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Distinguished scientist pens letter to Ardern govt: mRNA jabs have caused ‘Irreparable vaccine-induced harm’

Dr. Charlton Brown news

The letter from Dr. Charlton Brown was shared by Dr. Robert Malone on his SubStack today.

Dr. Brown is a distinguished scientific researcher. Malone was one of the key scientists in the development of mRNA vaccines and a world authority on them. The two have known each other for decades, and Malone was not aware Brown was conducting a statistical analysis on the mRNA jabs, or that he was quietly working on research which demonstrated beyond doubt the extreme risks of mRNA vaccines, until today when Brown asked Malone to share the results.

The results take the form a letter addressed to the Prime Minister and all Ministers of New Zealand. The letter is titled, ‘Open Letter & Evidentiary Document sent to the New Zealand Prime Minister and all Ministers: COVID-19 negative vaccine effectiveness and harm evidence in New Zealand and overseas.’

It makes shocking reading, and begins:

‘In this Open Letter and evidentiary document, I share my research results on overseas government and Ministry of Health (MoH) [ie. New Zealand Ministry of Health] COVID-19 vaccine surveillance and pharmacovigilance data indicating irreparable vaccine-induced harm. Furthermore, I share important evidence that SARS-CoV-2 originated from gain-of-function research, remind you that no evidence exists for an animal-to-human origin, and highlight that its potential source lay beyond Wuhan, China.’


  • The statistical biases evident in the Ministry of Health and other healthcare agencies’ calculable unvaccinated COVID-19 case rates essentially eliminated the negative vaccine effectiveness harm signal from ready public view.
  • According to New Zealand, England, Scotland, and Canada healthcare agencies and Global surveillance data (77 nations), these vaccines failed to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection as initially touted. Significant negative vaccine effectiveness and vaccine failure were evident with the emergence of antigenically distinct strains (i.e., Delta, Omicron).
  • One year of US lot-numbered COVID-19 vaccine-associated deaths and hospitalizations equaled 32x (Comirnaty 15.4x) and 20x (Comirnaty 10.5x) of all previous combined US vaccine-associated deaths and hospitalizations, respectively.
  • These adverse outcomes were highly skewed and peaked across vaccine lots and were associated with a minority of lots sent to a larger number of US States. This data highlights that there was an urgent need for investigation by the US and other regulatory and healthcare agencies before expanded population use.
  • A vast chasm exists between the vaccine safety and efficacy experienced in 2021-2022 and the falsifiable 95% vaccine efficacy and safety proclaimed by governments, including New Zealand.
  • Pfizer struggled to cope with the sheer volume of Comirnaty adverse event reports in the first 90 days post-launch. This was uncharacteristic of a safe vaccine.
  • Numerous vaccine-associated enhanced disease mechanisms are evident by which vaccine spike proteins can cause disease or exacerbate comorbidities common to severe COVID-19 outcomes.
  • Of grave concern for global public health is a gain-of-function origin to SARS-CoV-2 as indicated by its spike protein incorporating human infectivity and pathogenicity enhancing features unprecedented in nature while synthetic biology left its fingerprints.
  • There is no evidence supporting a Wuhan Huanan market zoonosis because no virus progenitor or animal host was ever identified.
  • The world will be left vulnerable to future pandemics if there was no accidental release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 
  • At least two other potential SARS-CoV-2 origins exist beyond Wuhan, with one of these potentially involving a WHO, Five Eyes, and NATO-spearhead member nation connected with Ukraine.
  • The US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding of EcoHealth Alliance (EHA, $69 million) and its connections one-degree-removed were scrutinized because EHA’s leader led a failed attempt to cover up SARS-CoV-2’s gain-of-function origin.
  • Besides EHA’s long-standing collaborations with two coronavirus gain-of-function research epicenters in the USA and China, it had another with Metabiota. Metabiota’s Series-A lead investor was a Hunter Biden part-owned investment firm.

Dr Brown concludes his letter as follows:

You are requested to investigate:

  • the New Zealand and overseas evidence for negative vaccine effectiveness, vaccine failure, and toxic vaccine lots,
  • the statistical biases evident in the MoH and other healthcare agencies’ calculable unvaccinated COVID-19 case rates, which essentially eliminated the negative vaccine effectiveness signal,
  • the role of COVID-19 vaccination in exacerbating comorbidities most frequently associated with serious-severe COVID-19 outcomes,
  • SARS-CoV-2’s gain-of-function origin while internationally championing a punitive global ban on gain-of-function R&D, and
  • the conduct of the WHO during COVID-19 linked to seven critical points detailed in section 2.7.

Would you please ensure New Zealanders are updated on their recently acquired life-long health risks and that informed consent guidelines associated with COVID-19 vaccination be urgently amended?

Would government please prioritize clinical research into COVID-19 antibody-dependent enhancement of virus infection, vaccine-associated enhanced disease, and antigenic imprinting in the New Zealand population?

Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Carlton Brown – BVSc (1986, Massey University), MBA (1997, London Business School). Former CEO and co-innovator at Immune Targeting Systems Ltd (UK), “Vaccines for Mutating Viruses.”

Read Dr. Brown’s full letter here. Read Dr. Malone’s SubStack here.

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  1. They all know, but they are protecting their own backsides.
    They need to be prosecuted and convicted of crimes against humanity.
    Starting with Jacinda Ardern.

    • …including the Health Boards and right down to your ‘normal’ sycophant family doctor who sent you txts to get vaxxed, way after vaxx side-effects and inefficacy was documented. Never forget: they ALL made huge profits. And their oath of Hippocrates turned into hypocrisy. I will never trust any health professional again.

      • I agree, the medical profession’s credibility is destroyed. One can NEVER trust them again.
        Everyone from Jabinda right down the corporate managers who forced their staff to get vaxxed, must be prosecuted.

        • nothing new about medical ” doctors”.
          A mafia only concerned with their own privileges. After a medical error, a team of 18 doctors tried to have me declared ” insane” so as to be able to drug me. Being a foreigner in the european ” democratie” i live in saved me ( my passport). And i had to go to a neighbouring country for treatment.
          They can act likwise because there is a judiciary cover up where the state is involved. Beneficiaries are the ( private) insurance companies and their stock holders.

    • This is Dr. Carlton Brown author of that Open Letter and Evidentiary Document and NZ resident. Public notification of that Royal Commission Inquiry was made within 12 hours of Prime Minister Ardern, Ministers, MPs, MoH Executive, MoH Advisory Groups, CARM, Coronoers, Judges, and more than 1,000 academics in related fields being in receipt of that Open Letter. Someone must be held accountable for hiding the evidence of vaccine-induced harm via the biases introduced by MoH statisticians. The world is going to awaken to the fact it was GENOCIDED and WHO Member States governments were either knowingly or ignorantly-unwittingly complicit. It was scientifically OBVIOUS to one expert in coronavirus vaccine immunology and regulatory directed R&D processes that antibody-dependent enhancement, vaccine-associated enhanced disease, and antigenic imprinting would ensue with vaccination and upon the emergence of new strains. The fact statisticians hid this from view should make the public VERY SUSPICIOUS on intent. Get the document and read more of my activism at https://grandsolarminimum.com/articles-emails-activism/

  2. As much as I commend this letter, they wont care, if they even read it, they need to be taken to court or a tribunal for human rights violations or they will just do this again and maybe even worse. How about we start with The People of NZ Vs Jacinda globalist puppet and move on from there.

  3. I agree with Winston – they wont read it. Even if they do they wont understand it and it will go into the bin. What about National and Act? they also should be getting a copy
    Under the new rules, if we speak out we will be labelled a terrorist!

    • National / Act / Greens / name any party they said nothing while all this was going on, they also should have to face the tribunal at some point as well as the main stream media which still to this day for many and varied reason not just limited to Covid lie to the people of this country.

  4. Well, in New Zealand the sheep protested and there was violence over one Freemason murderer, named Nelson Mandela (the first name should really have been a clue). It will be interesting to see if they protest in such great numbers against these Freemason murderers.


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