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Cost of living payment debacle: Payments made to dead people, Labour has ‘complete disregard for taxpayers money’

Cost of living payment news

The Government has today confirmed that its cost of living payment was so poorly designed it went to individuals who have died, National’s Finance Spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

“The cost of living payment debacle keeps getting worse and worse for Labour.

“Not only are London expats and French backpackers who haven’t worked or lived in New Zealand for years receiving the payment, but now it has been revealed that dead people may have been paid out too.

“Revenue Minister David Parker confirmed in Parliament today that some New Zealanders who have passed away would still have received the cost of living payment.

“This is a total mess. Labour has a complete and utter disregard for taxpayers’ money, not only spraying it overseas to people who are ineligible under the law but giving it to those who are literally unable to use it.

“While many dead people may have received this payment, many more Kiwis who actually need it have missed out has confirmed, with 800,000 fewer people receiving the payment than was initially promised.

“This almost rivals KiwiBuild for its level of incompetent delivery. Labour just cannot deliver anything.

“Labour’s cost of living payment was only proposed because the Government’s mismanagement of the economy has caused the cost of living crisis to keep spiralling. But the scheme was doomed from the start, with officials warning the Government against it.

“A National Government would have taken the much fairer course of simply adjusting tax thresholds for inflation, allowing people to keep more of what they earn.”

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  1. incompetent or purposeful destruction of NZ economy ,social structure, Nothing makes sense unless you look at everything thru the WEF lens. You will own nothing……… because it will be too expensive

  2. This is the kind of thing they are testing rolling out so they can install a UBI – they are trying to brainwash people. FREE MONEY for the inflation we purposefully caused. Don’t worry! The govt will save you!

    Well I earn under 70K, as does my husband. Neither of us got paid anything. So their system is a complete and utter failure.

    I don’t actually think I want their bribe/blood money anyway.

    I have heard of wealthy people getting it. Eg husband earns big $$, wife has part time job and wife gets the COL payment even though they are technically quite wealthy with incomes combined.

    Just an absolute dog of a policy and shows the utter ineptitude of this govt. I doubt National would be any better. We need to get a whole new system of governance and get rid of these current overpaid parasites.

  3. And also just what have labour delivered other than everything to the extreme opposite of what they said they would do. Jacinda and her bloody aspirations don’t put affordable rooves over peoples heads and food on the table.

    She’s a globalist puppet leading a group of enablers and useful idiots who have been set out to destroy everything that was ever good about this country.


  4. How is this even possible that utterly stupid and ill conceived policy was rolled out.

    Personally I suspect some creepy hidden agenda, such as the government announcing.

    ‘NZ needs a digital ID system to stop this happening again, it’s the only way we can tell who is eligible for a payment’.

    Government by subterfuge is how Jacinda Ardern’s government rolls.

    • Totally – it’s all on purpose. They are devious and sneaky anti freedom and anti personal rights.

      New Zealand is the Guinea pig country for the rest of the world. If they can get away with here they will try it elsewhere. We must push back on EVERYTHING.

  5. I’ve seen this movie before.
    It’s just the first phase of UBI, CBDCs, carbon footprint tax, surveillance and digital id.

  6. Jabcinda has made NZ a trial or launchpad for many of the woker agenda starting from jabs, abortion, digital ID, MSM bribing etc. Among the WEF graduates, Jabcinda’s performance is not bad and so she will be rewarded in the future in some Globalist organisation.


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