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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Covid-19 has given western democracies a bad case of dementia

Today Jacinda Ardern announced an end to vaccine mandates for just a couple of government departments including education, a decision that she was probably about to lose in court anyway, but she allowed private employers to continue to require vaccination for their employees.

No one already sacked through her mandates has to be rehired. The confusing traffic light system, mask wearing, hand washing, and general hand wringing is set to continue. Mainstream media bewailed the minor loosening of restrictions.

Democracy news

The level of government misinformation, projected through saturation advertising over two years, has cemented primitive fears. Predictably tonight’s Twitter was filled with thousands of paranoid parents who fear their children may now encounter an unvaccinated teacher. One said:

“Hell knows no fury like my hatred for the willingly unvaccinated”.

The NZ Herald inexplicably advised its readers:

“Most Covid patients in the Omicron outbreak are vaccinated, but that is no reason to doubt vaccine benefits”

NZ data shows the percentage of hospitalised vaccinated patients is higher than the percentage of vaccinated among the general population. But the unvaccinated are being blamed and hated. Why? Government propaganda and distortion of science is to blame for a lamentable level of ignorance and fear in a small country a long way from anywhere else.

Hard won rights are being forgotten

Perhaps employment ‘rights’ were not so hard won here as they have been in the USA and the UK. Maybe we have too few collective cultural memories of past struggle for recognition and fairness to call upon. Will no one stand up and remind us all that freedom did not grow on trees?

The problem is not confined to New Zealand. The pandemic has led us to forget how democracy works. The idea seems to have taken hold that, rather like a reality TV competition, there should be only one winner. ‘My way or the highway’ is the order of the day. Prime Ministers are flexing their muscles and telling us that they alone control the truth. In the background, pharmaceutical companies are pulling the puppet strings.

Historically democracy has had stakeholders. No government rules alone. Scientists and inventors heralded the industrial revolution which increased comfort. Doctors and nurses improved hygiene which helped us all to live a longer life. Educators, artists, and writers inspired the enlightenment. Farming efficiency nourished us. And let us not forget the sun, the seasons, the rains, the soil, plants, and animals; without these no government can function.

Governments are gathering more power to their inept hands

During the pandemic we have been treated like kindergarten children: “do as I say or else”. In fact, not even a kindergarten child should be addressed like that. In the hands of politicians, science has become dogma, and fear has become the means of enforcing compliance. This is a rather curious turn of events. Just when modern technology offers the means and prospect of greater communication and participation in democratic processes, our politicians want to control or shut down our conversations. And ‘social’ media giants are willing co-conspirators.

The courts, the independent regulators, the media, and the medical profession have all forgotten their respective roles. I remember Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice Denning addressing Birkbeck College commencement:

“Justice is what right thinking men consider to be fair between man and man and in these days between man and the state,” (please forgive his antiquated use of gender, it was a long time ago).

His emphasis was on right thinking. This was a time when speaking the truth was supposed to be of importance to those leading society, taking decisions, passing judgements, and offering advice. Discovery of the truth, both spiritual and material, was at one time the task of everyone.

Democracy has forgotten its roots

Now democracy truly has forgotten its roots—this is the stuff of social unrest and instability. This morning former Prime Minister John Key pointed out that no society can survive if it excludes a significant percentage of the population from employment and the economy, as Ardern has done. It should be obvious, but somehow it is not.

Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison, and Jacinda Ardern have demonstrated that they come from immature democracies. When these commonwealth countries loosened their ties with Britain, they forgot to strengthen their ties to concepts of Common Law which go right back to the Magna Carta when King John realised he had to rule with the Barons not over them. Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are not far behind.

Constitutional safeguards, if they did exist, have been ignored. International agreements forgotten, especially those dating from the second world war. Medical ethics abandoned. Exorbitant price fixing, as enforced by vaccine manufacturers, is taught in business schools as best practice. The most underhand of exploiters are lauded as heroic figures, in a culture dominated by the pursuit of money without morality.

Young people today want to enjoy themselves, they value freedom, they travel and realise that they have more in common with people of all nations, and less that divides. Yet leaders delight in creating division and demonising whole populations. Jacinda Ardern smirked when she conceded that NZ was now a two-tier nation. Our leaders are engaged in a psychological, ideological, military, and economic struggle in competition with the leaders of other nations, in a theatre far removed from and irrelevant to our everyday life.

The pandemic has brought out the worst in democracy. Now that it is coming to an end, it is time to regain our memory and reassess our priorities. Modern communication technology can be harnessed to extend democracy to be an inclusive process that echoes the voices of many. Centralisation of power has failed us. Cooperation, truth, and public service are the forgotten principles of democracy. There is no shortage of tasks, but lots of means to accomplish them if we reopen the door to rational thought, shared responsibility, and individual initiative.

It is time for democratic and constitutional reform and the restitution of rights of medical choice.

Instead our government has gazetted new laws to restrict the availability of traditional natural products and remedies. The puppet masters are still pulling the strings.

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  1. “Hell knows no fury like my hatred for the willingly unvaccinated”.

    Still got the sackcloth and ashes on and a bit psychopathic without enough rugby for distraction, eh?

    My daughters and most of their friends are determinedly unvaccinated. I’m really pleased with their decisions and their ability to wait this fraud out. Genetically undisturbed after this government has spent how much on covid adverts and a PM with UN and WEF affiliations has dumped people out of their jobs for turning pro-choice. Kindness redefined.

    A local supermarket sacked a small number of workers over a couple of weeks ago for not getting vaccinated. The staff had worn masks behind perspex screens for over two years and turned up to do their jobs. The jobs have ended but they’re still able to wear a mask there to shop. Now, there’s a sick joke.
    We can see the financial ruin throughout this country and the crippling damage bureaucrats can unleash. When the world crashes and burns two things will remain – cockroaches and bureaucrats.

    • Well said! I, too, applaud all the people, especially young people, who refused to get jabbed.

      Now we’re finding that the jab is not just unfit for purpose, but we are now alerted to alarming long term effects beyond even immediate side effects.

      As for the supermarkets, they need to be boycotted. The asinine manner which the supermarket owners enforced the mandates is beyond belief in a democracy.

      • Yes I thought it was quite disgusting to mandate people out of a job even when they didn’t have to eg supermarkets and retail.

        Oh well they reap what they sow. lost some good staff. I know of one retail shop who lost 6 staff in one go leaving them with 1 staff member. Two of the people who left had 10 years of experience (and the best salespeople who consistently smashed sales targets) between them in that one shop where often there was a high staff turnover. They got paid out collectively over 5K and now work across the road at the competitor. The stupidity is breathtaking. Oh well someone’s loss is another’s gain.

        • I agree with one comment you make, but in a different context: stupidity is breathtaking – especially from people like you who post extraordinary comments anonymously.

          • Clearly you have no idea how to run a business then love. Hint: you don’t get rid of your best salespeople over a something like a vaccine. (especially one that doesn’t stop you catching the thing, doesn’t stop transmission and is still under trial and with no long term safety data)

            And yes, again, the stupidity is breathtaking…..and more widespread then one first realises. ????

      • Fine, boycott your supermarket – I’m sure other local shops would welcome your support (and yes, we need to do something about the duopoly of the 2 major supermarket chains in Aotearoa). The vast majority of people I know – young and old – have chosen to get vaxxed against Covid (and other diseases) for the best interests of everyone, especially older and vulnerable people. Not sure why you’re so keen to applaud the unvaxxed. Perhaps because you’ve been reading too many opinion pieces like Guy Hatchard’s, instead of reading what the real experts say?

        • “The vast majority of people I know – young and old – have chosen to get vaxxed against Covid (and other diseases) for the best interests of everyone, especially older and vulnerable people. Not sure why you’re so keen to applaud the unvaxxed. ”
          Along the way my daughters have had all immunizations required but this one was a quick to market forced fix all that is somewhere between what seemed to be plausible in a public health context and what is clearly filling the needs of an agenda that governments were to follow. On that basis and taking into account that clinical trials don’t complete until 2023 for what we’ve all been so altruistic over – how can people declining to take this gene modification be anti vax? There’s my family history of taking vaccines up to now. The government pays for over 16,000 abortions in this country annually so they clearly understand the pro-choice logic. Will the time come when you do too?

        • Lulu, it astounds me that people (such as yourself) are willingly ignorant of the real facts. Perhaps you should do yourself and your family members a favor and read the first 7 pages of Pfizers ‘Post Marketing’ documents that the FDA was court ordered to release via the ‘Freedom of information act’. In exactly 3 months of releasing their Covid vax, it had killed 1223 people. That is their own figures in black and white for everyone to now see. Strangely the media hadn’t jumped on this & spread it far & wide??? Let’s wake up sheeple – there are many willing to compromise moral integrity for financial gain. I am happy to post a link to the ‘hard to find via google’ Pfizer/FDA report if I am permitted to do so but if you look hard enough it can be found.

          • That’s false Tony. It’s no wonder you’re so afraid, your gullibility means you will literally believe anything.

        • Again, does your vaccine stop you giving it to others? No. Does it stop you from getting it? No. Does it stop you from going to hospital? No. Please state the reason why you took the vaccine then? Also would you please care to post the link of the long term safety data for this ‘vaccine’? I am most eager to read it. So far I can only find the FDA document that shows the trial ends in May 2023 and some of the other cohorts (children, pregnant women and immune compromised people) the trials don’t end until 2025.

          Turns out us dirty unvaxxed river of filth were actually following the science and everyone else was following politicians and media.

          I wish you the best of luck though.

        • You are so ignorant……the majority of the unvaxxed remain relatively healthy, (myself included) and now there is more scientific evidence found in the Pfizer and MRNA vaccines that HIV virus within these vaccines along with metallic circuitry. Why do you think the population is pushed into getting booster after booster? First jab attacks approximately 50% of immune system and before it has time to rejuvenate, you get a booster that destroys another 25% percent, then another booster that eventually destroys the immune system completely then death is inevitable. Those who have had more than 2 jabs are the most at risk. These vaccines were “experimental” and the public were the guinea pigs. Wake up and get where the real news is and stop listening to the bought and paid for MSM e.g. Twitter, YouTube, CNN, Fox and our national news that got a 50M + payout for total “Gag” order from our corrupt PM.

          • I’m not the one who’s terrified of a safe vaccine against a disease which has killed 15m people. That’s stupid.

        • How do you know there aren’t long term effects? You need to look into the insurance data just coming out from the United States with a 40% increase in all cause mortality in the last 6 months.

          Do you know what genotoxicity and carcinogenicity is? I hope so because our medsafe document clearly states that neither of these have been studied. I mean how could they? The trial doesn’t end for the main cohort of people until May 2023.

          Why are we gullible? um, dude you were the one who took the vaccine and that makes you look like the gullible one. I sincerely hope that it all works out for you really do because if it’s proven the vaccine weakens peoples immune systems and causes other issues long term, then we are all in for a very bumpy ride.

          • You’re gullible because you believe anything, like that bogus insurance statistic, that supports your delusion. Your afraid, I get that, but you’ve been lied to. It’s pitiful.

        • Hey St Paul…..don’t know what planet you are on but I looked up the word stupid in the dictionary and lo and behold, your name came up as the definition!

    • Hi Daily Telegraph, I posted a few comments here today, replying to some other comments made. But my replies seem to have been deleted by the moderators. Why is that, please? I thought you welcomed polite responses?

    • Well said. People are beginning (some anyway) to wake up and smell the stink that this government is creating. I know of many families that have stood firm & not taken the experimental vax. Now with the release of the Pfizer Post Marketing data, they are well pleased that they stood firm. 1223 dead & over 40,000 adverse reactions reported as a direct result of having the jab – all withing the first 3 months of vaxing. Here is a link to the report & these figures I took from page 6 & 7 – https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf

      • Additionally, US health authorities have revised the actual covid death stats down by 70,000. The panic was engineered from day one. People died, yes. In 2019 over 500 in New Zealand died from flu and nothing was said then.

        • So, what, only a million Americans dead then? Forty flu seasons in two years. Yet it’s the vaccine you’re petrified of.

          • BS, million Americans didn’t die of Covid. It’s a virus which has over 99% recovery rate. Millions will die from the shots.

            Do you know much about this jab? This crap you keep calling vaccine. Tell us what your scientific understanding is of this cocktail?

          • That’s right St Paul, we are petrified of this vaccine, it’s more dangerous than the virus. I worked out my risk and I have a 0.02% chance of dying from Covid so yeah I am all good thanks.

          • Petrified lol. You’re the one living in fear from a man flu, just because some newsreader told u to go out and get a jab on the 6 o’clock news. What a poofter!! And you do realise those 15 million deaths are not actual deaths from Covid? They’re deaths WITH covid, check the wHO’s definition of a covid death – anyone who has covid regardless of cause of death is counted as a COvid death. This didn’t raise alarm bells with you? It means you can get shot dead, or choke on a chicken sandwich and if u have covid they count it as a covid death. So you sat there believing everything that came out of that little tv box in the corner of your room and didn’t even stop to think if it makes basic scientific or common sense. What a gullible knob

          • “Yet it’s the vaccine you’re petrified of.”

            Anything from Pfizer or Monsanto, I think there’s got to be questions asked. There’s so much history for those two corporations. In 2011 when we had the Rugby World Cup on here Monsanto’s Food Bill was quietly rushed through Parliament. The Search and Surveillance Bill was slimed through at the same time.

            When covid got here our government’s decisions along the way made sure vaccination was the ultimate – no way was rapid testing going to be legal until as much genetic modification of our population was carried out. Its not like anyone receiving this unknown concoction was going to be spared from catching or spreading the virus but panic had to be manufactured and stats had to be creative. Look how far out the “modelers” were with their estimates and how many millions it cost the taxpayer for that information. One thing’s for certain – if you’re any sort of consultant under this government you can absolutely cream it, from health to environment to iwi. It’s an open biscuit tin. Create your invoice and there’s your new Lexus.

      • Hopefully Lulu can read this link ok……up until now she seems to have missed it. I had this info shortly after it was first released late last year, well before the traffic light system that Michael Baker stated was to push people into getting vaccinated was bought in. I am so glad I read it then, and so glad that I also had the strength to go against the pressure coming at me from all angles because deep in my heart, mind and moral compass I just KNEW the whole thing stank to high heaven. I tried to warn my family but they didn’t want to know. At least my husband and son are still unvaccinated though. Together we are strong and we have also supported others along this dark road our government pushed the people of this country.

        The one big bonus is that I have realised all the wonderful people who think just like me are amazing people to be around. We are thinking people, we are strong, we are diverse and we have good hearts. So proud to earn side by side with these warriors.

  2. When a deep state exists like devil that denies its own existence, USA cannot be called a democracy at all. This word is being abused without knowing its real meaning. All polls done in the Western world suggets that not even half trust their government. Biden’s approval is about 30%. They try to salvage creating russophobia.

    Biden Admin doubling down on “new world order”

    • Yes, we are fast catching up with leaders like Key & Ardern who can’t bend over far enough for ‘Big Daddy’. NZ Govt is fast taking on communist traits while the people drink wine, beer & watch TV & sports. It will be too late when the sheep wake from their slumber. It is good however to see those that are standing up & speaking out – even with the backlash they suffer from the ignorant deceived masses & corrupt people in positions of power. We are not to give up our freedoms without doing our best to awake the sleeping. I think Edmond Burke said these words ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to remain silent’

      • Yes we haven’t turned on our Tv for 2 years now. It’s great!

        I sometimes feel like fashioning a tin foil hat to wear out and about. Haha! Most people don’t want to know, they don’t want to feel fear so they take the easy lazy option.

        Turning off the Tv has left me lots of time to search out information from medical papers and experts while everyone else is getting drunk or watching ‘puppy school’ and married at first sight….

  3. “Parents who fear their children may now encounter an unvaccinated teacher.” Should also fear the 50% of 5-11 year old’s unvaccinated? Though, no point stating this logic to the brainwashed, they are feeble minded and don’t comprehend. Remember, there will be envy, and jealousy, of the unvaccinated, when the penny drops.

    So, if you are unvaccinated, just say you are vaccinated.

    • Yip, this is what I’ve done for the better part of a year now. If I Just smile politely and say nothing while a client or co-worker are badmouthing the filthy, immoral unvaxed, they just assume I’m part of the cult too. My boss has been the only one to know where I stand, and I’ve known from the start he wouldn’t try to mandate me on account of the $90K monthly billables I bring in.

      What really got me steamed though we’re the team of quacks over at Auckland obstetrics, first nagging, then pleading, then begging, then very nearly demanding my PREGNANT wife take the jab. They sent her 2 emails a week on average for about 4 months, banned me from coming inside to sit with her through scans and check ups, and constantly hounded her about accepting the vaccine as our new lord and saviour. Jesus, even the day of the C-section itself we had a nurse trying to hawk it on us, advising that there was a vax bus right downstairs and we really should do it, for the children! FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

      Definitely makes my common sense tingle

      • Initially at my work there was a lot of coercion and lot of pro jabbers being quite vocal. Some even went to say they will get rid of friends who choose not take the poison. It was unbelievable stuff, people I thought I knew, were all of a sudden not not only strangers but people I needed to be careful off.

        The amount of disrespect and vileness towards the protesters was incredulous. Needless to say my relationship and my respect for these sheeple is only professional. I have no doubt they will be lining up for boosters and jabs, in fact some of them were falling over themselves to get boosted.

      • Well great that you and your wife are doing well – presumably you haven’t had Covid yet? And if you do, hopefully it will go OK. Presumably you’ve done your research about the greater risk of Covid for pregnant women and unborn and newborn babies. And what would you like to say to the parents of the otherwise healthy 2 yr old child who died from Covid in Australia recently? Remember, Unquaccinated, Covid is not all about you.

        • By far the majority of deaths are ‘WITH Covid’ Not ‘FROM Covid’ Our news reporters are very careful to always say ‘With’. It is the same for the numbers in hospital ‘With Covid’. Our very own TV-1 news (despite their blatant false reporting agenda) showed us that a man in Auckland was shot to death & later tested for Covid (which was positive) & was then listed as a ‘Covid Death’ because that is how our wonderful health system is told it is to do things by the powers that be, so the numbers look frightening enough for people to OBEY! https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/healthcare/new-zealand-man-who-died-of-gunshot-wound-to-be-recorded-as-covid-19-death-report.

        • Can you provide a link to the death of the heathy 2 year old in Australia.

          I find it hard to believe a healthy 2 year old dying of Covid which has a recovery rate of 99 %. It’s a biological fact that children have a highly immune system, much higher than adults.

          You are also talking about Covid being a greater risk to pregnant women. Where did get that info from, from MOH, the government?? Which studies are you referring to? Most actual scientist studies show it’s the Jab that is causing the problem. FDA and Pfizer was forced to release trial data recently that shows almost 1300 side effects of the vaccine!

        • Lulu – first off, thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated. No, we haven’t been unfortunate enough yet to have caught the “deadliest disease known to man in all of recorded human history (????), despite living in super-crowded Auckland, and having been to a number of places the media warned were “hot spots” and “of interest”.

          It all served as pretty compelling confirmation that my assumptions were correct; that Covid is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. There may be/may have been an actual virus distinct from ordinary seasonal flu, but a PANDEMIC it certainly was not. I’ve seen and known and talked to more people injured by the jab than by any virus, and (before you start furiously screeching about “credible” sources like you brainlets always do) my source is turn off your tv, close your laptop and go outside into the sunshine.

          The world is all still there. There are no mass graves, no piles of bodies being burned, no roving gangs of marauders patrolling Mad Max’s wasteland. We’ve been had, and deep down everyone knows it.

          Now laugh and call me an idiot because I refuse to ignore the fact that big government and big business got together and engineered the biggest wealth transfer in human history. Tell me the soaring inflation and fuel prices, the supply chain issues and the threats of food shortages either aren’t real or are somehow Putin the boogeyman’s fault, and not a DIRECT RESULT of switching the world off for two years. Do and say whatever you want to troll me, it doesn’t make me any less correct.

          RE the people who lost their child, I know nothing about that so I can’t really comment on it. Dunno whether he died WITH Covid or OF Covid (which is a point you lefties and your media idols never care to follow up on), but I will say that those poor people have my utmost, heartfelt condolences. The fact that they lost their child is terrible enough in and of itself, to try to use it to make a political point (like you’re doing now) would be pretty damn shameful.

          Understand that the natural parental desire to NOT lose a child is precisely what made us apprehensive about the jab in the first place. It’s what drove our decision making paradigm. We did not want to kill or irreversibly injure a child in a haste. It basically came down to choice about which threat we feared more: a supposedly deadly pathogen for which we’d seen almost no evidence anywhere around us, or a brand new medical treatment so good the government had to threaten and bully everyone into taking it. Given that almost every other vaccine on the market today is not recommended to be taken while pregnant, we decided hell to the no. FUCK to the no, actually.

          And it wasn’t Infowars or Counterspin or Daily Telegraph NZ that “radicalised” me. It was Jacinda and Ashley Bloomfield telling me that they alone spoke the truth, it was Facebook and twitter banning people Soviet-style simply for daring to ask questions, it was NewsHub trying to politically ruin the Coromandel Mayor and holding sting operations outside the offices of dissenting doctors so they could destroy their lives at the state’s behest that made me think perhaps your side might not really have my best interests at heart after all.

          Anyone trying to force me to put something unwanted into my own body can go straight to hell. My wife felt the same way, and I applaud her for it.

          And Covid might not be “all about me” as you say, but my body my health and my future are 100% all about me. It’s not my job to “protect everyone else”, I owe them nothing just as they owe me nothing. I’m not their father, I’m not their husband, I’m not their government, no matter how much the sitting government wants to guilt me into thinking I am.

          So take your empty shame words and go try them on someone else. Every time my beautiful, healthy, UNVACCINATED baby boy smiles back at me I know I made the right choice.

          That is all

  4. Why are we still denying that the vax boostered are over-represented in hospital admissions? It’s in plain sight! Is it too obvious or is the fear instilled through daily fear tactics and propaganda still controlling much of the population who haven’t yet realised that the unvaccibated teachers and others like them are less likely to infect their children than the vaccinated, if nothing else because of the sheer number of vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Maybe people have now become afraid of the truth and therefore want to cling to the deceptions because that may make them more comfortable with their decisions and help them to feel justified in unquestioningly following “the one source of truth.”?

    • Diane Yule, it seems you really don’t understand the stats. Why don’t you read accurate health reports and analysis, instead of very biased opinion pieces like Guy Hatchard’s? Then you might understand the vax boosted are NOT OVER-REPRESENTED in hospital admissions, the unvaxxed are. Covid, like most viruses and diseases, is much worse for the elderly and immunocompromised, they’re much more likely to end up in ICU and/or die from Covid. That’s why vaccination is best for everyone – to protect the vulnerable, many of whom can’t be vaxxed.

      • Sorry Lulu, you are completely wrong. Perhaps you should do a little more research without the mindset or preconceived ideas that ‘vaccination is best for everyone’! This is truly a frightening attitude – when those that ‘think’ they are correct, would have everyone compelled to do as ‘they’ wish. Have you done any research into how a communist country dictates it’s policies? Please check what Dr Robert Malone has to say about the mRNA technology. Dr Malone is the worlds leading expert on this technology – Why? – because he invented it! He is now not permitted to have a twitter account, his posts are removed from youtube, facebook etc. Simply because he is strongly against how this vaccine has been forced upon all those that simply don’t need it & in the case of children, he says they shouldn’t have it. Does this concern you at all? I certainly hope so. If you look for the info in the right places (no I don’t mean whacko tinfoil hat sites, but I certainly don’t mean mainstream media sites either) You will find the truth eventually. It is extremely dangerous to go along with the agenda of those that are a slave to money. There are literally thousands of medical professionals standing alongside Dr Malone & trying to be heard, but they are silenced by mainstream media. Check it out for yourself. A good link to help you understand what exactly is going on would be – https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/monopoly/

      • Dear Lulu, I reference my writing, I don’t see any references re your comments on the supposed vulnerability of unvaxxed people. My team calculates the status of hospital admissions for each day’s figures. Vaxxed and unvaxxed admissions mirror the population percentages. So not much effect there. Any differences are falling within the margins of error. In any case, the government recently said that 2/3 of hospital covid patients are actually there for other reasons. So as it stands today, the absolute risks of Omicron are very small indeed much lower than influenza, and the vaccine is not having any measurable effect on outcomes. I am not sure why you think that unvaccinated should not participate in the political life of the nation. That is quite an extreme view. Best wishes Guy

        • Yes thank you Guy. A lot of people also do not realise that every single person who is admitted to hospital (for any reason) is tested, so you are right, they may have a broken leg but tested postitive for Covid. Skews the figures in the same way the man who was shot and died was counted as a covid death.

      • Lulu, I think you have a hard time analysing data correctly. Do you know MOH deliberately itemises the non jabbed and non eligible together to give a false picture, looking to inflate the unjabbed numbers.

        What accurate health reports are you referring to, I hope you are not referring to MSM and government propaganda. Can you post some links that we can look up that proves these jabs are effective and have saved lives?

        Lulu, here are three facts:

        1. The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid 19) virus was never isolated. If you cannot isolate a virus, you cannot accurately come up with a vaccine.

        2. Covid has over 99.5% recovery in humans that don’t have an underlying issue.

        3. This cocktail you have been injected with is NOT a vaccine. Very far from a vaccine. Vaccines take upto a decade to get a good level of efficacy and very little side effects. If you follow science, you will know vaccines are not created overnight, like these jabs.

        People who are dying are dying from vaccine injuries and NOT from Covid.

        If you rely on what Bloomfield, Jacinda and co are preaching, you are going to be asleep for a very long time I am afraid. Can you recall anytime the government has provided any scientific (factual) evidence about the efficacy of the jab, apart from ‘safe and effective’ crap? It’s not safe and it’s not effective. In fact it’s bloody dangerous.

        Imagine a vaccine so safe that you have to be forced to take it. Imagine a virus so deadly, you have to be tested to confirm it.

  5. You said it well, Guy.

    My sense is that we won’t be regaining our memories, though. Most people don’t appear to care much for the lessons of, even recent, history – except as entertainment and interest value in, say, a Netflix series.

    It seems that democracy as we knew it in the so-called democratic West, is over. Totalitarianism’s increasing, justice disappearing, and cruelty emerging as the new kindness.

    I agree we need to reassess our priorities.
    And, I believe, also form strong communities of mutual concern and support, then effective ways of sharing and living together within/aside a centralised govt system of controlling people for its own ends. I’m not trusting, yet, that the recent lifting of certain mandates will be long term. If that ring of steel again tightens, and perhaps more rapidly next time, we will be less surprised and better prepared.

    Thanks for keeping the door wide open to “rational thought, shared responsibility, and individual initiative,” and all the work DTNZ’s doing. Very valued and necessary now.

    Establishing truth or facts through open meaningful debate and freedom of information and expression is almost shut down in NZ by our govt and MSM; through controlling the narrative and conveniently labelling then dividing people into ‘us and them’ camps if anyone disagrees with or opposes the govt’s intentions.

    I often think about how this time in our history and all of its operatives, each of us, will be written, thought of and portrayed in the future.

    • Guaranteed there’ll be a great deal of words that end in “…ist” and “…ism” when they talk about us in the future (there are NOW already).

      Sticks and stones

  6. The fall out from the Pfizer jab is still in its early stages. Wait another 6 or 12 months and the attrition rate could be tremendous from all sorts of events


    Agree that NZ is an immature democracy and the way the population obediently lined up for a medical experiment with no long term data was astounding; like lambs to the slaughter. How many did any due diligence into the vaccine – showed a lack of any critical thinking.

  7. I know Pacifica people who have an issue with the vaccine. They now get text messages in their language to come to church and get the jab!

    • Yesterday, on YouTube NZ, an advertisement played. I’ve never seen before. Targeted at and featuring Pasifica. Warning be wary of stroke, and explains the signs to look for and action to take. Issued by MOH, NZ Govt etc

  8. Guy Hatchard, isn’t it a bit early for the party political message? Our next general election is some 18 months away. Or are you preparing your followers for your own political party, like so many of the other antivax/conspiracy theorist leaders in Aotearoa?

    • Really, Lulu? Hatchard’s message hardly seems party political unless you and I aren’t reading the same article.

      Also, please stop naming people antivax or conspiracy theorists. Such a MSM- propaganda-informed view is exactly what divides New Zealanders and causes much unnecessary damage and hurt in our country.

      1. The Pfizer Covid 19 shot is not a vaccine – do some research. It’s an experimental, not properly trialled, mRNA gene ‘therapy’ that Pfizer, e.g., insisted upon only releasing data about in 55 years time, until their hand was recently legally forced. Why?

      2. Most people you term ‘anti-vaxers’ are not against legitimate vaccinations at all. You’ll find most have had several of these proper vaccinations, including letting their children have them. So that term simply doesn’t hold, except as an untruth and, those who use it as, nasty labelling.

      Coming to matters party political. For me, my days as a Labour supporter are sadly well over – certainly with those now in power. Due mainly to how they closed-mindedly handled the science around COVID itself, the mRNA injections and mandates. With their ‘dream team’ of spin doctors and paid-for media they’ve kept many NZers (who perhaps did not do enough of their own independent thorough research) largely misinformed – or at least uncritically accepting.

      Also, by shutting down all open meaningful scientific discussion and accredited treatment options for the best health outcomes for NZers, this govt then promoted themselves through their ‘preferred media’ as the single or only source of truth, and that the mRNA shot is, was, the sole means of reliable medical treatment.

      And many, naturally afraid, trusting, decent and well-intentioned New Zealanders believed them. Many took the injection only because they would lose jobs and, or, certain relationships important to them.

      Another reason I left Labour is how they treat, through negative and divisive labelling and blaming, all the thinking and highly qualified NZers with much scientific/medical training who closely follow the best available science, and based upon their findings decided not to take the COVID mRNA injection – either until trials are ethically scientifically conducted and completed, or perhaps not at all.

      You’ll find that if you do thorough research (outside of what Big Pharma and govts are paying massively to MSM to have people know) that those you now call conspiracy theorists will in time be proved right in the mainstream.

      What will you call us and yourself then?

      It takes strength and courage to swim against the current of our govt and mainstream’s present narrative. It’s much easier to float along with it until one finds it no longer holds them, or it’s taken them where they don’t want to end up.

      I certainly hope to find a party that’s truly respectful and caring of people, and of science by being open to establishing facts through debate, however contentious, for the long-term good of its people.

      • If it looks like a duck. You’re spouting conspiracy theories and doing your own “research”. That’s what conspiracy theorists do.

        • Do you know what doing your own research means???

          It means using common sense for a start. It means not being a sheeple.

          It means have a basic understanding of virology and vaccines. No vaccines don’t take 5 minutes to produce. It can take up to a decade.

          It means asking questions, looking at clinical data and trial data.

          It means acknowledging the horrendous side effects and death caused by the vaccine.

          You really haven’t got much of a rebuttal, have you?? Using buzz words like conspiracy theory, gullible and a whole lot of verbal diarrhoea that jabbed, boosted lot like you come up with.

          Probably deep down you are quite scared and probably giving your self an upper cut for foolishly being a big pharma’s guinea pig.

          • It means believing anything the internet tells you that reinforces your fear. It’s funny how all those violent protestors in Wellington got really ill eh? Counterspin was off the air for three weeks, and Liz Gunn is still sick. But yeah it’s a hoax, coz you’re an expert on viruses because of your own research.

          • Everyone knows, including Liz Gunn and Counterspin, that they’re going to get Covid. None of them claimed they were never going to get it. And they have proved it’s just the flu and nothing to worry about. Liz has got more balls than you. Everyone’s either recovered from it, or didn’t even know they had it until they were tested. But you fell for the fear propaganda and ran out like a paranoid pansy with a face nappy and got mRNA jabbed. You’re the one who’s fallen for conspiracy theories and it’s hilarious. Admit it. Everyone I know is jabbed because they were mandated. They would never have taken it if they had a choice and they’re all pissed off – three suffered serious adverse reactions. And guess what?? They all still got COVID!! Their 3 boosters didn’t even work! There’s two unvaxxed at my work, and guess what?? We haven’t got it! We’ve spent the last four weeks covering for the vaxxed off work. You have got to be special kind of idiot to believe this COVID jab narrative. But as a wise man once said, it’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled. Take your face nappy off and wake up!

        • I need more conspiracy theories because so far all my other ones have come true…..????

          Nah St Paul, we just prefer to spend our spare time reading science papers, and listening to highly qualified science experts instead of plonking our selves down and letting some journalist or politician or paid academic spout off propaganda in a 20 second sound bite on the TV.

          Each to their own I guess.

          • But you don’t read them and can’t understand them. You link to people who are misinterpreting them and treating those lies as facts because it feeds your fear. You’re being conned, and the people conning you are idiots. What does that make you?

  9. St. Paul, throughout this discussion you haven’t provided any scientific fact as to why the jab is safe and has saved lives.
    All you have done is disagreeing with people with your mumbo jumbo. You are accusing people of misreading.

    Can you provide an explanation what your interpretation of these data is from these links provided above?? Again please come back with some actual reasons not just calling people gullible and calling scientists and experienced virologists idiots? Can you provide the audience on what basis do you think these professionals in the field are idiots?

    Have you heard of VAERS or CARM? They are vaccine injury reporting registers. Do you know how many harmful side effects have been registered in a short period of time.

    You truly need to educate yourself.

    Wait a minute, your real name is not Jabcinda or bloomfart is it? Because you very much sound like them.

  10. I thought of replying to another saint appearing in the comments here, but Mark Twain advised, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

  11. Yeah, the dude is an obvious troll, probably an undercover Stuff journalist or some such., trying to muddy the waters and/or get one of us to tell him off properly so their inevitable hit piece can show screenshots of “aggressive” behaviour coming from our dangerously unchecked corner of the internet.

    We’re apparently all idiots for doing our own research and thinking for ourselves, because everything on the internet coming from citizen journalists and concerned medical professionals is apparently “fake”.

    Clever people only believe highly selective, highly edited talking points that come from international organisations with political and financial ties to big global government doncha know ????

    I mean, they have no reason to lie after all…

    Pay no attention to his sad little taunts, they’re as fake as the media driven pandemic narrative he worships. He’s just saying it all to get a reaction out of us, I doubt he really believes in any of it. No one is THAT stupid.

  12. How many times we have to point out the obvious.

    Coercion is not consent.

    Full facts were NOT presented for INFORMED consent. Experimental gene therapy and so NO one knows the full facts. It is up to the individual to make up their mind, and a mandate cannot be because of lack of full facts.

    All criticisms were ignored and critics were either cancelled or victimised by the mandates or propaganda.

    All these cannot happen in a democracy and only in a tyrannical state.

    (MSM) propaganda does not equal truth.

    The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected. Live and let live ffs.


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