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Government says get your ‘new’ booster

COVID 19 news

All New Zealanders aged 30 and over will be able to access the new COVID bivalent booster from April, says Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall.

The new bivalent vaccine will replace the existing Pfizer booster and is considered likely to be more effective against Omicron subvariants. Bivalent vaccines work by combining two strains of a virus, which prompts the body to create antibodies against both strains, providing a greater level of protection.

“From 1 April, anyone 30+ will be eligible to receive the bivalent vaccine, as long as it’s been at least 6 months since their last COVID-19 booster or positive COVID-19 test,” Dr Verrall said.

“People at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 will also be able to receive an additional booster, regardless of how many doses they’ve previously had.

“As well as broadening the criteria from April, from 1 March anyone currently eligible for a COVID-19 booster will be able to get the new bivalent vaccine.

“We know vaccination is the best protection against the virus, and these actions will provide added protection to a larger number of adult New Zealanders. Latest reporting from the Ministry of Health indicated 8,220 cases over the previous week so the virus is definitely still circulating out there.

“We’re also planning for older New Zealanders and those most at risk of getting sick to get a flu jab at the same time as their COVID-19 booster. This will be part of a ‘one and done’ approach to help people stay well this winter.

“Because it may be a while since your previous boosters, now is a good time to check your records on www.BookMyVaccine.nz. Vaccination against COVID-19 remains free.

“Getting boosted is important for your health and keeping out of hospital this winter,” Ayesha Verrall said.

In making this decision, the Government accepted advice from the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (CV-TAG) and other experts.

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    • Tragically the vast majority of New Zealanders are very pleasant and well meaning, but sadly just hopelessly simpleminded, trusting and naive.

      Will that change anytime soon? Probably not.

      • Hi “Anonymous”.
        Firstly: FYI, in the Napier-Hastings water fluoridation experiment decades ago, it was discovered empirically that water fluoridation does not improve dental health outcomes. However this was not the answer they wanted, so some swift scientific fraud was carried out to (quietly) change the inspection criteria before the final round of dental inspections, they could then assemble a final report announcing a resounding success. You might wonder why on earth there could be such an agenda to push this class of chemicals into the water supply when it isn’t beneficial for health.. I have no idea either… but on a totally unrelated note, here is an interesting link.
        The water fluoridation topic is an excellent benchmark / case study / example. It shows just how much these govt cronies lie. then double down, and triple down on those lies. They know that you know that they’re lying, yet they continue to lie.
        Secondly: You are probably already aware that the combination of zinc + D3 + vitamin C, is very effective against viral infection. (ie high doses of vitamin supplements, not just food sources) In fact, anyone deficient in any of those three, may have a seriously adverse outcome in the event of viral infection. On the “Unite Against C19” Facebook page, I noticed they have a filter set to automatically hide any comment that mentions zinc, or vitamin C, or Vitamin D. I even lodged an OIA request for the entire list of what they’re auto-filtering, and the list definitely includes those three. Obviously they don’t want any discussion of a treatment that would make their jab agenda obsolete.

    • Oh yes they certainly do think New Zealanders are stupid, and gullible, and dumb, and ignorant. And just to top off exactly what they think of us they will be putting insects on our increasingly empty supermarket shelves to eat.

  1. ““Getting boosted is important for your health and keeping out of hospital this winter,” Ayesha Verrall said.”

    Yeah, you might not make it to hospital. Doubleplus good.

  2. Nah not me. Haven’t been sick for the past three years or more and no vax yet.

    Can’t see any Covid ‘circulating” round here either.

    What a load of crap they talk. Such a scam. Can’t even bring myself to even think about any kind of vaccinations any more at all!

    Glad there not offering it here.

  3. I can’t believe they’re still pushing this deadly bandwagon. They must think people are stupid; oh wait!

    Seriously; the old cliche` of “anti vaxxer conspiracy theorist” will no doubt do the rounds once more but like they say, the only difference between a conspiracy theory and fact is….about three weeks. I’ll stick to my healthy diet, fresh air and exercise thank you.

  4. Get your new Booster ? are these people for real ? The revelations coming out of Florida at the moment that the jabs are being classified as a Bioweapon might have the Minister of Health backing off at light speed. There is no indemnity for the Drug Companies or the Govt. if these ‘Vaccinations’ are being defined as a Bioweapon of Mass Destruction. The whole ball game has changed. The worm has turned !!!

  5. I am really looking forward to reading the article, which will surely come, of the Ministry of Health dumping millions of doses of booster vaccine, which have passed their expirey date. You know, all those shots that nobody wants…

  6. Pfizer Report 57: Neurological Adverse Events

    In Document 5.3.6:

    • 542 neurological events occurred in 501 patients, 95% of which were marked as serious.

    • 16 people of the 501 died.

    • 50% of these adverse events occurred within the first 24 hours post-injection. https://dailyclout.io/report-57-542-neurological-adverse-events-95-serious-in-first-90-days-of-pfizer-mrna-vaccine-rollout-16-deaths-females-suffered-aes-more-than-twice-as-often-as-males/

    • Yes I reluctantly would have to agree with you. The sooner these fools go and stop walking us into totalitarian dystopia with their ignorance and compliance the better. No regard for their grandchildren who will be left in a country weighed down by the debt of people too foolish to educate themselves and too selfish to care.

  7. Crazy given the revelations via the recent FOIA request showing the boosted in particular have a higher rate of death. This from our own MOH!
    I’ve said it a million times, it’s the media who are the missing piece in our quest for truth. If this info (boosted people having a higher death rate) was on the front of page of stuff and the hearald people would surely push back. Then again…

    • Many in the media DO NOT miss the piece in our quest for truth. Alas, they have to write what they are paid for, just like so many who got jabbed because their employment was on the line.
      And frankly, in both groups corruptness and stupidity is mixed with gullibility, a truly disgusting mix.

      • Yeah my sister works for stuff and although she has a hunch she just keeps her head down and largely doesn’t want to know. I belive most in the media are in this position with only a few key evil types pulling the strings. The good thing is when they turn the ‘my sisters’ group will easily swa the other way.

    • Check out the spike in the deaths in 2022. But idiots won’t still wake up.

      Anyone noticed of late how regularly their friends and family getting diagnosed with cancer? The spike protein regenerates dormant cancer cells and weakens your immune system. In boxing speak, a good jab followed by an uppercut- lights out!

  8. Are we dealing with robots in charge? Are these people controlled by A.I.?

    “I am a robot. Get your booster!”

    “But it’s dangerous. All the studies …”

    “Get your booster. Safe and effective. Exception violation … blue screen … rebooting robot OS. Get your booster. Safe and effective …”

  9. Na, dont think so, never had the jab, had covid no problem, won’t be getting any mRNA or flu jab anytime soon, wouldn’t trust government or health officials, reports from around the world that natural immunity from infection far superior than any jab, as thinking people already knew but they continue with the BS narrative, where are our doctors in all this, very few speaking out.

  10. It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

    Thomas Sowell

  11. 😮WOW that’s some cocktail!!! What a lying twat. “ one and done “ yep you won’t need anymore after that cause you won’t be alive! Seriously how many people will take it? If the first four didn’t work, your 2 in one won’t either. This has to be a sick joke surely, catch up verrall nobody’s taking the lethal jab anymore, it’s so last year🙄

  12. 1st shot….felt a bit off….2nd shot…..heart palpitations…….3rd shot…..worst dose of covid, myocarditis…..4th shot…..2nd dose of covid, heart palpatations, myocarditis, blood clot…..Get your 5th shot…..on meds for heart, blood thinners, get around in a wheel chair, attend your neighbours funeral died suddenly. But hey have avoided hospitalization and death. Critical thinking and sarcasm are survival tools

  13. Can I please have the long term safety data for this new vaccine? Yeah nah thought not. GFY and stop wasting taxpayers money on Sh1t that doesn’t work. We know it’s a money laundering depopulation scam and anyone pushing it should be in jail or something more permanent.

  14. Is DTNZ Noe becoming another MSM. This is the type of article one reads on Stuff or Herald.

    Where is there journalistic critique?

    • Can’t you see that this is a DTNZ report, not an opinion piece or editorial.
      WE THE PEOPLE do the critique, thanks to a totally free comment section.

  15. Dr. Jordon Trishton WALKER is their ‘go-to’ man(about town) for all good mRna experimental toxin advice.
    As the branch covidian needle cult cash-cow keeps on giving -100billion $ profit last year.
    Everybody knows, to milk the cow you have to keep feeding it. The next variant coming out of the Pfizer gain of function bio-weapons lab, will be ready for their next booster……(sorry about your myocarditis…but…y’know; one for ‘the team’) (Dr.Dashley does it again)

  16. Primeminister can not identify what a woman is ,but the idiots in govt think men can have babies ,and they are telling you that the depopulation shot is safe and effective. Just waiting till the wrong persons loved ones to die from the shot, might not be so safe for govt ministers then.


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