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‘F**k Off!’: Ardern heckled in Paihia

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Viewer discretion advised.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been met with expletive-laden abuse from some locals in the Northland town of Paihia.

The incident happened in the carpark of a cruise company and video of it was uploaded to social media platform Telegram.

The footage was taken from inside a car, while another woman can be heard yelling the abuse as the Prime Minister’s security detail attempted to clear a way for Ardern’s car to leave.

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  1. “Her People” even they can see themselves, family, and their friends have been poisoned.
    The Government, Politicians, Doctors, Experts, Academics, Lawyers now hated by our community.

  2. Someones gonna smash her and it will be at a week of celebration here in NZ thats for sure
    She has the same poll popularity as Joe Biden ????????

  3. Getting what a criminal deserves ….she doesn’t care about people just her collective goals in the UN and Economic Forum! ……I’m proud of the Maori for standing up to this hateful Communist!

  4. She brought this upon herself, now she must pay. The people she thought she could divide, she has united and all from her devious manner in which she carried it all out. Karma is a wondrous thing.

    • No, it is obviously people that can see the obvious truth and not just beliving what the glowing box in your living room tells you. Wake up, the govt is lying to you

  5. Gee people, grow up, have a look around the world. NZ is the best country by far, our PM and her team are doing a fantastic job handling the pandemic far better than other countries.
    Obviously all of these antivac’s people must all have their degrees & PhDs from a more reputable universities better then the professionals that we use. (YEAH RIGHT).
    If you’re an antivac, make sure when you get Covid don’t go into our hospitals and tie up beds that are needed for the real sick people, you look after yourself at home, after all you know better than anyone else, that’s why you’re not vaccinated.

    • Gee really don’t judge as we are not antivax. Don’t have a problem with vaccines if they are approved this one isn’t as it’s an experiment and still on trial. And you might want to think again about antivax getting covid we have every right just like you to the medical system as we pay taxes as well. If anything I would be more concerned about the ones that have been jabbed as they are the ones getting covid and Omnicron and taking up the hospital beds so what does that tell you. Might want to do your research before making comments like this.

  6. I am double vaxed and have since woken up. A lot of the people you slander with the ‘antivac’ label are also vaxed and/or have had all other vaccinations. The plandemic is not about our health, its about control. You may remember when the govt were saying that masks were not effective and wouldn’t be required…now they must be worn. If this was about our health, why has the govt not invested in more beds for hospitals? Why are they forcing hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical staff to leave for not wanting this experimental jab? Why have they paid the media millions of dollars to push only one side of the narrative? Actually use some critical thinking and pretty soon you see the emperor has no clothes.

  7. That cretin of a woman is toxic to New Zealand in every way. She doesnt care about kindness or transparency. Its all about money, power and control. Her totalitarian aspirations have no business being in our country. Worst prime minister EVER

  8. Great to see Northland sees Adern for who she is. She’s truly running this country into the ground. England’s dropped all the home detention, ridiculous apartheid rules, and stupid mask wearing. Jacinta won’t do it, she loves the socialist power she can now wield under the guise of covid. She adds restrictions after 9 Omicron cases?! What the hell? When are we going to treat this thing like the seasonal flu? That’s all it is. I’ve had most of my family overseas get covid, they all came through just fine, some in their late eighties.

    • I’m from the UK. My grandma is 96 and has had COVID twice – she just got on with it. I visited the wonderful country of New Zealand late 2021, and despite the lovely, welcoming people I have met, I have found it uncomfortably shocking how paranoid people are. It’s quite scary to see as an outsider.


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