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Cranmer’s Substack: Govt ignored expert advice in kids and young person’s jab roll-out

Cranmer's Substack news

‘COVID and our Kiwi Kids’ is a two-part investigation into whether government actions in the mRNA roll-out followed the recommendations of its advisors.

The investigation is published on Cranmer’s Substack.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has constantly reassured New Zealanders that her government would be ‘guided by the experts’ as their ‘number one priority.’

The investigation analyses how the decisions made were presented to the public by Ardern, the then Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, and others.

The documents referred to in the articles are publicly available and show the government did not follow key recommendations of technical experts in relation to a series of mRNA decisions affecting children and persons up to the age of 30.

The author’s detailed and important analysis provides a chilling insight into how ‘communications strategies’ and reducing vaccine hesitancy took precedence over giving the public accurate medical advice, which in turn raises questions over whether informed consent can be given in such circumstances. Public announcements by Dr. Bloomfield, and others, on issues such as the recommended interval between doses for young persons contradicted advice from CV TAG, the advisory group which provides recommendations on the use of COVID-19 ‘vaccinations’.

‘What we know with certainty is that the Prime Minister’s claim that the New Zealand government followed the advice of our medical experts on these issues is not accurate.’

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  1. As Gerald Celente of Trends Journal magazine noted in a recent Alex Jones Infowars interview;
    “The people who are doing these things are SATANIC!!”
    He refers to those who conspired to enforcing the lethal bio-weapon Covid jabs, lying that the same were ‘safe’, and massively enriching themselves monetarily in the process!

    • Spot on it never was a ‘Vaccine’ it is a Bioweapon. It is time to stop being nice to Luciferian murderers these people worship Satan. The NZ Govt. crossed the line into mandating Genocide the moment they paid the first $ of ‘hush money’ to the parents of children who died from the jab. From that moment on they deliberately foistered a criminal deception upon the public at large. They paid off MSM $55 M to push the ‘safe and effective’ lie. Notice they did not mandate the jab for Parlimentarians ? that should have raised a red flag and sent alarm bells ringing on the first day. Then under the threat to withhold Govt. support they used Businesses and Corporations to push the mandates. In doing so keeping the Govt. at arms length. They were dabling in and enforcing Eugenics. This is a war crime. They have violated the Nuremberg Codes. They are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and we on our childrens graves must hold them to account.

  2. Jacinda is a duplicitous liar enabled by well paid ‘experts’ who are nothing more than useful idiots, as is Jacinda. Once she has obeyed her orders from her masters to destroy our country, she too will be discarded. She operates like Machiavelli, says one thing while actively doing the opposite. In days gone by, this kind of treachery and treason would be met with mob justice and the death penalty.

  3. How many of the people who gathered in Wellington last year ( and those who supported them)were there primarily because the government was pushing the mRNA shots on our children? The mandates for work and for sports and for Surf Lifesaving ffs? The mandates for attending university? The mandates to go to the pools or the library? Or dance class?

    It was bad enough them dismissing the side effects on the grown ups and refusing exemptions… but when they come for our kids…intolerable.

    For a product that fails to prevent transmission of a virus that has little impact on the vast majority of young people.

    They knew the Pfizer product failed to prevent infection, or reduce viral load in the vaccinated infected.

    And they knew these products carried greater risk than benefit for the under 30year olds.
    And they knew that extending the gap between shots would mitigate some of the risk.
    And they went ahead and ignored the warnings and deliberately put our children at risk

    And they called us ‘filth’.

    (Now watch our cowardly, complicit mainstream media ignore this. )

  4. In my view this government need to be stood down, the so called police and the judiciary (there’s a contradiction in terms if ever there was one) utterly reformed to ensure independence from govt oversight and control. Of course, it will have to get 100% worse before the blithe sheeple of NZ even raise a “baah” in protest.

  5. Cranmer deserves a medal, it’s an excellent article and a shocking indictment on Ardern, Bloomfield and other top level health bureaucrats, and the lamestream media

  6. “…how ‘communications strategies’ and reducing vaccine hesitancy took precedence over giving the public accurate medical advice…”
    In other words she deliberately misled the public so they would do something to themselves which may be harmful to them. Add this to the fact that she introduced coersive workplace legislation to bully/force those she could not dupe into it, to take it.
    I think we now have ample proof that a crime has been committed and is still in progress.
    Now we need line of sight to her personal finances including who paid her 90K USD p/a WEF membership all the way back when she was a backbencher.
    Furthermore who fiances Medsafe? All their website discloses is “health practitioners”. Technically Big Pharma are also “Health Practitioners”…

  7. Australian doctors have received a letter informing them that when the Morrison government indemnified Big Pharma from the shots they forgot to indemnify the doctors and medical staff that administered them and now those doctors can be sued for malpractice, somehow I can see planes full of doctors heading out of Dodge in the near future.

  8. I see Jabcinda is standing down effective 7 February. This tells me she wont be able to defend her lies in the upcomming election. What about the othe WEF lapdogs? Luxon and co

  9. WOW …just read part one, SHOCKING. What a bunch of liars. What were they trying to prove. NZ trying to impress the world, risking our children’s lives. Disgusting! God knows I feel so angry. Where is justice ?

    • I think the stories of the 35 pregnant women that were not allowed back into the country during the lockdowns is her undoing. Their babies now have their citizenship status in limbo. This is the one atrocity she cant come back from. The story of these women is about to break this week. The woman with her baby stuck in Afghanistan is particularly poignant. She had to ask the Taliban for help. – FFS.

  10. Thank you DTNZ for being a great hub to link us to varied info. Had wondered at the PMs resignation timing. Part 1 of article posted 16 Jan part 2 posted 17 Jan. PM resigns 19 Jan. Think the PM was “tanked” by the revelations in the article. It reveals who knew what and when and the two Drs and Govts inability to follow both the science and the advice their own tactical advisory committee gave them. Our PM would have been made aware of the articles. Yes, its no wonder why it all became too much.

  11. The UK government did exactly the same thing and went against the safety advice of the JVCI and decided to jab all the kids.

    It’s downright sinister.

    This requires an immediate criminal investigation.


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