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Govt strengthens ‘COVID-19 preparedness’, get your free jab – Reti

Covid preparedness news

Health Minister Dr Shane Reti says additional supplies of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (RATs) will enable New Zealanders to continue testing this winter.

“In January, we announced an extension of public access to free RATs until the end of June,” said Reti.

“I’m pleased to confirm that Health New Zealand will purchase a further 9.25 million RATs which will now see free public access to RATs continue until 30 September 2024.

“RAT testing is still an important method to support eligible people to access antiviral medications and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on hospital admission rates.

“Many other countries have ceased the distribution of free RATs, however this approach ensures New Zealand has a good supply of tests available through to the end of winter.”

Costs for the purchase of the new RATs are being met using existing funding for COVID-19 services.

“With a recent spike in case numbers, the Government remains focused on ensuring New Zealanders stay safe this winter and funding confirmed through the Budget helps provide that assurance,” said Reti.

Health New Zealand received $231.152 million over four years from a Budget 2024 allocation to support ongoing COVID-19 preparedness, with $192.912 million for delivery of vaccines and PCR processing.

“Our Government is committed to ensuring on-going timely access to COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics for people who are at greater risk of serious illness.

“COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone aged 5 and over. They are also available to tamariki from 6 months who are at greater risk of severe illness if they were to get COVID-19. COVID-19 antivirals also remain free and available for people with a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

“Additionally, this Budget provides an allocation of $38.240 million to maintain pandemic surveillance, such as wastewater testing and whole genome sequencing.

“With this range of measures, New Zealanders can feel confident that the Government continues to support them in keeping safe from COVID-19,” Dr Reti says.

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  1. “With this range of measures, New Zealanders can feel confident that the Government continues to support them in keeping safe from COVID-19,” Dr Reti says

    Does he now. Yet promotes the jabs to kids still, who have never needed a jab. Just like the vast majority of under 60s who were never at great risk.

    Don’t act like you weren’t aware of what you doing when the time comes Shane (when the trickle has turned to a raging flood of pissed off people).

    Good luck when that time comes

  2. Didn’t Listen last time, not listening this time. I did my own research, I know they want that to be a crime now.

    I did not consent before and I will never consent to anything puppets pushing the globalist agenda try to force on us.

  3. Great. So it would appear the coalition really are the other cheek on the same bum as labour. They clearly have learned nothing over the past few years. Maybe they will when they start losing younger members of their families. So sad.

    • Guarantee you Efeso Collins was the only politician who legit took the jab.

      The rest of them stayed well clear.

    • These health Ministers are the mouthpiece for the corrupt ass and misnomer called Ministry of Health. Guaranteed this Minister is too lazy to do his own research beyond the cherry picked peddling pushed by his Ministry. Someone should be looking into the vaccine and pharmaceutical shareholdings of insiders, I’m sure it would be revealing as to why the only health solutions pushed are to access expensive meds made cheap by our own taxes or go to hospitals where you’ll get much of the same. While at the same time ignoring the mountain of research and data showing other approaches are better and that covid vaccines are the most dangerous pharmaceutical ever allowed to flood and remain on the market. Follow the money.

  4. New Government but we still have
    the Ministry of Health pushing the same globalist WHO Covid bio weapon.
    the Ministry of Education pushing the same globalist Transgender agenda.
    the Ministry for the Environment pushing the same Climate Crisis bullcrap.
    nearly time to move to Mother Russia

  5. This is what happens when you have no opposing voice of reason in office. The dreamers thought NZF would balance the books, of course, we all know how that ended. :Like them or not even, Australia has a legitimate voice of opposition to the COVID lie, in One Nation, offering some measure of push back and transparency.

    Personally, I see little hope for New Zealand. Voters keep voting for the usual suspects, believing in change that never arrives but still keep voting the same way, every three years irrespective.

  6. Kim Dotcom
    The fall of Fauci. Covid-19 is officially exposed as a US Govt project. A virus engineered by US scientists using a bio lab in China for cover. The biggest crime against humanity killed more victims than the Nazi holocaust against the Jews. Demand Justice.

  7. Eat healthy, live healthy i.e. off the land that you toil, maintain healthy critical thinking and accept that humans eventually die. All without shyster snake-oil sales scum like the ‘experts’ and ‘health’ stooges, bribed by ‘health’ corporations, trying to maintain their advocacy on health by mandating obscenely obese macca blobs’ existence via general vaxxine terrorism.
    You think that that reti dude has ever tended to a garden? Has he ever tasted REAL food? Has he ever cooked a meal from his own sustenance? Who is shopping for him? And where tf does he and his boss David Seymour live? Under a rock?
    Sounds angry? F@%$#in you bet!

  8. With the rest of the heavily jabbed world waking up to what has been done to them, with multiple reports proving RATs will give a positive result to a kiwifruit and with most countries now ceasing distribution of them, here he is still pushing same old Covid nonsense and worse still, advocates jabs on babies.
    To squeeze the last cent out of countries with medical authorities such as Shane Reti is why. It was, and always has been a medical money-go-round for shareholders.
    Shane Reti is not fit for purpose.

  9. Reti has confirmed his criminality by ignoring excess death data, promoting misinformation and acting with utter complicity in the act of democide.
    This criminal murderer is now known guilty.
    This criminal murderer is attempting to foister satanic cultist transhumanism onto OUR PEOPLES.

  10. I really hope that far less Kiwis run out to get jabbed than they previously did,
    maybe that would send a signal but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  11. Come on down. Get your free myocarditis, vaccine induced AIDS and turbo cancer.
    Bargain, 2 for the price of 1.
    Offer ends when you die, so get it now!

  12. If I wanted access to antivirals I would want something that doesn’t give me rebound Covid (paxlovid is crap), something cheap and highly effective, with a proven high safety profile like ivermectin. It is a travesty this Government is wasting $ on ineffective and high cost Covid “treatments” including mrna gene therapies disguised as vaccines.
    And cancer patients got told (slapped) Pharmac can’t fund the treatments the Government promised it would. Well perhaps if they paid for dirt cheap ivermectin as both prevention and treatment as it is indicated for, there would have been plenty of $ left for the cancer treatments promised. But that would involve admitting too much now wouldn’t it…

  13. Foolishly, the nation thought a change of government would trigger an enquiry into goings-on within government, only to find out the snake has many heads. Anyone who owes money is subject to control. Anyone who is on a benefit is subject to control. The agenda is to wipe all but 500 million people off the planet, with the preference to limit harm to the planet. Jabs do not harm the planet. Their other weapon is you don’t fight the people, you get the people to fight each other to survive. This is done by disrupting the food chain, take away income, take away spending power by inflation. Make it impossible to build dwellings without loss. You ask any builder why they won’t build without a sale first. It is because they can’t build without huge loss. If this or any government falls to the people either by civil enforcement or agreement, you can count on the UN with their blue helmets turning up. Born are nations who’s people who take a stand against such tyranny. You and your family will require these things in order. Water, food, shelter, heat, security. Energy you make can be helpful. It is better done in trusted groups.

    • ‘This is why we need to be a ‘Nation of Armed Neutrality’, and Winston, Luxon, etc. know this!
      They know it because they were notified of the idea 4 months ago!

  14. The people have the power use it,what would the government do if you stopped work for a week,they would be on their knees, what would the supermarkets do if people boycotted them for a week ,lower their prices,it is solved Safety in numbers,people have always had the power it’s their choice,let them rule us or we rule them.I know want I want.

  15. Reading the outcomes around the world I think I’m certain in saying Reti has come into money, dirty money from Pharma. Let’s hope it hits you on the way out of politics.

    • Part of the 11,000 + secret exemptions I am sure…. also MPs vax status is considered PRIVATE as an OIFA request response stated when asked for the jab status of the entire parliament after a 7 month wait.. and oh yeh, they could not do it because it was too hard to compile that info for 123 people.. well well well, after they splashed the entire population’s health information all over the damn world, and they could track that, 5 million + people’s status, these bastards never took it I guarantee… except Efaso Collins and he paid the price for his ignorance. I have been emailing all of the action taking place around the world exposing this non-sense finally for all to see to Reti’s parliamentary email and Reti blocks any and all such emails. So I resorted to sending the info to Winston and Shane Jones, at least I get an auto reply…. Reti must go to jail. Along with Ardern, Baker, Wiles, Hennesy, Bloomfield…. and all the news readers (they are not journalists anymore) who sat there parroting the rubbish to the sheep, well, they need mental counselling… at least some of them are getting sacked…

  16. Crikey!

    Dr Reti is clearly as dumb as a bag of spanners.

    It’s really all very sad that we’re ‘governed’ by cretins, morons and imbeciles.

    Oh well, onwards and upwards.


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