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Confirmed: James Shaw doesn’t have a B.A.

James Shaw news

The Platform host Sean Plunket said a staffer at Shaw’s office confirmed to him over the phone that Shaw did not graduate.

Shaw’s university qualifications came under the spotlight this week via a series of Tweets by investigative journalist Ian Wishart.

Shaw’s LinkedIn profile said he had graduated from Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) with a B.A. degree. He did not finish the degree, but later went on to graduate MSc from the University of Bath School of Management in 2005.

Plunket described the situation as a ‘bit of a stuff up, a bit of an oversight.’ Internet sleuths also discovered Shaw’s profile at AISEC International listed him as graduating with a B.A. from VUW.

James Shaw B.A. news
Source: https://aiesec-alumni.org/james-shaw-profile/, 6 September 2023.

Shaw’s qualifications were one of the issues brought up by Wishart, who also accused the Greens co-leader of filing false pecuniary interest returns.

In a Tweet this evening Wishart confirmed Shaw had dropped ‘the false B.A. claim from his LinkedIn page.’

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  1. Who gives a hoot about some uni paper?
    BA = BS
    Universities are the very breeding ground for functionaries like him, who don’t know what ‘producing’ means, but have the arrogance to play ‘socialist’, distributing others’ hard earned money.

  2. Not good enough James, now prove you have that MSc from Bath.

    Also, he is fibbing about having not been on his linked in page in ages.

    And honestly, what sort of a bunch of people – ADULTS – who are supposed to be running our country need reminding to BE HONEST???? FFS awe pay these IDIOTS hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and they can’t even tell the truth?

    Time for a new governance system where people are accountable or they are OUT.


    Good work Ian Wishhart and Seam, now let’s not let this situation slide u til we have confirmation about the MSc because I WILL NOT take directions about “ckinate changr” from an uneducated LIAR. 😡😡😡

    • OMG DT! Can we get a bigger font for the comments? 🤣🤣🤣

      I just re read my post and the spelling mistakes are appalling! I meant Wishart, Sean and Climate Change- obvs 😂😂😂

  3. What a loser. When one has no credibility then make it up. Stand down for lying to the public. He is just another pasty white liberal.

  4. This is the uneducated muppet/liar lecturing us on man made climate change and the threat to mankind from farting animals. Throw a few solar panels on the roof of your garage to charge your battery utes he told the farmers on The Country farming show, trouble is there are few credible journalists challenging the BS because they are worried about loosing their cushy jobs for not following the Govt and MSM narrative.


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