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Greens launch ‘full internal investigation’ over a group chat ‘crybaby’ message

Eliazbeth Kerekere news

Co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson said they were ‘taking this matter very seriously.’

Green List MP Elizabeth Kerekere is under fire from party bosses after allegedly sending the message to a group chat of Green MPs and staff disparaging fellow Green Chloe Swarbrick. In the message she called Swarbrick a ‘crybaby.’

The message was sent to the group chat by mistake while Swarbrick was addressing the House on her proposed Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Harm Minimisation) Amendment Bill last night. As Swarbrick spoke, Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, who was seated behind her, could be seen reacting in shock to something on her phone, with some commentators believing it was a reaction to Kerekere’s errant message.

A screenshot of the message was leaked to RNZ, and read:

‘Sucks that her bill goes through during list ranking! Please Universe, pick my bill tomorrow…omg what a crybaby.’

When RNZ asked Kerekere for comment on the message she denied calling Swarbrick a ‘crybaby’.

In response party co-leaders Shaw and Davidson decided to launch a full-blown investigation.

In a statement they said:

‘It is not what anyone expects from our MPs, all of whom work tirelessly to deliver positive change for Aotearoa. We have a long history of celebrating our individual and collective successes together. Dr Elizabeth Kerekere’s message appears to go against those values and will be looked into fully.’

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  1. Crybaby, oh the shock and horror, what next?. Shaw and Davidson launching full scale investigation, heads will roll, hate speech, sack that member.

  2. If you don’t want people calling you a crybaby, maybe don’t walk around being a giant crybaby 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Welcome to the world of grownups Chloe, sometimes people say nasty things to/about us. Maybe start brushing up on your witty retorts. Who knows, your brain might grow enough to realise climate change is fake and stupid, and your party are a bunch of entitled grifters.

    Also, it’s the Greens for Pete’s sake; they’re ALL crybabies. They should have a graphic designer meme a screaming infant onto their logo at this point.

  3. “I’ve got a bill too you know! When’s someone going to listen to mine!😭😭”
    Oh the pathetic little monsters.🤣😂 They’re so cute.

  4. I suggest that while the green cult are indulging in their naval gazing that they seriously consider the worth of their leaders, and in fact their whole organisation. From all evidence they are nothing more than a political off-shoot of the rainbow brigade achieving absolutely nothing apart from wasting taxpayers’ money, supporting violence, assisting in racial tension and making bloody fools of themselves. My advice is that they grow up and go get a real job. Although I sure woulnd’t employ one of them.

  5. Harms and deaths caused by a gene therapy without the due informed consent……not worth an independent investigation. Assault by the non public servents parading as Police…..nope. Unelected entities taking ownership of our water….what unelected entities. Maybe calling a colleague a crybaby……get to the bottom of this and snap to it🤡🎪

  6. “it’s not what anyone expects from our mps” 😂🤣 come and stand with the ordinary kiwis Shaw you dunce, and you will find that’s exactly what we expect from you childish bedwetters. Maybe you could use our hard earned tax money, to purchase pacifiers, and be ahead of the game just in case a green crybaby crawls out from under a rock. Yep you investigate this you green pretenders, un bloody believable!!

  7. James Shaw was punched in the face a few years back, by someone who was directly effected by his moronic policies.
    He even looks like the cartoon caricature of the 4-Square man…
    Did Chloe’ attend Klaus Schwab’s Young leaders Program? Can’t seem to find her religion on any Wiki site, so I assume that she’s ***ish…


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