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Freedom Convoy 2022 NZ plans to reach Wellington on 8 Feb

A truck convoy protest plans to reach Wellington on the morning of 8 February 2022.

The protest is against the government’s vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions. ‘Freedom Convoy 2022 NZ’ is an alliance of groups inspired by the similar protest actions in Canada and Australia, and now has close to 20,000 members across all social media.

NZ truck convoy news

The North Island group plans to leave Waitangi on 6 February, while the South Island group is planned to depart Bluff the same day, destination Picton. Additional protest action is planned for Timaru.

Updates to follow.

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  1. When they get to parliament, they need to demand an elected representative, preferably the Prime Minister or deputy Prime Minister come and meet and talk to them. We are tired of the cowards who are supposed to represent us and are paid by our taxes, hiding away pretending to be scared and claiming ‘insurrection’. The time is now, either they are with us or against us.

    I don’t want to see mainstream media down playing numbers, or filming out the back of the crowd, focusing on the planted trump supporters and other paid crisis actors either. WE SEE YOU.

    Either they represent us or they don’t and if they don’t then they need to resign immediately.

    I will do whatever I can to support the convoy. Truckers are often the most hard working and taken for granted people in this country. While we are all sleeping wondering if the $2 plastic item we ordered online will turn up tomorrow, they are out driving the roads in the wee hours of the morning so our goods can get from A to B.

    Wellington has largely escaped the draconian lockdowns and the restrictive measures the rest of the country has seen. How about we block them in and keep their supplies out, just to remind them who REALLY runs the country.


  2. Mothertruckers trucking to Parliament to tell some other F@#kers to get trucked … or get off the job – big support people – kick some butts . .

  3. We haven’t got a truck anymore but we have got legs and a car. We will support these truckies as they travel through Wellsford and join them as supporters as far as we can. What courage and tenacity. Have also donated so hope everyone else can give a little bit as well. These guys and gals are giving us a whole lot. Be safe.

  4. Get up stand up don’t give up your rights.freedom is hard fort for.wake up nz before it’s to late.many thanks to all who have been fight this for us all.i know this has been hard road.thank you all.never give up????????????

    • Maybe they should stop supplying goods to wherever it is you live then? Maybe don’t take so many people for granted? Maybe stop delivered milk and toilet paper to Wellington see how the peeps like that? Better still maybe the fuel truck driver should stop delivering fuel. See how long before the moaners throw their toys out of their cots.

      Its the only way for some people to realise the damage our politicians and the useful idiots who support them are doing. Most of them have no real world job experience and haven’t got a clue how things run behind the scenes that most ungrateful New Zealanders just take for granted. Are you one of them? I hope not.

    • Does that not strike you as ridiculous? Papers please. Hope you get your boosters then otherwise you will soon be classed as unvaccinated.

      Did you hear that some boostered people are now testing positive for HIV? awful if true. Considering they did find parts of HIV virus cleaved onto the virus structure then i guess it’s possible. Time will tell.

  5. No wonder the police get a bad name in this country ,look what they are doing to peacefully protesters at parliment,shame on you,ing on the coo ge t ridd of Arden.

  6. Get your facts right ,I was there and I did not hear anyone threatening to kill.Will never trust the police in NZ again ,they deserve what they get from now on.


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