicron peak”
    “National calls for a phasing out of vaccine requirements”
    Big problem.
    How does a government (and opposition for that matter) walk the biggest closterfock in History back? How do they avoid going down in History as the most inept government in a century?
    Expect lots of “it would have been a lot worse if we hadn’t acted”.
    Things would have been Worlds better if they had simply announced “there is a bad ‘flu out there, look after your elderly and compromised”.

    • I agree with you Brewer but these aren’t mistakes Jabcinda and her cohorts made. This was deliberate planned implementation of Covid policy.

      The government deliberately chose Covid (a mild illness with a high recovery) to push the experimental drug agenda. That way it was easy to fool the public into attributing the jab was having a positive effect. All they had to do was cause mass hysteria and Kaching! Kaching!

      Our politicos turned to be the most corrupt and criminal like this country has ever seen.

      She will double down, not negotiate.

      • What an amazing 2nd press release.
        Beautifully put.
        These scumbags will get what’s coming when the rest of the people wake up.
        Good job. Can’t wait. Wake up people. Take off the damn mask and breath for godssake. They scare you, to control you.
        Fear stops critical thinking. Ask yourself does any of it make any sense. Read this press release again and again to help you wake up.
        Heads need to roll.

    • Agree, I can not believe how protecting the health And safety of New Zealanders, is not about protecting the health and safety of New Zealanders at all. But more so about actually managing the spread of COVID into and throughout New Zealand as observed through Govt media broadcasts, so contradicts protecting the health and safety of all New Zealanders.

  3. She won’t drop the mandates yet because not enough people are boostered. She is way down on numbers for the third lethal injection and remember the new world order is her priority here. Take heart everyone she is a desperate woman and she never anticipated this amount of pushback. Hold the line every day she becomes more unhinged. Gosh does everyone notice that she goes on and on and on but never says anything she cannot answer one question put to her. She dances her way around the media’s questions though I did think the smacked ass she got from John Campbell this morning was a long time coming

  4. The issue is, mRNA vaccines failed in phase 2 of research trials over many years never making it to phase 3. Phase 4 is when they’re considered safe and effective. No ethical Dr should EVER inject a patient with an unproven substance!

  5. Sorry for French,, I hope you can translate , informations importantes pour nous tous

    20/02/2022 12:02]
    [Transféré de Angelo]
    Copié de la page d’un camionneur…

    S’il vous plaît prenez le TEMPS de lire Ce n’est pas mon texte, mais parce qu’il est TRES IMPORTANT POUR NOUS de savoir… Je l’ai copié pour vous le transmettre…

    “Ce n’est pas le choix de Trudeau de se retirer ou de tenter de rester. C’est la décision du Forum économique mondial (WEF). Il s’agit d’une décision critique qui affectera le monde entier. Ce n’est pas une bataille pour le Canada seulement, c’est une bataille pour le monde. C’est le premier domino de la corruption et s’il tombe, tout le plan du WEF échoue car tous les dominos corrompus tomberont s’ils sont chassés du pouvoir. Les laisser au pouvoir n’est qu’un court répit pour le peuple.
    Franchement, le WEF ne peut pas se permettre que Trudeau se retire. S’il tombe, Biden tombe, l’Australie tombe, la Nouvelle-Zélande tombe et toute l’Europe tombe. Puis le reste du monde se joindra à eux.
    Le monde sain d’esprit est fou de ne pas faire d’Ottawa la colline sur laquelle il va mourir et de ne pas céder. C’est une opportunité inattendue. Probablement une opportunité qui ne se représentera pas.
    Les camionneurs sont vraiment l’armée du peuple. Où d’autre pourrait-on rassembler rapidement une armée aussi forte et jeune pour éventuellement affronter l’armée de la tyrannie mondialiste ? C’est une armée que tout le monde peut rejoindre et soutenir. La moitié de l’armée de la tyrannie mondialiste les abandonnera et rejoindra les camionneurs s’ils semblent réussir à Ottawa.
    Les camionneurs peuvent gagner, mais il leur faudra le soutien de tous. Il y a une fenêtre d’opportunité qui ne restera pas ouverte éternellement. Le temps ne joue pas en notre faveur.
    Le WEF ne partira pas sans se battre ou sans craindre d’être écrasé par ce mouvement mondial. Même dans ce cas, les membres du WEF auront très peur de finir comme Mussolini sur la place de Milan et se battront pour éviter cela.
    Je pense que les gens sous-estiment grandement l’importance globale d’Ottawa et sous-estiment la difficulté de vaincre Trudeau. Lui et le WEF ne peuvent tout simplement pas se permettre de perdre. Je crains également que les peuples du monde ne puissent pas se permettre de perdre à Ottawa. Ce sera probablement la dernière bataille des peuples s’ils perdent Ottawa.
    Je ne suis pas d’accord pour dire qu’il s’agit uniquement d’une confrontation non violente. Je ne pense pas que le WEF va céder à cause d’une longue protestation non violente de quelques milliers de camionneurs. Cela fait 100 ans qu’ils travaillent sur ce plan de tyrannie. Je pense qu’ils ne céderont que s’ils sont clairement plus faibles en force que l’Armée populaire. Qu’il s’agisse d’une confrontation non violente ou violente, le succès de l’une ou l’autre de ces méthodes nécessite une grande puissance derrière les camionneurs, avec une réserve évidente qui les attend. Cela signifie que le Forum économique mondial doit agir maintenant avant que l’Armée populaire ne devienne trop importante avec de fortes réserves. Je m’attends à ce que le WEF agisse bientôt pour écraser ce soulèvement. Il ne s’agit pas de Trudeau, mais du plan du WEF mis en place dans le monde entier. Tout le monde doit être prêt à soutenir massivement les camionneurs et à entrer dans la bataille s’ils sont attaqués.”

    Je demande de tout cœur que vous partagiez ceci partout où vous le pouvez, par centaines ! !! ????


  6. Ardern is destroying our beautiful land. Please people wake up.
    National Party John Key and Bill English took over our country laden with massive debt thanks to the labour prime minister Helen Clark and her finance minister Michael Cullen. National got a lot of that mess cleaned up.
    National won but Ardern joined with Greens to give her the coalition power and won all because Winston Peters was so short sighted and blinded by Ardern the pretender chose her instead of National’s Bill English. A newcomer deposing a highly experienced politician. Since taking power she’s wasted so much money and still does…businesses are nonetheless closing up. The country is a mess! She’s $26 million dollars richer suddenly and we are sure she’s sold NZ to USA and WEF and Bill Gates.
    Why is New Zealand so blinded by two-faced Ardern? Even the police commissioner her appointee is her cousin. We beg of everyone please don’t let Ardern and her cronies destroy New Zealand. Please let’s not be sheep ???? anymore. Please fight to get the mandates off and let New Zealand breathe normally again. We’ve always had viruses. Our bodies have always protected us with viruses throughout history. This is all political and not health issue any more. It’s all a big fat ugly lie that Adam is peddling to us New Zealanders. It’s got to stop. Please people wake up and fight to end the mandates. They are so wrong. Many countries have opened up. Why are we not doing so as well? Time for mandate to end right away now, today ????????????.

  7. I would like to congratulate our PM on being chosen as Employee of the year by the WEF. My questions are ” why hasnt the MSM not said one word about this?”
    Doesn’t this mean she is working for them and not Nz?
    When are you planning on telling the people of NZ that you betrayed them? You have instilled so much fear into people that they think you are protecting them when in actual fact you are distracting them so you can slowly implement the New world order and the United Nations sustainable goals for Nz where “we the people will own nothing and be happy” Well, you have failed because people are waking up finally.” You can fool some people all the time and all people some of the time but you cant fool all people all the time”

    • Anonymous, you are correct…she is working for the WEF….and not NZ. Hence her recent amassed wealth. Klaus Schwab obviously pays way better than the $480K per annum that ‘we’ pay her!!

      • Where is the evidence of JAs amassed wealth? I agree with your comments regarding her being a puppet of Schwab but I am cautious of allegations she is earning income from elsewhere without evidence.

  8. Elis comment translated into English:

    Copied from a trucker’s page…

    Please take the TIME to read This is not my text, but because it is VERY IMPORTANT FOR US to know… I have copied it to pass on to you…

    “It is not Trudeau’s choice to step down or try to stay. This is the decision of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is a critical decision that will affect the whole world. This is not a battle for Canada alone, it is a battle for the world. This is the first domino of corruption and if it falls, the whole plan of the WEF fails because all the corrupt dominoes will fall if they are driven from power. Leaving them in power is only a short respite for the people.
    Frankly, the WEF cannot afford Trudeau to step down. If he falls, Biden falls, Australia falls, New Zealand falls and all of Europe falls. Then the rest of the world will join them.
    The sane world is crazy not to make Ottawa the hill it will die on and not give in. This is an unexpected opportunity. Probably an opportunity that will not come again.
    Truckers are truly the people’s army. Where else could such a strong and youthful army be quickly assembled to eventually confront the army of globalist tyranny? It is an army that anyone can join and support. Half of the army of globalist tyranny will abandon them and join the truckers if they appear to be successful in Ottawa.
    The truckers can win, but they will need everyone’s support. There is a window of opportunity that will not stay open forever. Time is not on our side.
    The WEF will not go away without a fight or without fear of being crushed by this global movement. Even then, the members of the WEF will be very afraid of ending up like Mussolini in the place of Milan and will fight to avoid this.
    I think people greatly underestimate the overall importance of Ottawa and underestimate the difficulty of defeating Trudeau. He and the WEF simply cannot afford to lose. I also fear that the people of the world cannot afford to lose in Ottawa. It will probably be the peoples’ last battle if they lose Ottawa.
    I disagree that this is only a non-violent confrontation. I don’t think the WEF is going to back down because of a long, non-violent protest by a few thousand truckers. They have been working on this plan of tyranny for 100 years. I think they will only back down if they are clearly weaker in strength than the People’s Army. Whether it’s a non-violent or violent confrontation, the success of either method requires great power behind the truckers, with an obvious reserve waiting for them. This means the World Economic Forum must act now before the People’s Army grows too large with strong reserves. I expect the WEF to act soon to crush this uprising. This is not about Trudeau, but about the WEF plan being implemented around the world. Everyone must be ready to massively support the truckers and go into battle if they are attacked.”

    I wholeheartedly ask that you share this wherever you can, by the hundreds! !! 


  9. I agree. We the people must stand up for our sovereignty and rights as human beings and protect our freedom, equality, dignity and respect for one another. Stand up against the tyranny and cruelty of Jacinda Ardern , Trudeau, Biden, Morrison and all the associated governments and tyrannical players in the planned propaganda humanity take-over!
    All NZ Government players as it stands today are redundant in the rebuilding and repairing of an equal and unified Aotearoa.

  10. ????♥️
    NZ FREEDOM DAY is coming …
    St Patrick’s Day March 17th …
    End of Mandates, Passports, Masks, Fear, and Scanning. ????
    The government refuses to set a date for the end of mandates and ineffective Covid measures
    So …The initiation of NZ Freedom Day on 17th March 2022 St Patrick’s Day is to start a realisation that Kiwis can take back their freedom from government overreach over Covid.
    We can do together on one day what we cannot do separately on separate days.
    Pass this idea on to the nation so it catches fire and spreads between now and that day and leaves the government no choice but to back up, back down and listen to the people.
    Kiwis will unilaterally set themselves free from government control.

  11. Trudeau is going down and all these puppets of the elites.In the end God wins and there’s a divine angelic protection over the Freedom Fighters who would have thought that it would be an Army of truckers that would bring about Freedom to the world again and stop the New World Order agenda?God is good Revival is here hold the line Canada USA Israel Australia New Zealand and all nations.Woohoo.


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