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Davidson blames shock of motorcycle accident for ‘white male cis’ comment

The Greens co-leader is facing calls for her to be sacked from ACT Party leader David Seymour.

Davidson was asked by Counterspin Media on Saturday what she thought about Posie Parker being violently assaulted and ‘having what looked like tomato sauce being tipped all over her?’

Davidson responded with a monologue about trans rights and accused ‘white cis men’ of perpetrating all the violence in the world’.

In responding to the backlash, Davidson told legacy media she was ‘not as clear in my comments… as I should have been. I should have made clear in my comments that violence happens in every community.’

She blamed an earlier alleged motorcycle incident for the brain-fade, telling media she was hit by one while on a pedestrian crossing.

‘The person who hit me was part of a convoy of motorcyclists’, she told legacy media. It was shortly after that that she was questioned by Counterspin.

ACT Party leader David Seymour said Davidson should resign, citing the Cabinet Manual, which says ‘Ministers are expected to… behave in a way that upholds, and is seen to uphold, the highest ethical standards. This includes exercising a professional approach and good judgement in their interactions with the public and officials, and in all their communications, personal and professional.’

However there are claims on social media the Counterspin video was recorded before the alleged motorcycle incident.

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  1. davidson you are an embarrassment both to tangata whenua and FEMALES. typical government changing the narrative – I call liar!

  2. Marama Davidson is undeniably both racist and sexist.

    She clearly judges others by the colour of their skin and gender.

    It’s concerning that bigots like this have top paying government jobs. She should resign from politics and retire from public life.

  3. That half-assed non-apology was a cup of weak tea as expected. She wasn’t “confused” from any exaggerated accidents.


    She chose her words intentionally and meant what she said.

    White people are the only race everyone else is allowed to openly hate with reckless abandon. The butt of every joke, the scapegoat for every problem.

    Go on and post “f*ck white people” on any website. No one will kick you off of social media, or fire you from your job or destroy your life. REAL hate speech, REAL intolerance and REAL systemic racism are the theme this decade! And it’s catching on everywhere.

    And I’m supposed to teach my two small children not to see colour, to be oblivious as lambs to the slaughter to all the jealous indoctrinated simpletons around them who want to see them beaten and murdered?

    This racist toad needs to walk her fat f*cking arse into oncoming traffic.

  4. Proud to be cis – ie normal. The ridiculous language around woke ideology is completely anti-Christ. The whole transgender nonsense comes straight out of the pit of hell.

    • Don’t buy into their cancelling language.

      Trans women are men in dresses. They only hate women because we are something they will never be. FACT.

      And we don’t want them in our loos, sports or cancelling our freedom of speech. They can F off and do their own work to get their own spaces. Stay out of our spaces and stay away from our kids.

  5. What a flipping LIAR. Hannah from Counterspin filmed the racist tirade AFTER Davidson had left Albert Park at approx 12.30pm (how do we know it was after? Because Hannah mentioned the tomato sauce incident). Davidson obviously then made her way to the Brian Tamaki gathering where she was filmed taking a selfie as she was hit by the motorcycle. She was then taken to hospital.

    So, to recap, we know she was in hospital right? Because the Greens tweeted about it, so why would you be hit by a motorcycle, go the hospital and THEN go to the Posie Protest? Davidson was hit AFTER leaving Albert Park. Therefore the racist tirade was BEFORE the motorcycle incident. Davidson cannot excuse her racist behaviour and she is lying about the facts and timeline.

    Davidsons a liar, The Greens are Liars, Hipkins is covering for Davidson, that makes him a liar too, the police are fricken useless, the race relations commissioner is a racist against people with white skin and the Mainstream media is covering for the lot of them.

    Let’s face it, the Greens and Labour are just a gaggle of people of a certain sexual persuasion and their useful idiots. Perverted to the core in every essence of their being, it’s so obvious now. Not ONE has questioned the violence meted out on women the other day. NOT ONE.

    I actually used to not care what people’s sexuality was, but recent behaviour by Matty McClean, Shaneel Lal, Jack Tame, Lloyd Burr, most of the Green Party and Michael Wood and even Chris Hipkins has left me wondering if there really is a problem with homosexuality and their view of the world that the rest of us seem to live in??? Honestly the pendulum has swung too far this time and any perceived gains the ‘rainbow’ community may have had has been set back 10 years or more. It’s a massive own goal. In fact, this may be irreparable. Plus more people have woken up to the madness. They can’t lie their way out of this one.

    I certainly won’t be tolerating any of this bullshit anymore. I am mad as hell about it. Women don’t have penises and anyone with a penis is NOT welcome in Ladies bathrooms. THATS how it is. FACT. I am sick to the gunnels of having women’s speech, voices and opinions shut out and cancelled. The worst culprits are those simpering racists and brain dead useful idiots like Marama Davidson. This is her Meteria Turei Moment. You are the weakest link Marama- GOODBYE.

    If you’re gay then fine, just live your life and shut up about it already NO ONE CARES what you do in ya friggin bedroom FFS! An don’t dress like a weirdo and then complain when people stare at you. If you don’t want attention don’t draw attention to ya self! DOH

    Any organisation supporting this rainbow tick nonsense I am BOYCOTTING from now on. People should be employed or accepted on their merits and personal attributes NOTHING ELSE.

    Finally I want to say this to our men in this country. Our husbands, brothers, Dads Uncles, nephews etc. GROW SOME BALLS and start sticking up for the women in your lives. You can bet your bottom dollar the Mob from the other day wouldn’t have challenged a front row of rugby players, builders, hunters and bushmen. That’s a FACT. Get your priorities right.

    • Yes, you nailed it.

      These highly suspect twisted zealots are corrupt communists masquerading as ‘normal’ people.

      ‘The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah’ springs to mind, and I’m not even a Christian.

      As a father of a three year old, we need to protect the children from these hideous ghastly perverts.

  6. Blokes wearing dresses beating up women for daring to speak about women’s rights.

    New Zealand has become a perverse inversion of tolerance and decency, all thanks to an immoral woke captured MSM and creepy corrupt government.

  7. It’s very obvious that Marama Davidson had not just been hit by a motorbike.

    What absolute BS!

    I genuinely wonder how many people actually believe Marama Davidson’s grotesque theatre of lies and psychopathy.


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