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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Jacinda Ardern leads the way with disinformation

Ardern disinformation news

Jacinda Ardern, who has escaped the continuing restrictions in New Zealand to visit Europe and speak at NATO, has met with her counterparts in France and Spain to suggest a global alliance to combat disinformation.

Ardern spoke to them about the New Zealand capital grounds riot and played to her gullible audience by suggesting the threat to social cohesion and public health in New Zealand society was originating in Russia and might result in war.

Ardern has had talks with President Macron which reportedly included disinformation. I am not sure that the events in Wellington would have qualified as a riot in France. There were no molotov cocktails of the kind you see in the frequent French protests, mostly people were playing music, engaging in conversations, and enjoying camping out, whilst standing up for their rights—something legally allowed in New Zealand. I suspect that Macron probably relied on Ardern as his ‘one source of truth’ when it came to descriptions of NZ riots (??).

How is it possible that our lame duck prime minister can swan about in the military circles of Europe making outrageous claims about New Zealand society without being challenged by our press? Quite the reverse, Stuff newspaper seemed to enjoy reporting Ardern’s sensational characterisations of NZ protests.

It seems to me that many of the world’s current leaders are busy winding each other up with more and more outrageous exaggerations which only serve to up the fear factor among themselves. They are victims of disinformation, but it appears to be of their own making—acting like villagers rushing about in a panic when someone shouts out ‘snake’ when they have only seen a rope.

In such a panicked atmosphere, it is hard to strike up a rational conversation with our politicians. All parties have firmly closed the door to two-way communication with their constituents on pandemic policy. Public information has become limited to a succession of carefully-crafted, government-approved sound bites, which fade rapidly together into an aggregation of false interpretations and assumptions which inevitably take root in our social psyche.

We are daily schooled to be afraid. We are in the middle of a pandemic (??), which is clearly now milder than flu, promoting a vaccine (??) which doesn’t work and causes severe adverse effects. We are religiously trained to wear masks which studies show don’t work, whose constant use is proven to cause headaches and respiratory defects. Our every move is being tracked by Apps which collect our personal data that can and are being misused.

For more than a year I have been writing at the HatchardReport.com long format refutations of disinformation being promoted by our government. I have consistently referenced my work to published scientific work in learned journals. Unfortunately solid information in the modern age has become fleeting and quickly forgotten.

No sooner have you shot down one canard such as the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines (they are not effective and don’t deserve the name vaccine) through reference to many studies, than a government advertising campaign starts up, as it did this week, telling the public in 30 seconds that mRNA vaccination provides greater protection than anything (yes anything) natural immunity can provide. Clearly the government’s advertising copywriters did not read this British Medical Journal article and couldn’t care less about the truth.

It is a rather one sided battle if the government has paid the media to report their false story and exclude your referenced discussion. It becomes an organised campaign to deceive the public when the referenced work of scientists is labelled disinformation likely to start a war by our prime minister. The absurdity should make us laugh, but the depth of modern psychological propaganda is being exploited to the full. It is no longer a laughing matter.

The Hatchard Report is available as a record and referenced source of science reporting intended to alert the public to the risks of novel biotechnology. Our public health authorities have never informed us honestly about the long term risks. Despite the effective collapse of early evidence compiled and widely publicised by Pfizer PR campaigns, our government has doubled down on mRNA vaccine use. Apparently our health czars have decided to follow the government and ignore the accumulating evidence of harm. It can’t be ignored any longer. They have to stand up to the government disinformation storm.

Last week I reported on a paper co-authored by Prof. Sander Greenland, perhaps one of the most experienced statisticians/epidemiologists in the world. He found a 50% increase in serious adverse events in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated group in the Pfizer trial. The authors point out that this finding is consistent with the findings of pharmacovigilance databases in Europe and the US. They also show that the risk of these adverse outcomes exceeds any possible benefit from reduced Covid-19 hospitalization.

Another article along the same lines is a case-control study from France, which found an 8-fold increase in myocarditis after the 2nd Pfizer injection, compared to millions of controls from the French population.

This is consistent with findings in other areas of the world. For example, a recent study of myocarditis & pericarditis from Hong Kong, found a rate of myopericarditis of 37 per 100,000. This is equivalent to 1 case per 2,700 male adolescents injected with dose 2 of Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

There are always going to be many unknowns associated with evolving scientific assessment, but there is accumulating evidence of substantial harm from the Pfizer injection which is accruing from several independent sources. The long term risks should not and cannot be hidden from the public any longer. Nor should the government be allowed to continue making false assertions of safety and efficacy contrary to scientific fact. The misleading saturation advertising and the public posturing of our prime minister has become a scandal and an embarrassment to our nation.

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  1. Narcissist Jabcinda claimed “She never lied”. She also claimed “She is the only source of correct info for Pfizer jabs”. With the support of the MSM and government funded low quality academics, a narcissist was honoured with a doctor of law. It is only a matter of time, canonization into sainthood will occur irrespective of her beliefs.

    Will you call the above as correct information or disinformation?

    • lol Opinions are interpreted as information and then classified into correct or false info. Jacinda is not an expert in anything other than psychological manipulation, and so it is just her opinion, which is not shared by millions of public and real experts when it comes to the “safe and effective” opinion of the Pfizer jab.

      • Jacinda is no expert in psychological manipulation, she is simply a gas-lighter, this is obvious. The script she is following comes from outside of New Zealand and as you would have noticed this script has been followed by most Western leaders in the last two years. They are all following the same script, given by the WEF, on behalf of the bankers. This is the result of ideological manipulation by the WEF and bankers of political ideology over many decades. They play a long game but it can be reversed as it has been many times in history. When that occurs they simply start the game again. This game is 2000 years old and counting.


        • Spot on. The same script is followed by all Western PMs or Presidents! The language is very American and comes from White House Press Release and monkeys like Jabcinda just regurgitate that to their own audience.
          Its frightening to see how much of a puppet nation we have become under this woman. From financially supporting neo nazis in Ukraine to going out of her way to damage our relationship with China, our biggest trading partner. NZ would be seriously screwed if China starts to push back and starts to put tariff on our exports.

        • One thing I can’t understand, how many people actually voted for the extreme left to control us? How stupid is NZ? Einstein said: The 3 great forces which rules the world are, stupidity, fear and great and we have it all.
          Italian voters gone towards a little normality. Don’t worry National is not going to be better.

      • Jab sin da is a Tyrannical Genocidal Criminal and needs to be brought to justice. Why ? because she paid hush money to the parents whose children died from the jab knowing damn well that is exactly what killed them. She is the 2022 version of Dr Josef Mengele. The Nuremburg Codes were enacted in 1947 to prevent this type of Genocide ever happening again. Jacinda Ardern and her minions have violated these Codes many times over. They are evil personified and you cant tell me anything different or dispute that fact. Did you know that the only penalty listed for violating the Nuremburg Codes is hanging ?

  2. She was so concerned about shootings she banned some guns but happy to talk up a war,a war with countries that without us hiding behind Uncle Sam could wipe out our pathetic armed forces in minutes.The dumb bitch is hitching her wagon to the wrong horse

    • She is brown nosing for a free trade agreement, which I personally don’t agree with. Maybe she can gas-light the New Zealand public with her bought media, but she cannot gas-light Europe or EU politicians.

  3. Yep the truth aka disinformation is alive and well in nz. To travel overseas to chew the fat of bulshit with old wef school mates and to bleat to anyone who will listen about the spread of misinformation and the negative effect it is having on her agenda to get people to take a potentially life threatening jab is becoming a global issue. People are waking up the nwo is losing momentum and these globalists are gathering together regularly. They have a time line to get this done and anything or anyone that is in their way through protest or speech has to be shut down. I heard that the nz government will hold our children at school for 3days with out parents consent in a forced lockdown and that parents will not be able to get their children out has anyone heard about this???

  4. It seems to me that we are in a transition from a unipolar world led by the USA (itself steered by the super rich from the City of London and Wall Street) to a multipolar world with Russia, China and the USA as poles. In principle, and in the longer term, a multipolar world should work better for small countries like NZ, as the poles compete for influence. But the western leadership doesn’t want any defections from their camp, and the coronavirus policies and the general disinformation (eg about what is happening in Eastern Europe) are part of the effort to implement a control system to prevent us from unhitching our wagon from the waning empire.

  5. I think we should cosy up to China, ditch 5 eyes, open the refinery, use Chinese ships to import oil from Venezuela or Iran and give the USA the bird. Also Putin is right. Ukraine needs to be DE Nazified. Hitler promised a thousand-year Reich. Is Jacinda now promoting a fourth and fifth Reich? I don’t remember voting for another Reich. Mind you the Jacinda Reich started some time ago. Come on New Zealanders, lets get our freedom back!

  6. Thank you Guy and Daily Telegraph.
    So grateful to courageous people like you who tell the truth publicly, regardless.
    Kia kaha. New Zealand needs hundreds more people, truth tellers, real journalists, in the media like you.

    “I am for truth, no matter who tells it.
    I am for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.”
    Malcolm X

    • murmur…to grumble, mutter v. also a noun – a hum, low pitched continuous noise….so now peoples’ truths ( and each and every individual has their own perspective ) are “Information Disorders”. Incredible.

  7. See also in Stuff where New Zealand has quietly passed a law making the US-based ‘Proud Boys’ and ‘The Base’ designated ‘terrorist organisations’…
    We know the election in the US had votes for Trump suddenly transferred over to Biden; we saw the vote count halt, on our TV’s here in NZ, and when the count resumed, Trump lost votes and Biden suddenly gained what Trump lost!!!!~ That is a total, truthful fact!
    The Proud Boys and ‘The Base’ (the ‘Base’ being the patriot base and Trump conservative supporters in the US…) are actually proving the corruption not only in the US, but globally!
    Read the description of the impetus, that sharing info with others thru their platforms, YOU / WE could be designated as a ‘terrorist entity’! Then, the visits by Police, etc and being hauled off to be detained indefinitely to a ‘Re-education Camp’ then becomes reality in due course.
    This is cause for concern, especially for those organisations like Voices for Freedom, Counterspin NZ, Outdoors & Freedom Party, etc. as these plus a few other media entities provide the truth to New Zealanders thru alternative media.
    Hence, IF one were to send new evidence and documentation with regards to vaccines, Covid, political corruption and criminality in government, does that mean we are all ‘designated terrorists’????
    The real terrorists are in Wellington, D.C., London, Berlin, Toronto, Paris, Kiev, etc.where they continue to foment war against Russia when the Russians acted to stop the threats to their country by the West’s encroachment when the West ignored the Minsk Agreement.
    The ‘Designated Terrorist Organisations’ outlawed here in NZ will no doubt have a growing list of organisations and people added to it for exposing the Covid fraudulent plandemic, the WEF / IMF / NWO tenents, or anything that goes against the criminal lying efforts being perpetrated on the NZ Citizenry and public by MSM and the toothy spew that spills from the mouth of certain people in ‘power’…locally and globally!
    See the Steve Oliver and Liz Gunn expose over on Utube Kiwi. re; the very broken health care system, just another tool to reduce thepopulations due to lack or ORCHESTRATED health care!


    • NZ has become an Ameerican colony. Same is the case with the Western Euopean countries. Global elite control the American political elite who in turn control all other political elites. These countries have no real sovereignty at all. She is not a true left winger or communist either. Just an agent for the NWO pushed by the global rich who wants to destroy the economies creating just two classes people. Fility richness and abject poverty. Kiwi financial system and assets are not sovereign at all. Private debt in NZ is very high and the governmet debt has also more than doubled under Jabcinda (who is the public face for the pawn broking by Global rich).

  9. High debt can be useful in a period of high inflation if the debt is used to purchase assets which will increase in value. But unfortunately this government just wasted the money and screwed the country.

    • Hope there is not a big shake somewhere in a big city like Wellington. Jabcinda wasted all our capital and we will have to borrow billions if Wellington or other big cities face a big shake. Printing money is not going to help again. Grand Robber and Jabcinda created a huge financial risk to the country.

  10. Wow. Jacinda ‘the single source of truth’ has the nerve to accuse others of spreading disinformation. Unbelievable!!!

    She’s got balls, I’ll give her that 🙂

  11. It’s been interesting watching the speedy demise of Jabcinda’s fake empathic brand. it just goes to show that deception, PR and propaganda only work for a very limited time.

    Tony Blair had precisely the same outcome in the UK. in the end everybody realised that the actions simply didn’t match the words. Tony is now the most reviled ex-politician in the UK, Jabcinda’s fate will be the same. Unfortunately her legacy of social division and economic destruction will take decades to repair.

  12. Mr Luxon has no answers to repair Ja sin das economic destruction either just more of the same. I knew when Helen Clarke caved in to John Howards unilateral decision to exclude Kiwis from Austs. citizenship rights in 2001 that NZ was a lost cause and left never to return. Everything that has happened since has just got gradually worse until NZ as it is today is tettering on becoming a failed State. The reason ? no one will admit or the ex pats I speak to today want to admit is that NZ has had no real leadership for the last 70 years. NZ just bounces from one decade to the next dictated to by the IMF UN WHO and of late the WEF NWO and the US. Just another little frog in the swamp.


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