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Watch: Grant Robertson says 2023 election campaign needs ‘rethink’ after copping public abuse

Government politicians are having to ‘rethink’ next year’s election campaign after abuse in public appears to be getting ‘more violent’.

The abuse and vitriol from a ‘small section of the public’ has got so intense that Labour is considering axing its ‘iconic’ walkabouts at next year’s election campaign.

Speaking to state subsidized legacy media channel NewsHub, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson revealed he had to recently engage the Prime Minister’s security detail for a recent public event in Northland, leading him to say ‘we’re going to have to think about this election campaign in a slightly different way.’

‘It [threats to politicians] seems to have a different, more violent nature,’ said Green MP Marama Davidson.

National MP Chris Bishop told NewsHub that his party had no intention of making any changes at this stage.


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  1. This is all rubbish, the only threat to politicians (and also mainstream media) in this country is ending up in prison because of all the lies and misinformation they deliberately spread because of Covid -19. Be it because they actually knowingly lied or because they knowingly ignored the fact that Jabcinda was the biggest spreader of misinformation and disinformation in this country as she spreads her bosses globalist agenda.

  2. Surely Grant Robertson wants to front up to the public and answer their questions? The podium of truth should rejoice in open debate of the issues? Given too their police contingents would be better utilised fighting crime instead of protecting deviants and criminals.

    However it seems they will look to Jacinda’s playbook ,which is to run and hide from anything that looks remotely like critical analysis of her “godly” agenda. For if that were to happen “she, he and they” being lawful pronoun members of the Labour party would be found out for what they are.

    A crock of shit.

    But don’t you worry Grant, we loathe Luxton and co equally as much. You see its liars in general we don’t like.

    • Dear Mr. Anonymous, 

      Allow me to say I do not hold yourself to be a very desirable citizen.

      Whilst I deeply disagree with this Government I find you & your SATAN CULTISTS EVEN MORE OBJECTIONABLE

      I & most of my family have had four doses  of the Covid  vaccine without any adverse effects. I know many people who have had multiple doses, without personally experiencing the horrific effects you claim.  May I also point out that myself & my family are actively involved in the community, with our WORKPLACE & social networks. If there  were any adverse local reactions to this vaccine WE WOULD HEAR ABOUT THEM.   GIven we are all actively involved in society & have extensive  social networks, while various comments claim millions of victims; how come we live in the real world & have never heard of a SINGLE CASE?   

      You cannot convince me that your conspiracy claims based on unsubstantiated surveys prove anything.  If these people have a case let them stand up in  public, AS I DO, & prove if.  Without such proof these claims are not worth ANYTHING.
      As for your personal attacks on public officials; the only thing they prove, IS JUST HOW SMALL MINDED, PETTY  & MALICIOUS YOU & YOUR LOT ARE!  

      I stand up in public & publish personal experiences under my REAL NAME, so I can be identified & sued if anyone wants to.

      You publish unsubstantiated tripe from unreliable sources &  are always hiding under the pseudonym ANONYMOUS
      TO RESPOND BACK TO YOU IN LANGUAGE YOU HAVE USED… Personally I believe the last thing NZ needs is a collection of worst ever fukw*ts like your lot, Yet for as long as the media is prepared to publish your ANONYMOUS GARBAGE,  I guess we are stuck with you.  I blame the media for this ; the media is in competition with the Internet so has dropped it’s standards so low; Putin has a point when he describes the Western free media as irresponsible & untrustworthy 

  3. And whose fault is that.! But agree we’re in for a different style of electioneering next year due to government abuse of New Zealanders and the trampling of our rights and lives. It will likely be distant and remote with very high media usage, which MSM will delight in. It will be a brave Labour politician who goes walkabout in the present unrest they have delivered to the country. I don’t know if National and Act will be warmly welcomed either, I suspect not.

    It will of course give great opportunity to those right thinking Kiwis standing for change to get out amongst the people. And I think Winston will be happy with that too. Can’t wait to see it all unfold…

  4. There is a quiet majority who will see to there downfall anyway. If they resort to town hall meetings by invite only they will only be talking to the blind sheep

  5. Erm, how about forced mandated vaccines causing extensive health damage and also loss of life to New Zealanders – and thereby grossly enriching Pfizer?
    How many damaged people and deaths will this eventually add up to, Grant? And the human suffering? It’s unquantifiable.
    And how about dividing and harming NZ society with grossly expensive and groundless fear propaganda?
    And destroying democracy by instituting totalitarian laws?
    Also impoverishing hard working New Zealanders while enriching Pfizer, MPs, leeches, ticks, media and greedy consultants feeding off Labour’s extravagant waste of tax payer money on its ‘safe and effective’ vaccine narrative – and many other unnecessary undemocratic WEF-UN-Gates pleasing projects with no benefit whatsoever for New Zealanders.
    Then ignoring peaceful protests against mandates at parliament.

    By the way, Grant, most ‘protestors’ were Labour, ex-Labour and Greens supporters but you never stepped out of your plush parliament office to dirty your expensive shoes in Mallard’s mud to find this out, did you? Of course not. You were far too busy inside eating cake.
    Then you, Jacinda and your cohorts pay for Fire and Fury and your Disinformation Projects etc, to libellously smear mostly entirely decent protestors as fascist, right wing and violent. The least racism, the most kindness, peaceful, non-sexist and democratic unity any New Zealander ever experienced happened on those parliament grounds.
    Grant, you, Jacinda and co then ensured the police acted against NZ policing laws by being violent with unarmed protestors on the grounds of parliament – then that a judicial blind eye was later turned.

    Grow up and wake up, Grant. You’re a HUGE part of the reason many many thousands of New Zealanders and ex-Labour supporters now thoroughly detest you and your entire Labour government, and want you out of power.
    Those still supporting Labour don’t know enough about how your party is the most fascist in NZ political history, is dictatorial, deeply unkind, underhand, non-transparent, untruthful and undemocratic; because you, Grant, Jacinda and co have bought off the pathetic spineless main media companies with tax-payer’s money.

    I abhor all violence, but when people are that angry, Grant, the intelligent course is to ask yourself why.

    DTNZ we need media like you, telling the truth, now more than ever.


      Good afternoon,

      I wish to revert to the Puritan communities in New England in the 1590’s, These people were SOMEWHAT STRESSED. 1… They suffered the ravages of diseases like smallpox which cost them casualties ., 2… they suffered from crop failure again due to disease or mismanagement which these SELF-SUFFICIENT groups could not afford. 3… Instead of gathering together in one large defensible group, idealogical differences had fragmented them into isolated small communities highly vulnerable to attack by native American Indians.

      Did the Puritans admit they had bought this situation upon themselves; HELL NO; they instead decided to play the blame game. They discovered their own communities were riven with witches, witches & even more damn witches.
      These evil people had to be dealt to before they destroyed their self-righteous selves. thus began the Salem witch trials, an insanity that continued for a few years.

      Look at the western world today its people are SOMEWHAT STRESSED. 1… an alarming number of nukes are falling under the control of power mad nut cases. 2… there are concerns an increasingly SELF AWARE AI may SELF DETERMINE it does not want to serve stupid humans anymore. 3… Global Warming & environmental decline generally, our leaders keep insisting they can fix at no cost to ourselves; a promise most of us deeply doubt.

      DO the people admit we have bought this situation upon ourselves so we better become responsible for it; HELL NO; our society too has chosen to play the blame game. After deep soul searching a Witches Cabal run by the EVIL JACINDA was found & this too must be dealt to before they destroy our self-righteous selves. This started a public witch hunt, which will go on for just how many years?

      I do not see any constancy of evil here but merely a CONSTANCY OF HUMAN STUPIDITY.


  6. Around the world we see the rise on rise of the reign of the Crazies. Under the pretext of a communist conspiracy theory ~the west is the root of all evil, which Holy Russia must protect itself from~ Putin is waging war in Ukraine. In the USA Trump keeps citing the Q’non conspiracy holding the last election was stolen from him, & demanding any one who disagrees be publicly executed on national TV. In NZ I have a group called the Freedom & Rights Coalition, claiming Big-Pharma have killed over 5 million people & the NZ government has been complicit in the cover up, so they too are demanding public executions. In the UK yesterday the PM of Canada was abused by a mindless mob.

    None of these groups can produce any hard evidence to support their claims, so just keep endlessly repeating them untl they are established as Public Truth. All of them advocate extreme violence against Neighbors & friends.

    A rising tide of CRAZIES are trying to take over society, & are enjoying some success. This means a lot more than merely the NZ Labor Party rethinking their electoral processes. THIS AFFECTS ALL OF US!

    • Hi Ken. Where to start. Lets analyse three statements from the current Labour government. Please feel free to correct me.

      1. The Pfizer vaccine will stop you getting Covid. (lie)
      2. Vaccination will avoid hospitalisation and death (I like this one)
      3. We will not mandate the vaccine in the workplace (bullshit)

      With each of these items Labour and the MoH has back tracked several times now. Like snakes heading for holes under rocks. You seem upset members of the public heavily impacted by the mandates and vaccines want to hold public officials to account? And you call them, and therefore people like me, crazy?

      What’s crazy Ken is that when people like you put your heads in the sand and stop asking questions, it enables liars like them to go onto worse things. Next minute they’ll promise to build 10,000 new homes a year. Oops sorry they did that already. Let’s try, by next year we’ll have 200 extra mental health beds…. and on it goes.

      • Hello John,
        AS I understand it the Government has overreacted to Covid but has done so out of genuinely good intent, not the evil intent, you & your friends claim. I live in the REAL WORLD where I meet some people who do stupid things but I meet very few people who are INTENTIONALLY EVIL, & I hold the law of social aggregates holds good for the whole society. I thus dismiss the claims of those who hold otherwise as CRAZY. I most particularly dismiss your claims of WILFUL EVIL as these claims contribute nothing useful .to public debate.

        While I have many disagreements with this Government, that does not mean I find common cause with a bunch of conspiracy theory NUT CASES; whose threats of extreme violence kills the open public debate they claim to want.

        As for this Q, who his followers claim to be a senior official & advisor to Presidents, my response is BULLSHIT. He is more probably a DISAFFECTED , socially alienated, unemployed & UNEMPLOYABLE broke old bum who delights in making trouble. Not a source of information I deem to be TRUSTWORTHY.

        • Ken. To be that naive at your age could only come from years of exposure to the neurotoxin fluoride. Be it from the water supply, manufactured foods & beverages, tea consumption, Colgate usage, or all of the above.
          Only an intentionally evil administration would deliberately lie about water fluoridation. Only an intentionally evil administration would deliberately censor any comments on their covid page that mention safe, effective treatments readily available to anyone.
          With the number of logical fallacies you’ve made, it seems that critical thinking is simply beyond you. Just some of the logical fallacies you’ve made so far:
          – Argumentum ad populum
          – Appeal to ridicule
          – Ad hominem
          – Appeal to incredulity
          – Bandwagon fallacy
          – Burden of proof reversal
          – Hasty generalization
          For hard evidence, you could start with looking on the medsafe website, and downloading the spreadsheet of tens of thousands of adverse effects reported so far, they censored all the reported deaths from that spreadsheet however. Then you could go to the statistics NZ website and find that weekly mortality has jumped more than 15% compared to the average weekly figure. Suddenly 100 to 150 extra deaths per week more than usual. Then you could read the US govt document specifying more than 1000 different kinds of adverse effects the Pf!zer jab is known to cause.
          But you haven’t even looked, have you Ken.

        • Tell me, Ken when did a search for truth and facts about the mRNA vaccine, its trial data, actual morbidity and death statistics, become a conspiracy theory?

          Like you I am fully vaxed, and like you I do not know anyone I know personally who has died or shown a bad reaction to the injection. But I have read of thousands who have and from doctors and scientists. But one thing is clear. Ones right to question and seek the truth of this pandemic is not, and can never be, an “agenda” of any description. It is science pure and simple…

    • “Speaking of a rising tide of crazies “ wasn’t it you that posted in September 13 in (silent no more ) that you support the recently deceased professor hawking who says (we have a few centuries to mutate ourselves into a species that can live and thrive in the barren reaches of space!!) You say that you (hold space is the only somewhere available and we better get working on it!!!) So who is the crazy now ken!! Also shockingly you say in another post that” even if we suffered some of the casualties we claim, you suggest we count ourselves fortunate they were so few and to get over ourselves “ Also calls for debate have been asked for numerous times and refused ask yourself why!!!! Keep on your rose coloured glasses ken and let’s pretend that the government cares about you. What do you know about Q ? You dismiss anything that makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t line up with your thinking. Still time will tell and I will let you know when first class tickets are available to Mars, Jupiter or Saturn………

  7. Fukwit Grand Robber is importing the facist controls on those who disgaree with the spoiling of NZ economy like his main agent JabSinda. These globalist agents are going to change the NZ politics. You cannot approach your MP or minister and they will all be surrounded by security paid by the tax payer. These security staff will go through many doors , ex-police, ANTIFA etc. and behave like mercenaries.

    • Unfortunately Ken you have been fooled. Anyone who knows they lied eg Doctors, politicians, media, and people were harmed well they ARE evil. How do they sleep at night? They worship the $$$ before truth and compassion for their fellow man. They all have blood on their hands. Our local hospital has a whole ward full of vaccine injuries FACT but all we hear is crickets.

      They will be made accountable one way or another by forces of nature either soon or in the future. Those who even have the remotest of conscience will live a life of guilt with no peace. I wouldn’t want to be them. I rest my head on the pillow at night knowing I have a clear conscience. Those politicians now scared of the people they are supposed to represent will spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, with security or without. I hear some of them have had to take signage off their cars……READ THE ROOM globalists- your money won’t save you. Fools.

      Get closer to God. Read Proverbs 20:22 it’s all there. God has it in his hands now.

  8. Wow extreme violence against neighbors and friends. Is that like when you inject someone with an unsafe vaccine and then it kills them?

    These clowns in government are not god. And they need to answer to the public. If they can answer their questions then great thats all part of democracy. f they can’t then they need to be voted out.

  9. Sounds like certain someone’s might have the wind up. Perhaps they might want to consider why people are angry. They had this opportunity, with the parliament protest but threw it under the police bus….

  10. Well well well granty thank goodness you have a year to figure out how to run the gauntlet through the rivers of filth ???? maybe you could campaign from the air in a zeppelin, at 15,000 ft should be safe up there. Parliament grounds could be an option now the mallard duck has gone you could burn more effigies to warm yourself up and toast marshmallows at the same time! Invite msm and reminisce about how you lied to the country and covered everything up. You can exchange stories of your cruel comments about the real people of this country. But I will encourage you to use this time to update your cv because I am confident you won’t be working for us. So until next year granty stick to the back streets and the sewers ( for your safety of course) lord knows there is a lamington lurking around every corner ????

  11. Here’s my post to Ken again for people who couldn’t read sue to the right margin being slightly hidden.

    Come back and talk to us in a year Ken. I honestly feel sorry for you.

    You do realise the vaccine was never tested on immune compromised people, elderly, children, pregnant women, breast feeding women, or in conjunction with any other medications or illnesses. You do realise that it’s still in trial dont you (a link below for you)


    and that currently New Zealand and Australia are the test countries for having covid jabs in conjunction with the flu jab? (see link)



    Did you know there are no immunogenicity and carcinogenicity studies or long term safety data? (see link)



    Did you know mRNA jabs were given to ferrets as part of a trial years ago and all the ferrets died? Have you seen the Japanese Govt Pfizer Data where it showed concerning concentrations of lipid nanoparticles in liver kidneys and reproductive organs of rats almost immediately after injection? (See link and note the date – 2004)


    Here’s the Japan info (open and scroll down)


    This ‘vaccine’ isn’t safe and it isn’t effective. We knew this last year which is why we didn’t take it; if it was you wouldnt need 4 shots. Unfortunately you have wrecked your immune system. It cannot be repaired. Look up ADE.


    You may have escaped harm for now, but in reality you have no idea what is going on inside your body. It brings me no joy to say any of this to you as I have family members who took the shots as well. They have enough time to watch the 6 o’clock news and border control and the all blacks but not enough time to research information about their health. We have all been lied to by our own government and they have borrowed billions of dollars out of our childrens futures to pay for it. I am sorry to tell you but THEY are the Satanists. (thats another rabbit hole for another day lol but happy to share)

    I guess it comes down to many things for some people. For some it’s laziness, naivety, arrogance, ungodliness, ignorance or maybe just plain foolishness. They may have treated their body like garbage for years so they were scared. Some knew it was wrong but they took it anyway because they wanted to go to cafes, concerts and travel. Fickle. And some poor people were forced because it would mean they could lose their job. For me, there is no price on my health. I would rather eat grass and live in a homemade hut than subject myself to an experimental vaccine manufactured by the most fined pharmaceutical company in history and pushed by a man who kept the treatment for AIDS hidden to he could profit out of dangerous drugs he had invested in and billionaires who want the world for themselves. (i mean CLIMATE CHANGE! And private jets and all that!)

    You need to take your head out of the sand and WAKE UP before you throw your kids and grandkids futures and the rest of this country under the bus. This whole thing isn’t over, it’s just starting. New Zealande is the pilot country for AI run censorship, social credit via CBDC (if you don’t know what those are by now then you REALLY need to get yourself educated) and facial recognition.



    We are fast losing democracy (if we ever truly had it) and our own government is working against us. National and Labour are one in the same. The Greens are just there to help labour rush laws through without proper consideration. Jacinda is working for the World economic forum and the UN so I strongly suggest you stop worrying about what the bloody all blacks are doing in the weekend (or whatever) and start realising what is happening. You’ve been brainwashed with repetitive propaganda via the mainstream media and goodness knows what else.


    Golriz garahaman is another WEF puppet. Look that up yourself on their website.

    Meanwhile a small sample for you of what these Dictators have in store for us.






    Now I have just spent over an hour of my time putting this altogether for you, links to official websites so you cant call me a nut job anti vaxxer conspiracy theorist racist (insert any other name the mainstream media has suggested you call people like me). So! The least you can do is to open these links (all safe) and print the info off and have a good read and then share it with your many social connections you have or when you speak publicly. Unless people like you realise what is happening we are quickly running out of time to stop this madness. So I ask you please, read the links. Knowledge is power. Don’t be another useful idiot -PLEASE!

    Why do we write here under the title ‘anonymous’? Because we have been targeted by people like yourself and left wing trolls. They call us nazis and fascists when in fact that is what they are. ( The Nazi were SOCIALISTS – look it up, they were LEFT WING) Heres something to consider Ken – The truth does not mind being questioned. I am happy to debate anything so long as people don’t start calling me names in an attempt to shut me down. I can back up EVERYTHING I say.

    PS I am not an anti vaxxer, I have received every other vaccine prior to this except for the flu one. I actually regret having any now, and I regret having my kids vaccinated knowing what I now know.


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