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GLOBE – Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation launches

GLOBE news

GLOBE is an informal alliance of scientists, doctors, individuals and groups wishing to protect populations from the impact of biotechnology experiments.

The pandemic has highlighted the mobility of engineered genetic structures and the serious and unquantified risks they pose to human health. Biotechnology experimentation occurs in a largely unregulated global arena.

Multinational companies supported by governments, worldwide medical alliances, and investment dollars have normalised the use of biologic drugs and vaccines without completing broadspectrum safety testing. More importantly, prior published research indicates there are inherent risks if fundamental processes connected to genetic expression are edited. This is because genes perform multiple tasks in different combinations with other genes. Alter one gene, or modify its expression, and this inevitably causes unanticipated adverse effects. Genetic expression is fundamental to every organ in the body and to mechanisms of immune response and repair, therefore adverse effects can have serious consequences for health.

GLOBE proposes a global solution

It is now clear that sufficient examples of evidence have been published in mainstream scientific journals pointing to extreme harms of biotechnology interventions, such as mRNA vaccination, which affect the expression of DNA—the fundamental source of the stability and flexibility of human physiology and intelligence. We know that genetic and epigenetic structures are intimately linked to our physical and mental identity, but we know almost nothing about how they succeed in supporting the development of human consciousness and its higher functions. Editing DNA risks undermining everything that distinguishes the greatest achievements of humanity.

Accordingly, GLOBE focuses on a solution—the promotion and creation of legal instruments to outlaw biotechnology experiments posing a risk to human health and integrity.

GLOBE is an organisation based on knowledge and science which seeks to inform public policy everywhere and identify officials, organisations, and political figures and groups, and governments who are prepared to properly inform themselves concerning the risks of biotechnology experimentation and act appropriately to preserve public health.

GLOBE is a broad informal alliance which is neither to the left or right, it is not affiliated to one religion or culture, nor to any particular nation or political system. It recognises that we enjoy, as a human race, a harmonious co-evolutionary relationship with a wider epigenetic web of food sources, micro-organisms, animals, climates, and plants. This bioweb has built up over millions of years, but it can be disturbed in a moment by genetic editing. Inevitable genetic mistakes can be highly mobile, difficult if not impossible to recall, and devastating in their impact.

GLOBE opposes:

  • Gain of function experimentation
  • Medicines and vaccines which attempt to redesign the expression of DNA
  • Cloning and genetic engineering of animals
  • Genetic engineering of crops, insects, micro-organisms, and pathogens
  • Restrictions on public discussion of medical choice and information
  • Mandated medical interventions affecting populations and employment
  • Bioweapon development and military involvement in biotechnology
  • Transhumanism including AI implants and chipping of humans

GLOBE supports:

  • The right of medical choice
  • Informed consent
  • Privacy of medical information
  • Privacy of genetic status

GLOBE is open to people everywhere. You do not have to join to participate. It is not a protest movement. It is an umbrella alliance which seeks to protect health and provide models of legislation based on sound knowledge of genetics to decision-makers and the public in order to safeguard our collective genetic inheritance from risk and devolution. GLOBE is a source of information, it offers a cohesive message to counter biotech risk and misinformation. Its principles can provide individual campaigners a solid platform, a unified response, and a strong voice on the global stage. Go to:


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  1. Great idea from right thinking people, but too late now. That ship has well and truly sailed. With agendas being driven by some very powerful people who control all media, it is them who will shape the debate. With what they achieved with mRNA and their efforts to drive the plandemic there’s no stopping them in the foreseeable future. But at least someone is having a go. I wish them well.

    • Rishi Sunaks father in law owns Infosys which is all about Central Bank Digital Currency and Social Credit systems. So the WEF gets their preferred candidate after all – a multi millionaire to the tune of 750 million pounds no less. One of the ‘elites’. Just what the world doesn’t need. ????

  2. I appreciate this, really I do. But there were already thousands of laws and regulations and Nuremberg code provisions etc around medical ethics and mass experimentation. All were dismissed, disregarded and ignored because the perpetrators were the ones in power.

    More laws won’t make a difference when nobody is going to enforce them.

    Resignations and fat retirement payout ARE NOT a punishment. People need to swing for what’s been done to us, that isn’t hyperbole. Until then, they will keep violating us over and over and over.


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