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French rioters filmed brandishing military-grade weapons as unrest grows

Multiple participants of the ongoing protests triggered by a fatal police shooting appear to be heavily armed.

Mass rioting has continued to grip France after the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Nahel M. during a traffic stop in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. Multiple videos circulating online have shown rioters across France carrying military-grade weapons. Around 45,000 police officers have been deployed to quell the unrest, which has spread throughout the country.

Kalashnikov classics

An unverified video said to be taken in the Paris suburbs shows two rioters firing Kalashnikov-pattern rifles into the air.

A similar video taken in the southern city of Lyon shows a rioter firing multiple shots into the air from a weapon that appears to be a fully-automatic assault rifle.

‘Tactical’ pieces

Another video said to be filmed in the northern French city of Lille shows a protester brandishing a weapon that resembles a light machine gun. The weapon appears to have a bipod attached as well as a large-capacity drum magazine.

Shotgun violence

At least four officers were injured by drive-by shotgun attacks in Lyon’s northeastern suburb of Vaulx-en-Velin, according to local media reports citing police sources. A total of eight were targeted by the unknown assailants, who rode scooters. A criminal investigation has been launched, with no suspects apprehended thus far.

France is known for its strict gun control laws, with ownership of military grade weapons banned completely. To own a weapon with a removable magazine with a capacity larger than three rounds, French nationals must undergo annual mental, physical, and health checks. Hunting weapons must be registered and their owners must take exams.

At the same time, the country has had problems with the flow of illegal guns for quite some time. Balkan countries have been a major source of illegal weapons in the French market since the regional conflicts of the 1990s and the breakup of Yugoslavia. Apart from fighting gun trafficking from abroad, the French authorities have repeatedly launched campaigns to round up unlicensed firearms stashed in the country, encouraging their owners to hand over their arsenals.

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  1. so, it is going to be civil war after all.
    It has been brewing for quite a while and politicians and JL Melanchon and associates are to thank for.

    The true french – franc meaning free – won t have their country tsken away by a bunch of rootless criminals

    • Yeap, Macron and his crooks are to blame, Klaus Schwab the useless fool “penetrating cabinets” the “silly duffer” with zero personality how ever he got traction God knows!

      Decapitations and dismembering of hands and limbs ain’t the right way. Murderous and disgusting.

      The elites may get a taste of that themselves as the guillotine awaits them.

    • no, immigration from former colonies, naturalised french.
      Freed from the ” oppressor”, they discovered that their own were even worse and that the promessed share of ressources benefited only a small group of corrupt politicians.
      Does it reminds you of something ?

  2. Hal Turner has reported that the Muslims in the major cities of France have stockpiled hidden military-grade weapons in their various Mosques.
    We are now seeing these come to light…and French ‘authorities’ have never and will never conduct search and seizures / raids on those ‘religious facilities’ at the risk of being ‘intolerant’ and ‘politically in-correct.
    AND- the French Police, Army and Foreign Legion is now outgunned, despite being warned about this by Marine LePen.
    Basically, this time around with World War Three being in the transitional state, France is basically finished, along with the rest of Western Europe.
    Only the Hungarian and Italian Prime Ministers / Presidents have the common sense to follow far right policies of stopping the illegal migrations from the south of Europe. Switzerland for some strange reason has also allowed African migrants into their Cantons, where the crime rates are exploding.

    • Zwitzerland is and always has been in control of its country, even if moslims are living there. The population voted also against new building of mosquee years ago. It is also a mountainous country and police and army are extremely well trained. All ex army still possess their weapons at home.
      Dont under estimate the swiss. they are very well in charge.
      As for italy, ms Meloni does not have the power to stop immigration. She stopped a boatfull. That is all.
      The immigration policy is dictated by bruxelles’ puppet von der leyen ( and money=BCE) following the instructions of our “friends and allies ” the USA/ Soros/WEF. ( with the advent of the euro individual countries gave theirc power away: thanks to stupid politicians)
      Orban is the only one resisting as far as i know. But I don t know the situation in hungary : he is very much villified by western mainstream press. He also stays neutral in the conflict ukraine/ russia.
      As for france and the french, don t think they will abandon their country to a bunch of illitarate criminals, who hates france and everything french. Even if they are armed to the teeth. It will be a bloodbath.
      France means (franc) the land of the free. Not for nothing

      • Bastille Day is a holiday that has had it’s historical context exposed in full, with many French Citizens now ignoring the day due to the murder of millions who were executed by the French Illuminati and pre-Communist Freemasons in the ‘City of Light’ and other major cities at that time.
        Western Nations bailed the French out of World Wars One, Two and Vietnam.
        Switzerland is a Nation of Armed Neutrality, and continued to be successful until the migrants began entering the country. Civil unrest and crime were virtually unknown in the Cantons, but that has changed.
        True; in Sweden, after the Swedes elected a new PM, has set about deporting the armed Jihadists from their major cities (see Angry Foreigner on YouTube)
        Hungary’s Orban has warned the EU that the Muslim Jihadist uprisings were coming (warned as did former U.S. Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan in his book ‘The Death of the West’, and ex-KGB Agent Yuri Bezemenov). Of course Orban is not going to get MSM coverage, as his modus runs against the Zionist J3wi$h globalist aims, and the J3w$ own the Western Media outlets!
        France has never been free; they only have liberty. (aka the term ‘Libertine’). Liberty and freedom are two very separate methodologies of created illusions designed to make the masses think that they are free, but in actuality ‘freedom and liberty’ are used to promote resistance to the very same that many militias and militaries claim to be fighting for under what has been the most successful gaslighting ops ever executed.
        See Dr. Jordan Maxwell’s video about ‘Freedom Liberty and Banking’ as well as his explanation about ‘Yoda and Judah’. See also Tony Hilder’s video titled ‘Millennium 2000’.

  3. Footage of decapitations and dismembering of police. Does this sound like a similar M.O.?

    Burning fires and mayhem all over France.

    This is not about BLM it is a Jihad. And was said as much by one of them.

    One of the leaders of Gilets Jaunes said not to bother fighting for the Police. Let them sort it out. So that they may come to realise that what they have been doing up until now has been a beytayal to the citizens of France.

    The Macron govt. Seems to be unbeturbed. Macron enjoying drinks while socialising at an Elton John concert event.

    All going to the UN WEF plan. Not quite. Sweden got rid of their trouble and deported.

    • It is not the police or the police corps who is at fault.
      Police is only following orders, just like when they help rescue population during ” Bataclan” events and other terror attacks. Sometime at the cost of their own life, one should never forget .

      At fault is a weak government following instructions from bruxelles, for the good of blackrocks and the likes.
      There are not enough detention/ prisons in france and the judiciary leave petty crime develop into real crime.
      Adolescents are used by drugs dealers because they are under age and risk hardly any judicial consequences when arrested..
      The youth shot lastly had 4 previous likes incidents and already many arrests.
      And while the police officer had his gun pointed at him, he decided to give gas and drive away.
      So , understandably, i have more sympathie for the police officer

  4. very much afraid that the showing of arms of war by youth during riots is a kind of “testing the grounds”.
    Arms of war are bought by criminal adults ( moslims or not) on the black market , provenance of the ex yougoslavian war ( thanks to NATO who acted without any mandate).
    Most of the rioters are very young and do not have the knowlegde how neither the financial means to buy arms. So there are adults behind the riots and hiding behind the rioters.
    The french legal system is very mild with under age who are protected by law.
    It is surely time things get change.
    I hope the home office and inland security services do their job properly

  5. Who represents the vast majority of these influx of unskilled migrants?
    The results of French Colonialism come home to roost?
    Invariably mixed in miscegenated with the descendants of the Vandals

    • @ Cat
      it has not only to do with ex- colonialism but also very much to do with carpet bombing of the middel east by the vulture USA.
      Rioters are muslims, everybody knows it
      France and europe are literally flooded by immigration, greatly helped by NGO financed by Soros and the likes.
      It is meant to destabilise and ruin europe.
      There are crimes such as rape, theft and even murder commited through the whole of europe by immigrants, mostly young males. European MSM are completely silent about it, uderstandably as they get ” subsides” from whom ? Bill and melinda Gate foundation.

      Just like the destruction of Nordstream is meant to destroy our industrial complex
      Just like the war in Ukraine, using our last financial and military ressources is meant to weaken europe.
      All planned by our ” friend & allie” ( NATO/USA)


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