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DemocracyNZ makes gains in latest Taxpayers’ Union Curia poll

The party registered 1.6% in April, up 1.1% on the previous poll.

The result puts DemocracyNZ just 0.1% behind the New Conservatives, and double the support of the TOP party.

Labour and National are equal on 37%. ACT is up 1 percent to 10, and the Greens up 1 to 7.

The Maori Party and NZ First registered 2.9 and 2.6 percent respectively.

DemocracyNZ leader Matt King tweeted the poll ‘has us on the right trajectory.’

Translated into seats on the basis that incumbents retain theirs, the result means Labour would have 48 seats in the House, National 47, ACT 12, the Greens 9 and the Maori Party 4.

However, King is a good chance to win back the Northland seat which he held previously with National. If that were the case the dynamic would change significantly.

‘For the first time since August 2022, the Centre-Right cannot form government on its own and neither bloc has a majority. This means that the Māori Party holds the balance of power,’ wrote Callum Purves on the Taxpayer’s Union website.

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  1. NEVER forget that ALL parties in parliament forced YOU to give up your freedom and autonomy of your health. ALL OF THEM!
    It might feel quite depressing to see over 90% of people being sheeple. However, just wait when the SHTF, coming to a locality near you. When the herd realizes how they -and especially their kids- have been farmed, there will be a stampede.
    To be sure: All the splinter parties need to leave ideology, dogma, religion and tenets behind (for now) to form an ACTION coalition to get the current lot out of power. We will only vote for such a coalition. Anything else is just again a club of egomaniacs.
    Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!

  2. We need all the minor parties to heal their differences and become one coalition or we don’t stand a shit show of changing the dynamic. The bottom 4 parties don’t even equal the nutty greens, so how do you think just one of these parties is going to make the necessary changes we need so we can bring the corrupt national, and labour/greens to account for their crimes against humanity court trials for their disgusting behavior during the covid scam which they are all complicit. WE HAVE TO GET THESE WEF PAID PUPPETS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Kiwis need to realize these pricks are at war with us. Politician’s work for the people. When the government fears the people you have democracy, when the people fear the government you have tyranny. Your choice wake up people

  3. The only way we can vote ourselves out of the hell we are in is to ditch all the politicians who stood behind the curtains at the windows of the Beehive and looked down on protestors, that River of Filth, sneering at them before sending in the police. All of them. Including David Seymour – he was there – and the Greens, who must be the most devious, dishonest, public purse pillaging gang of hypocrites ever spawned in politics. Remember that Golriz Ghahraman trained in the same Schwab pit as Ardern. If they get in again, voting at 16 will be put in place to ensure they never get put out again. And Golriz will take the place of James Shaw. Because that’s what it’s all about. The controllers aren’t too worried about the smaller parties, except NZ First. Just watch the MSM and the trolls go for Winston Peters. They fear him more than anyone else because they know he is actually the only one who knows enough to stop them in their tracks.

    • If Winston is a real man, he would join -and quite likely be a big part of- the ‘resistance’. Alas, he has been a chimera between a weasel and a chameleon, and all the nice words and comments he utters now will not IMO make him believable again.

  4. Until the Minor Political Parties can stop their ‘minor’ differences and come together as a coalition, you will continued to be offered the same two-party tripe that give you a false sense of…’choice’!
    And…the MSM will viciously attack the Alternative Minor Political Parties while fawning over the WEF / NWO / Masonic-influences and policies that National and Labour are touting and enforcing via totalitarian methodologies!


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