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Consultation opens on proposed regulations to support the new Firearms Registry

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Police invite public submissions on proposed regulations to support the new legislation for the Firearms Registry – which will be in place by June 2023.

The registry will link firearms to licence holders and track sales of all firearms, parts and ammunition. Over time, this will ensure greater, centralised oversight of the number and location of firearms as well as who holds them.

‘This will help keep our communities safe while still enabling the safe use of firearms in our communities for legitimate purposes,’ said a police statement.

The Registry will help firearms licence holders buying or selling arms items by giving them certainty that the person they are dealing with is a current licence holder. They will also be able to check that the firearm is identified in the Registry and is a lawfully held item. This will support its intent around ensuring that only fit and proper people have access to firearms.

“The Registry will enable free online transactions, similar to other modern online services such as driver licensing. However, paper-based services for firearms licence holders will continue to be offered for those who wish to use them,” said Executive Director Firearms Angela Brazier.

“A stringent certification and accreditation process will be followed to ensure the highest standards of privacy protections and security of personal data and information are met.

“The new regulations will clarify the requirements for firearms licence holders and dealers to provide information for the Firearms Registry and specify how the information is provided. Public consultation begins today, and will be open for submissions for six weeks, until 12 October.

“We want to ensure the regulations are fit for purpose, and give interested people the opportunity to understand and shape the proposed regulations,” said Brazier.

The consultation will include the specified arms items and the details on those that are to be recorded in the Firearms Registry. It will cover the obligations of licence holders and those in possession of specified arms items to provide information, and the final date by which licence holders must have registered all their specified arms items.

There are three ways to send in your submission:

Submissions will be analysed and final proposals will be developed for consideration by Cabinet.

See the Firearms and Safety section on the Police website for further information and more on the regulatory changes under the new firearms regime.

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Source:NZ Police

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  1. Here we go, and they are calling it a consultation. Really? It’s their new game of snakes and ladders where every snake will eat your rights, and every ladder leads to nowhere. All this process is doing is to refresh their information as to who owns firearms and where they live, so when they are ready they can say you’re not mentally fit to have a gun when push comes to shove. This is the disarming of New Zealanders so we are compliant sheep. Nice try Mr. Plod but we see through your silly game. ????

  2. A while back we had a mass shooting in New Zealand when an Australian nut job slaughtered 50 odd innocent people. It was very bad. But the nut case is now in jail out of harms way, so that is very good. Anyway, Jacinda (before she changed her name to Jabinda) said guns are very bad and I don’t like them and good Kiwis should not like them either, so I will take them all away so you will be safe from any other nut jobs coming our way. And she did.

    I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in coincidences. Jabby (she’s Jabby now) goes on holiday to America and talks to lots of bright academics about how bad guns are. Then a few months later the President of America says, you are right Jabby, we will ban bad guns too, which he announced yesterday. And lo and behold, the following day the police in New Zealand are at it again. Coincidence? Yeah right. ????????

      • Have YOU seen the video?

        Imagine there were a few bullets travelling in the opposite direction. Imagine if victim number 2 had been armed, he could have saved 48 other people.

        But yeah nah, let’s add more bureaucracy and red tape. That’ll totally foil those goofy criminals when they try to register their illegal firearms!!!

        • If guns were outlawed, only the outlaws would have guns!
          This is well-proven with the recent spate of gang shootings / drive by shootings.
          & yet, the law-abiding citizen does not have the right to self defence to shoot back when life, limb and property is threatened!
          BUT WAIT!…
          The United Nations Charter (to which New Zealand signed on to?) gives nations AND persons the Right to Self-Defence under Chapter Vll, Article 51.
          Doesn’t UN Charter Laws and Protocols over-ride ‘Domestic Law’ for those Nations that sign on to the UN Charter(s)???

    • Yes, all of it. And it was right to remove it. And agree if the second one was carrying there would have been one victim, and Jabby would not have been a Muslim for a week.

  3. “A stringent certification and accreditation process will be followed to ensure the highest standards of privacy protections and security of personal data and information are met.”


    Remeber, there is no cloud. It’s just someone else’s computer.

  4. Firearms Registrations have historically been followed by Firearms CONFISCATION!
    Confiscations are then followed by state-sponsored mass murders, genocides and holocausts with holodomors weaponised to create mass starvations based on orchestrated food confiscations and shortages.
    It continues to happen under tyranny-based totalitarian regimes as seen in the not-so-recent past!
    This is what allowed the Nazis, the Red Terror, and most communist countries to oppress, torture and murder millions.
    Why? The population did NOT have their firearms to protect themselves from state-based ‘Terror Under The Law’ labeled as ‘Enemies of the State’
    The Russian and Ukrainian Red Terror of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s would never have happened if the agents of the KGB, GRU, SMERSH, etc. knew that the victims on the other side of the apartment door was armed!
    Source; Aleksander Solzhenytsyn!
    New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Canada and lastly, the U.S. are ALL in danger of a total Zio-Communist take-over IF they give up their remaining arms!
    In order to have YOUR right to own and keep firearms in New Zealand without legislated hindrances, you will need to vote for the Outdoors & Freedom Party, and for MP’s in your Electorate who are Pro-Firearms and are licensed owners of the same!
    Based on how terrible the Covid Holocaust and Genocide has been handled, ‘Firearms Registration’ promises to further erode our rights and freedoms to protect ourselves from harm- both from criminals, government, and Nuremburg Code-violating criminals IN the government!

  5. The last thing the government wants is an armed population capable of defending itself. They would prefer to keep the monopoly on armed violence to themselves, ‘for your safety’ obviously.

  6. Criminals tend to use weapons obtained illegally. This just comes across as yet another attempt to turn New Zealand into a banana republic style police surveillance state.


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