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COVID Inquiry ’empty political theatre’ – Liz Gunn

There is now a substantial body of evidence, including data from Barry Young and documents from Pfizer, proving the vaccines are harmful, causing deaths and adverse reactions, says NZ Loyal leader Liz Gunn.

In a recent video announcement Gunn accused the Labour and Green parties of misleading the public about the COVID ‘vaccine’s’ safety and effectiveness.

Pfizer’s contract with the New Zealand government contained clauses that prevented accountability for the vaccine’s unknown long-term effects.

Gunn also criticised New Zealand First for not fulfilling promises to investigate important COVID vaccine-related issues and accused various institutions, including the police and courts, of complicity. The COVID Royal Commission will be ’empty political theatre,’ she said.

She also lamented the lack of ‘real men’ in New Zealand for not standing up to protect their families, as they had done in times past, and as they were doing overseas. She highlighted  the example of European farmers pushing back and standing up against the destructive globalist policies of the EU and their governments.

‘You will never see in-depth exposure of this vast overseas farming fightback in our squalid and sold-out mainstream media in New Zealand.

‘Our farmers are remaining passive and quiet.’

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  1. Liz makes strong and accurate points about how dangerous this experimental injection is.
    All the lies and propaganda need to be uncovered.The greatest insult to the NZ people at this stage is to have an Inquiry that is little more than a white-wash.

    • Whenever anybody mentions whitewash
      I always think of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
      Mark Twain
      One of His memorable quotes
      If You have not read the newspapers You are uniformed
      If You have read the Newspapers You are misinformed
      Which about sums it up

  2. After spending 20 years overseas I have come to the conclusion that kiwis are apathetic, suffer from tall poppy syndrome, don’t want to be seen to speak out or stand up and are happy to drop their pants for a nice rodgering from who ever asks them to. Apart from the small minority who do have some balls, kiwis love being door mats.

    • Midazolam is often used to make patients comfortable at the ends of their lives, including those who are dying of COVID-19.
      In the UK there have been over a quarter of a million deaths from COVID-19 with two major spikes in April 2020 and January 2021
      A spike in midazolam prescriptions for the elderly during times of peak serious COVID infections, many of whom have co-morbidities, is not to be unexpected.
      Evidence certainly does not show that the drug was used to kill thousands of people.
      The UK Association for Palliative Medicine has said that when prescribed and used appropriately, midazolam will not hasten or prolong someone’s death—it will just give comfort.
      In response to claims that elderly people were “culled” with midazolam, the Department of Health and Social Care has also said that the claims are deeply misleading and that the UK government’s top priority throughout the pandemic has always been doing everything possible to save lives.

  3. Yes we have been sold out there is no question of that
    From a whole line of treacherous treasonous self serving and self absorbed infactuated politicians
    Which persists to this day
    Which stems back to the 1962 International Finance Agreement when NZ was signed over to usury and the global mafia cabal
    Who in dereliction and failure to discharge their duties
    In a blatant betrayal did not and made no attempt to deliver on what they were in fact elected to do
    Scurrilous low life that needs to be weeded out
    I could go on all day

  4. Love Liz Gunn. My family are not vaxxed and will be over my dead body. And yes NZF have a lot to answer for, so much for promises to properly investigate the COVID debacle. As for Labour and co, I’d hope they never again see office.The MSM have a lot to answer for, too.

  5. Whether the vaccine is safe or not is one issue. In my opinion it is not the only issue.

    How the population were coerced into taking it is something else. We had the Nazis giving Jews “treatments” and I hoped we had learned from it. The Nuremberg protocols (written in 1947) specify that no treatment shall be coerced, and a treatment can be refused for any reason right up to the point of it being administered.

    People could not work or go out to various places unless they were vaccinated. Ardern wanted the unvaccinated to be a group of second-class citizens, an “Untermensch”. Hipkins wanted to hunt down the unvaccinated like the Nazis hunted for hiding Jews.

    They no longer say, “Juden Aus!” Instead, they say, “trust the science” and then coerce people with measures that could ensure you lose your job, your house, cannot buy food and end up on the streets eating from bins if you refuse.

    They presume that they can tell you what to do because it is “for the greater good” according to them. But who knows what the greater good is? Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mau, Pol Pot – they all thought they knew – and look what happened.

    Leaders should stop being so arrogant!
    Advise – yes.
    Mandate – no.


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