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Counterspin court appearance reaction, Kelvyn and Hannah address supporters

Counterspin Court news

A summary of today’s events at the Christchurch Justice Precinct, following the first appearance of Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer.

Updates courtesy of the Counterspin Media Telegram channel:

Executive Producers and Hosts of Facts and Evidence based platform ‘Counterspin Media’ Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer made a special appearance this morning at the Christchurch Justice Precinct.

Alp faces two charges with a penalty of 14 years and fines of $200,000 each.

Spierer faces one charge with a penalty of 14 years and a fine of $200,000.

They have been released on bail and are both due back in court on September 21st at 10am.

Kelvyn and Hannah are jointly charged with allegedly distributing a link to an investigative documentary on the 22nd February, deemed an objectionable publication under the Films, Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993 on the 23rd of February this year.

Kelvyn has also been charged individually with distributing the documentary and both he and Hannah are charged with failing to provide a reasonable excuse to assist a person exercising a search power when requested to do so under Section 130(1) of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 on the 25th August.

Hannah is accused of failing to supply fingerprints and a photograph, at Christchurch police station on the same day.

The pair stated post outcome, “freedom of speech is worth fighting for in this country”.

Hannah said “You as Kiwis deserve to know the truth about whatever you want to know the truth about.”

She said people around the country were feeling “disenfranchised and silenced”.

“We are simply trying to be a voice for the people. What crime is being committed here? ”

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  1. Open web and dark web are different for a reason. The so called distributed link is not hosted on dark web biut on open web because anyone can search using Google/Searchpage and find it. The dark web contents are not searchable and so the link plays a key role. Given that the link related to an open web page, a flimsy reason was given for the arrest.

  2. kia Kaha friends
    This country is socially divided and the left are trying to say the freedom movement are all right wing terrorists.
    There are definitely some radical people on both sides.
    always have been that way, look at history
    But MSM Is stirring up a hornets nest.
    The MSM will not interview anyone from NZDSOS for their vaccine damage report for articles go to their site
    I feel a huge undercurrent of suppressed anger here in our country, and if we are not careful could lead to more civil unrest
    I know this sounds a bit radical but it is possible.

    Blessings and joy to you all
    Stella CB
    From the river of ????love original protest

    • You are not wrong, Stella. There is a noticeable shift in the demeanour of the country, and not only here it is global. With new government measures being implemented in many countries a backlash is inevitable. But like you I hold the hope peace will prevail.. ????

      The LORD show His mercy to us all…

    • You are so right Stella. There’s A LOT a of very angry people out here. Our politicians will need security protection for life after what they have done to their fellow citizens. The media are right up there with the politicians. Absolute sell outs. I hope their huge pay packets extend to being able to afford personal body guards, they will need them.

      Big mistake to ruin peoples lives and then expect people with nothing left to lose to go quietly. Big mistake- HUGE.

  3. While I might not agree at times with their approach, I certainly agree with their thirst for free speech in this country. Hannah is a good, clear and focused speaker who tells it as it is. She is one of several female voices speaking to what matters here and now. If she is to pay the price for this it will be a staggering miscarriage of fairplay, and the trampling of an inate human right. A right New Zealand, not only signed up to, but campaigned for at the UN. The right to freedom of speech.

    These current procedings are clearly driven by the Adhern government. A government now under the spotlight and they don’t like it one bit. They last week illegally stopped a reporter from entering the country and now need to silence another voice opposed to their errant rhetoric. What staggers me most is I never, in my wildest imagination, thought I would be writing these words. It is a travesty.

    And where is Amnesty in all this..? I guess we will have to wait until this brave pair are behind bars. But having seen them fall under the bus of wokeness, I wouldn’t hold my breath…

  4. 14 years for sharing a link.

    To a documentary where people say words we don’t like.

    Jesus, these people are drunk on power. Perhaps more so than any other time in history. It’s painfully, painfully obvious they no longer fear elections. Wonder why ????????‍♂️

      • Aye, it sends a brilliant message to all wanna be crims. It’s OK to rape and pillage, but not OK to speak the truth. Am I missing something here.?

    • What about treason? Being an agent of Globalist and selling close to 10,000 hectres of farmland at a very cheap price in 2022, when kiwis cannot afford to own a tiny piece of land for housing, calls for life imprison in a soveriegn country. NZ is a colony of Globalists, and so treason beomes an act of “promoting” MZ abroard and gets a praise and rewards.

  5. Why is the treasonous murder promoting Dictator of a PM still wallking free????

    If either of these two brave courageous reporters are convicted and face prison time or fines,
    there will be outrage across the country.
    Because people in this country have had enough of the double standards, and censorship
    of information.

    The rest of the world will see this, we look like a laughingstock to the world, who mostly
    viewed that footage without breaking any stupid law a stupid PM popped up with at the last

    What right does she have to bring these laws in without public consultaton? NONE.

    She has committed so many Crimes Against Humanity, getting hard to keep count.
    One thing you can count on while she is still PM, her list of crimes will keep getting longer.

    NZ is turning into nothing more than a backwater island run by the insanely power hungry elite.


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