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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Guilty parties often accuse the innocent in order to evade justice

We woke up this morning to the news that Shane Warne aged 52 had died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Since he was travelling in Thailand at the time, no doubt he had had a Covid-19 vaccination. Was this causal? Possibly. At the very least you can forgive me for asking this question. Aha, warning—conspiracy theory. An article in Circulation, the official journal of the American Heart Association, has already warned of an association between Covid-19 mRNA vaccination and precursors of heart disease, but never mind.

Oh, and UK cardiologists have warned of an increasing prevalence of heart disease. And um, pericarditis and myocarditis are known side effects of Pfizer vaccination and according to the prestigious Mayo Clinic these diseases often progress to heart disease and strokes within 3-5 years, but never mind this can’t be true. It must be a conspiracy theory or the result of unsound science, right? Our government is the only source of truth, and they say the mRNA Covid-19 vaccination is completely safe. SO NEVER MIND.

What is a conspiracy theory?

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reassured us this week:

“One day, it will be our job to try and understand how a group of people could succumb to such wild and dangerous mis- and disinformation…. There has been an element of this occupation that has not felt like New Zealand. And that’s because it is not…. It’s a dangerous place when citizens are led into spaces where they believe so deeply in conspiracy theories…”

Ever willing to support our PM and her noble causes, MSM Stuff came out fists swinging today in support with a long analysis of the dangerous places within NZ society.

Central to Stuff’s analysis was the opinion of Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa, a researcher at the New Zealand think tank Te Pūnaha Matatini who works on something called The Disinformation Project. We have come across Te Pūnaha Matatini before and commented on their work.

Parliament protest news

Te Pūnaha Matatini has advised our government among many other things that adverse effects of Covid-19 are a conspiracy theory, that concepts of herd immunity are a misrepresentation of science, and that Gerry Brownlee is a right wing conspiracy theorist.

In today’s article Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa is credited with explaining that ‘it’s the politicians, like Winston Peters, Matt King, Marama Fox and David Seymour, who legitimised the protest, but should have known better’.

Who is Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa and why is he so qualified to tell us about ourselves?

Dr Hattotuwa comes from Sri Lanka. From 2002 to 2020 he was a senior researcher at the Centre for Policy Alternatives in Sri Lanka which is an organisation devoted to promoting liberal democracy in Sri Lanka. Since 2006 Dr Hattotuwa has also worked for the ICT4Peace Foundation to ‘counter violent extremism online’. To achieve this, ICT4 has worked with, yes you guessed it, among others the World Economic Forum, the NZ Government, and the United Nations.

Dr. Hattotuwa received his doctorate from the University of Otago in 2021 just last year. His thesis examined the intersection of social media, political communication, violence generation and the realisation of Sri Lanka’s democratic potential. In other words his doctoral work examined Sri Lanka.

Yet suddenly in 2022, a mere few months later, Dr. Hattotuwa has become an expert on New Zealand and has been able to identify and deride the failings of NZ opposition politicians such as Winston Peters and David Seymour who dared to ask protestors at Parliament what they were concerned about. Dr Hattotuwa’s opinions have even been quoted by the UK Guardian as representative of NZ public opinion. And as a newly minted research fellow at Te Pūnaha Matatini, he enjoys the full support of the Labour Government!!!

Constitutional safeguards in NZ are missing in action

In 2016, the prestigious International Journal of Constitutional Law based at Oxford University published an article pointing out vulnerabilities in the governance structure of New Zealand:

“The governing arrangements.…combine a highly centralized system of government with formally unlimited legislative authority and strong executive dominance of the activities of the nation’s Parliament. Public decision-making power is concentrated in ways that an observer schooled in the orthodoxies of constitutional design best practice might expect to cause some significant problems.”

The article went on to explain (in 2016) that so far NZ seemed to have avoided these problems. I wonder what they would say in 2022?

The hunt for scapegoats

The Stuff article further reports Dr Hattotuwa as warning us all:

“Once Kiwis start genuinely engaging (on alternative social media platforms), there is nothing we can do to get them back into a shared reality.”

Dr Paul Hunt, Chief Human Rights Commissioner for New Zealand, is quoted by Stuff as concurring, reportedly he said “then there’s the beast that is social media”. Dr. Hunt believes there should be a small, nimble, NZ independent monitoring organisation which can hold social media companies to account.

It is hard to imagine under the current constitutional arrangements in New Zealand how any organisation formed and funded by the government could actually be independent of the government.

Is our government guilty of misinformation?

Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson are joining in this week with calls for accountability and control of social media. If such laws were ever introduced would the government itself be called to account for policies such as these:

  • Why did our government publicly describe mRNA vaccination as completely safe, when they were aware from the beginning of the risk of heart disease?
  • Why did the Ministry of Health decide to refuse exemptions to those injured by their first mRNA inoculation, thereby exceeding the safety recommendations of Pfizer itself.
  • Knowing that mRNA Covid-19 vaccination did little to stop transmission, why did the government impose harsh mandates which have disenfranchised and impoverished a large sector of NZ society, and why are they still continuing with these policies when Omicron is a mild disease adapted to infect the vaccinated?

The list of such government disinformation is a long one, and they must know it. Trying to deflect blame onto others is a classic ploy of the guilty.

What would a sensible precautionary approach look like?

Should precautionary warnings have been issued concerning the risks of heart disease following vaccination right from the start? YES.

But is our government capable of acknowledging updated findings of Covid-19 journal publishing, rather than clinging to their outdated narratives? So far NO.

Some of you may think these are marginal issues which do not affect you. Just reflect for a moment that our NZ government readily calls out government disinformation and human rights violations overseas which sound very similar to those it is promoting here. Ask yourself—is this what I want for our nation going forward? Am I prepared to have plurality and expression stifled? Is there only one truth—government truth? Does that make any sense?

According to Te Pūnaha Matatini, continuing promotion of disinformation is a right wing agenda which poses significant threats to social cohesion, freedom of expression, inclusion, and safety. I wholeheartedly agree. I hope those responsible in our government are brought to account.

Image Credit: Jennie Hatherley

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of dailytelegraph.co.nz.

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  1. ???????????? Arderns on the ropes now guy. I can hear the panic in her comments. The truth is rattling her cage. Interesting video on the w.h.o. plans guy it’s in the comments section under France to lift most COVID restrictions

  2. Tony Fauci has disappeared from public view and is no longer the darling of the US Govt

    Just watched an interview with US Congressman Chris Roy – https://roy.house.gov/ -. He and his Republican colleagues are going after the CDC to release the true facts regarding the vaccine side effects. The Surgeon General is also taking action against CDC. In addition, should the Republicans take back the Congress, they will institute proceedings of Crimes Against Humanity against Fauci, CDC, the current Administration and others

      • That’s weapons grade loopy. You have such a sweet, unquestioning and simple mind. Do you often fall prey to internet scammers?

      • I must admit that since I realised we have all been lied to about things for so many years, I have really started to question so many ‘events’ in the world, from 911 and most recently the Chch terror attack. Would people be so evil that they plot to kill people just so they can implement some new ‘scheme’ on the rest of us? Seems unbelievable and positively evil if it were true….

        Really got me wondering I must say. Question everything right now. I mean why is the guys name not mentioned? Why is he still in NZ? Why did her pull that hand sign in court? Why do some leaders pull hand signs? Yes we see it now and more are waking up too.

        • 911 was nothing but a false flag. A rudimentary knowledge of physics will tell you buildings don’t collapse the way did. It was controlled demolition. It was a pretext to get into Afghanistan to control the poppy fields to support Americas black operations and invade Iraq to steal their oil and to agitate Iran next door. Similar to NATO being right on the door steps of Russia.

      • It was perfect timing, perfectly staged, a hugely powerful message, wholely in context of the current correctness and castrated any possible alternative beliefs other than the narrative which came gushing from a hooded Jacinda, MSM, all politicians (UN governed). Repeated all around the world. What else? Very successful. It was an astonishing news event. Very suspicious. Skeptical me.

      • I beieve it to be staged…..how long after this event did Jasinister get on the front pages of world news and magazines as the “Kind and emphatic Leader”, which won her the leadership. Total staging and wonder how much she paid the muslim people to keep quiet and how much she profited from Klaus Schwab!!!!!

        • It’s sick and disturbing to think that anyone would go that far and people lose their lives to get support for political reasons.

          I am however after this fake pandemic, left questioning everything.

  3. At some point the MSM will not be able to cover for Jacinda the corrupt , liar who is deliberately wrecking NZ.
    This is achieved by using Fear ( Covid ) , Coercion ( mandates ) and Apartheid policy ( IWI veto over health & 3 waters to divide we the people.
    These are policies from the Marxist playbook to which Ardern is a fully paid up member.
    PS where is Clarke Gayford , I understand he is wearing new ankle jewellery

    • So true. People should read Section 9 of the Pfizer contact with Govt and how sovereign right will be taken away. 3 Waters is to be used as collateral to pay the Pfizer bill. Exactly as what happened in Brazil with their telecommunications infrastructure now owned by Pfizer. Pfizer ultimately owns media works – follow the ownership trail through Discovery. We also know that Ardern (and Luxon) have strong ties with the World Economic Forum. Check out their website and latest press release where they make it clear they want to create division between White and Black in the USA and similar division elsewhere. I feel sorry for Maori who got sucked into getting paid $350 per jab and $125 per test. Based on Manurewa Maraes own figures, thats $15m. Hone Harawira has gone quiet – I wonder why

      • Man you’re loopy! This is great stuff! Can you please link in George Soros though? Otherwise you’re right on brand!

        • I know right? dude…. bro…. But who’s George Soros? Isn’t he a figment of everyone’s imagination? Love your use of exclamation marks, so on point! Lol. he he he

        • I also heard George Soros was Hilarious Clinton aka hamster face’s BFF. The man who will change this world! Orwellenian alright

          • Wow, “Hamster face”. Really great burn! You should stay an onlooker bro, it’s embarrassing when you try and help out.

          • It’s fortunate that I am an onlooker. I’m not in this carstrated hell hole that used to be NZ So I will be just that, an onlooker.

          • No. I just left to go somewhere else to have my rights back and this is what Guy is talking about. You Don’t belong here. I do.

  4. I’ve seen comments from medics saying they expect to see and increase in heart disease as a result of COVID-19 infection. I don’t think there is necessarily an error in that statement. However, to assume that 100% of future heart disease issues are to do with the virus rather than the vaccine lacks any credibility. In order to get some people listening, it’s important to acknowledge that sure, COVID 19 can lead to future heart issues – but then add, and sure, vaccination with mRNA also can lead to future heart issues. Bret Weinstein has given a hypothesis on why myocarditis occurs – it’s worth a listen. Finally, it seems to me the people in power will NEVER accept ANY responsibility for the catastrophic public health decisions made over the last 2 years. The politicians will blame the academics and the academics will say they relied on the pharma companies and the pharma companies will point to their contracts. The WHO and others will say they acted on the best science at the time. The best answer for all of us is to prevent a global approach being taken again. De-globalisation is the only answer.

  5. TPTB do not like the truth. Check this out!
    Two news stories this week reveal how the federal government plans to treat COVID “misinformation” as a crime, and what role tech companies will play in rounding up the “criminal.”

    This is truly frightening.

    Two U.S. Senators this week introduced a bill to provide tech companies cover via legislation that could make it possible for Congress to “legalize” censorship and criminalize First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

    Here’s a press release describing the bill:

    “U.S. Senators Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), both members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, on Wednesday introduced legislation to counter the threat that misinformation and disinformation pose to public health as evidenced by the widespread false narratives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “The Promoting Public Health Information Act would support efforts across the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with outside stakeholders to communicate effectively during a public health emergency and address health misinformation.”

    Hope they plan on arresting themselves ha ha ha

    • Yeah, they can pass whatever censorship laws they want now, it won’t make a difference to me.

      All faith in the ruling class, their media and their medical establishment is gone out the window. I will never trust any of them again, not even if they’re the only source. ESPECIALLY if they’re the only source.


    • “The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There’s no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable.”

      Arundhati Roy

  6. The moderators here are not really committed to freedom of speech and open debate are they? They appear interested in peddling a specific line of anti vax misinformation. How hypocritical.

  7. “Google Emmanual Golstein. That’s who George Soros is, bro!”

    I thought Soros changed his name from Schwartz to Soros.

    What’s with the “bro” crap?

    • Soros is THE BOOGEYMAN!!! The thing about you people is that everything gas to be spelled out for you, or you just don’t get it. It’s sweet, bro.

    • Yes. György Schwartz,(quite right Anonomous (1 ?), a Hungarian, fled to America at the age of 14 with ill gotten gains from and after betraying his neighbours to the Nazis. Just another monster. Yes we know Anonymous and not some Orwellian fictional character as you point to but his agenda is to change the world in a fiendish way thinking he’s fully entitled to because he has an untold amount of wealth and he can.

        • Thank you Russian Troll. No I’m not scared of the “Boogyman” or boogie nights or anything else that’s boogy. Lol. I just like to have my rights back please.

          • Thanks Russian Troll, at the moment we are mostly concerned with our own government who are eroding our rights. Also why don’t you go and make yourself feel very good physically very rapidly because you wear a hat that is full of excrement.


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