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Facebook censorship in the spotlight again

Facebook censorship news

Two recent high profile cases demonstrate the ailing social network’s relationship with the State’s censorship machine.

Last month Liz Gunn talked to Lucretia Bird, an Admin for a Facebook support group named ‘Died Suddenly NZ’. The group provided a space for those jab-injured or who knew people who died from the jab to post their stories.

Within a week it had 8,000 members, and after 35 days the total was 10,500. ‘The majority of people were telling stories of harm, death and injury from within New Zealand,’ said Bird.

It was on the 35th day that the Died Suddenly NZ Facebook page itself ‘died suddenly’, ‘without a trace,’ said Bird.

The page was shadow-banned after about 10 days, when there was a severe drop-off in interaction. ‘We could suddenly see the people requesting to be members were only from overseas. They weren’t getting the notifications all of a sudden.’

Operation People

Chantelle Baker’s ‘Operation People’ platform has also been targetted in the crackdown on free speech.

‘After the Parliament Protest where I live-streamed every day I saw a huge decrease in reach for my own Facebook page and it led to it being closed by Facebook earlier this year.

‘Since then we’ve launched our media company ‘Operation People’… and we’ve also found its page has been heavily reduced.

‘From these documents we can now see that the government has been discussing Operation People and myself, and working with Facebook to have our page silenced.

‘Documents showing communications between DART and NetSafe ‘is proof the government is silencing people, that private companies don’t seem so private anymore. Not only that, but in the same OIA, they have a raft of information and people they are claiming are disinformation spreaders that they are wanting to monitor and control.

Phil, Operation People’s Head of Investigations provided analysis and relationship mapping to explain the how the government’s censorhip machine works.

It showed DART (Disinformation Assessment and Response Team – which sits within the Ministry of Health) ‘is really the central piece to this puzzle as to how this censorship machine is working, and CERT NZ is the first collection agency used to collect some of this reporting,’ said Phil.

DART is then passing information through to Netsafe. Netsafe is another organisation, and they are again involved with online safety – Nesafe claim to be independent, ‘but independent of what?’ asks Baker – because they are government funded.

Netsafe also have a relationship with Facebook, and they have been sending emails through to Facebook in an attempt to have the Operation People Facebook page removed.

Further documents released under the OIA last week and obtained by Baker also showed the Department of Internal Affairs had direct access to Facebook’s ‘Take Down Portal’ which allows State actors to log reports direct with Facebook to have content taken down.

In a tweet today Baker highlighted the hypocrisy of Facebook’s censorship, as evidenced in their removal also of groups dedicated to exposing international child trafficking – such a move appeared to be protecting child traffickers:

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  1. The only logical inference from them protecting child traffickers would be to assume that they all work for child traffickers.

    Not so much of a stretch when you look into the PizzaGate ““conspiracy™️””, the Wikileaks Podesta Emails and the mainstream news articles and opinion pieces trying to push the Overton window towards normalising pedophilia. You’ll be told not to believe your lying eyes, as always, but it’s all there out in the open for anyone who’s willing to look.

  2. Let’s face it (sorry for unintentional pun) no one outside the Government and its Agencies is allowed to talk about the things people need to know. Covid, pedophiles, vaccines and related harm, agendas, social credit systems, and all other related information is off the table.

    So wake up and work with the people who know what’s best for you and stop winging about all and sundry. Time to get on board with the ones who know what they are talking about because complaining about it will only make you sad and miserable. And make the people you like to share with sad and miserable too, which is quite frankly unkind.

    To help you, to wean you off such silly feelings and behaviour, we will remove all temptation by closing down your access to the platforms that lead you into such temptations because we really do want you to have a free and happy life. Nothing is more important than to see you free and unburdened from silly theories and the awful disinformation we are doing our best to get rid of.

    Do not worry about this anymore. Just get back to doing all the things you love doing and enjoy your family and friends. We will take care of this along with securing your future in all you wish to do. We are even planning to put lots of money in your bank account so you won’t need to work another day in your life..!

    You see, we really do know what’s best for you, and love you very much…

    Your friend for ever,

    Jabby xx

    • Love it!😂 Come now plebs this insane preoccupation with truth is getting very taxing. I have done everything I can to make you safe. Have I not provided a jab for you all? Have I not ignored all safety guidelines and rushed this to your waiting arms? Haven’t I removed all confusion over consent by bypassing it? And remember haven’t I infiltrated your democracy by removing your right to choose? Haven’t I mandated you out of your job, and locked you down for your sake? Didn’t I buy the police off you so that they could work for me in lockstep for your collective good? It was me!!!! Your dear leader who has provided all of this.. and yet you still insist on personal and collective freedom, democracy, the right to live your lives as you see fit, to travel, to question, to debate, to protest, to stand, to challenge! You have hurt me deeply.. after all I have done for you.

      • ” Truth”
        I come from a different background ( south of europe) where most people were raised in catholic ” faith” which is much ” lighter ” than protestant.
        I know ” faith” is a slippery question, but it seems to me that ” truth” is very much a ” protestant” item in the world. Its “use” of the word started in the usa and mostly in northern europe. And with covid’s ” vaccine” propaganda it infected the rest of the world over what is ” true” or not. The EU being also very much under US propaganda

    • I agree, and make it accessible through starlink. Get rid of these corrupt globalist governments and cut them out of our lives for good.we pay them taxes and they recklessly waste our hours of hard manual graft and jobs for their families and friends, and stupid ‘grants’ for ridiculous things like glitter gardens and rainbow crossings. Let’s decentralise everything. As for law and order, a return to medieval times would do wonders for some peoples behaviour, stocks, gallows, gibbets, bring them all back. Let’s have a speakers corner and a public square. Those of us who don’t rob steal deceive and lie will,have nothing to fear. The politicians, doctors and media can be the first to be bought to justice.

  3. Silencing vax injured people is so utterly evil, unethical and unconscionable.

    How these creepy totalitarian communist/fascist lunatics sleep at night is beyond me.


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