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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: The Strange Case of the Gates Foundation, the US CDC, and our NZ Health Data

Gates Foundation news

How NZ cooperated with a global biotech vaccine experiment

The record rates of excess all-cause mortality in highly vaccinated countries including New Zealand show that a disaster has expanded silently and spread rapidly fanned by biotechnology lobbying and government sponsored pandemic policies. How did this happen? (If you have heretofore closed your eyes and ears, mind or heart to the accumulating scientific evidence of Covid vaccine harm published in journals, but now you wish to catch up, you can reference this succinct review on substack). 

The Gates Foundation, the CDC, and our NZ health data

On Tuesday 2nd November 2021, almost a year ago, there was a meeting of the NZ Covid-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (CV-TAG) upon which the government relies for pandemic advice. The Chair of the group is Dr. Ian Town, Chief Science Advisor to the government. There were nine members present including Dr. Petousis-Harris, a vaccinologist at the University of Auckland who also advises Pfizer (an obvious conflict of interest), plus eight officials from the Ministry of Health, and four other guests.

Sitting in on the meeting as a guest was Mr. John Tait, an obstetrician, the interim director and Chief Medical Officer of Te Whata Ora—Health New Zealand which was soon to take over the entire health system of New Zealand, taking it out of the diversified control of District Health Boards and into the direct control of the Government.

The meeting was taking place just a few days after Jacinda Ardern with the full support of the Covid-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (19 October minutes point 3.0) announced sweeping Covid vaccine mandates affecting private and public sectors with the intention of 100% compliance (it would eventually reach close to 95% of the eligible population, among the highest in the world). Ardern would soon publicly admit that the aim was to make life very difficult for anyone who refused vaccination.

Point 8.3 in the minutes of the 2nd Nov 2021 meeting released under an OIA request is entitled Research Extension: Establishing a foundation for monitoring the safety of Covid-19 vaccines using primary care data. It was approved that the University of Auckland be allowed to extend a research project to establish background rates of adverse events of special interest (AESI) of COVID-19 vaccines from hospital discharge data and enable a foundation for monitoring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines using New Zealand primary care data.

The research project referred to is a partnership between the University of Auckland and the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) to monitor adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines around the world. Dr Petousis-Harris is co-director of GVDN which has been funded by the Gates Foundation and the US CDC. 

The GVDN website says it is aiming to set up global surveillance infrastructure capable of responding to safety signals post-introduction of Covid-19 vaccines. This sounds like a laudable organisation intent on protecting public health, but.…

The other co-director of GVDN is US vaccine advocate Dr. Stephen Black emeritus professor University of Cincinnati, a pediatric infectious disease specialist. In an interview he paints a radically different picture of GVDN and indicates it is actually an organisation primarily aimed to fight vaccine hesitancy:

“While vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine communication have become global, the ability to respond to such concerns has remained largely fractured, without coordination between countries. This project is a game-changer. Through its scale, transparency, timeliness and open communication [???], it will contribute to vaccine confidence around the world.”

It is easy to appreciate what a prize access to NZ health data seemed to be for an organisation devoted to combating vaccine hesitancy and to their sponsors including the Gates Foundation and the US CDC. A remote nation with a team of five million people prepared to:

  • Close their borders completely to travel, 
  • Use a single vaccine, 
  • Coerce the entire population to be vaccinated 
  • Collect centralised data from a universal healthcare system
  • Largely refuse vaccine exemptions
  • Seize any potential competing treatments such as ivermectin at customs.

What a contrast to the US, which has a diverse private healthcare system, a porous border, a wide range of treatments, a multiplicity of available vaccines, and a population with a tradition of freedom of medical choice.

Almost a year has gone by since GVDN was uniquely granted access to New Zealand’s primary health care data. Data that has not been made publicly available in our own country. Essential safety data that has been repeatedly requested by NZ researchers but remains hidden. During this time, our all cause mortality has risen to record levels close to 35% above seasonally adjusted historical trends but the New Zealand public has been given no comprehensive and accurate information about its cause by GVDN who have the data, despite its stated aim to respond to safety signals. 

To establish the cause of the unprecedented rate of all cause mortality and the potential impact of vaccination on health, a researcher would need details of vaccination status and cause of death or hospital admission data  broken down by age. In other words the primary healthcare data that GVDN has access to. 

Has GVDN gone largely quiet because the data shows that something has gone terribly wrong with vaccine safety?

The silence is deafening, few if any New Zealanders are aware that GVDN exists. The main source of public information is repeated government funded advertisements encouraging booster uptake along with fawning MSM articles. New Zealanders have been deliberately kept in the dark.

From the meagre information and bland safety assurances the government and MSM have publicised, it is hard to escape the notion that those with medical authority including establishment scientific bodies are happy for pandemic causal investigation to be either oversimplified for public consumption as solely the result of  ‘Covid infection’ or remain largely out of the public domain.

There are some really big questions here. How much was NZ government pandemic policy coordinated to suit the agenda of Pfizer, the Gates Foundation, and the US CDC? Ardern made an abrupt change between September 21st 2021 when she said there would be no penalties for the unvaccinated and October 11th 2021 when she introduced coercive mandates. What changed her mind? Was a decision taken in this period to view the New Zealand public as suitable participants in a global study? 

The dangers are obvious. CV-TAG, the Ministry of Health, the government, and the University of Auckland handed over information vital for vaccine safety monitoring to an unregulated global body—GVDN—committed to eradicate vaccine hesitancy. Had the main players, including Ardern, began to aspire to leading roles in a naisant proto-global crusading medical decision-making structure? 

It is startling how, in such an unregulated global organisation, the health and safety of national populations such as ours can begin to take a backseat. Had the offered carrot to become ‘a world leader in suppressing vaccine hesitancy and proving the efficacy and safety of novel biotechnology’ swayed minds to the extent that accepted standards of caution, medical ethics, and public safety could be fudged?

Just how far will the government and the medical establishment be prepared to go to sweep excess deaths data under the carpet?

This week the Justice Committee tabled a Coroners Amendment Bill for public consultation. The public has until Wednesday at the latest to make a submission here. Among its key provisions the Bill would make it clear that:

‘Coroners could record a cause of death as “unascertained natural causes” if they considered that the death was from natural causes and no further investigation was required under the Act’

In other words, coroners might be able to ease off in their traditional role to diligently pursue a cause of death. Yet any reliable mortality research requires that cause of death be made available as accurately as possible. Enabling coroners to record “unascertained natural causes” as a cause of death diminishes the availability of information vital for basic research on public health and vaccine safety. 

At a time when dietary and environmental inputs and medical procedures are rapidly changing, it is essential that all possible efforts be made to ensure as much information be made available to researchers. Instead such access to the needed NZ health data has been quietly granted to GVDN, a global organisation with the avowed aim of tackling vaccine hesitancy.

Despite this, it remains true that deaths do not go away, they may at first be ignored, swept under the carpet, or labelled ‘unascertained’, but if excess mortality builds up, as it has, an unstoppable natural process to restore the balance of truth is set in motion. People care about their children, their families, and their loved ones. They don’t forget.

Any organisation which seeks to hide information will eventually be scrutinised. An accounting is inevitable. It may be postponed for a while, but the greater the contrived delay, the greater the perceived error. 

How did those promoting mRNA vaccination get it so wrong?

Those who in November 2021 handed over NZ health data access were no doubt expecting a success story to unfold which would win themselves and New Zealand global plaudits and prestige. They got it wrong because they misunderstood the basic science and the safety issues of biotechnology (for more information watch my video The Pandemic of Biotechnology).

It is now clear that the toxicity of novel genetic material and its mobility were underestimated from the origin of the pandemic through to the rapid development of gene-based vaccines. More importantly the complexity and hierarchy of genetic command and control systems in the physiology were misunderstood and oversimplified. 

Certainly, it was realised that single genes do not have a single function. Genetic material and epigenetic partner structures are known to have multiple functions and to act in consort with other genes-based systems, but how many interlocking functions there are in the complexity of human physiology was radically underestimated.

Moreover it was assumed that microbiological processes, which constantly clean up errors, foreign bodies, pathogens, and expended biomolecules, would be able to cope with injected genetic instructions and limit the extent of their influence in physiological and societal space, and over time. This assumption has proved to be in error.

The overly simplified theoretical understanding of mRNA action, and the very few experiments to assess this, were wholly inadequate to model actual in vivo processes and potential adverse effects. Moreover negative outcomes were hidden. These have now become apparent as a result of the court-ordered release of Pfizer trial data. Data that has confirmed concerning deaths following vaccination.

What are the lessons?

Poorly-scienced public health ideas and commercial pressures have been hard at work. Naive biotech health expectations fuelled by public relations stories have played a role. Biotech vaccine innovation rapidly became a financial juggernaut whose profits exceeded commercial projections by at least ten fold. This attracted hot and greedy investment money, some of it shared by media ownership platforms. Access to New Zealand data became a prized target.

There is very little that commands respect or confidence in the pandemic response, and much to criticise. Missing in the rush to novel biomedical technology, is a clear understanding of the roots of health. Our health is 99% determined by our diet, lifestyle, environment, the air we breathe, and above all by our mental equilibrium. Those in charge of New Zealand’s health chose to ignore these strong time-tested natural defences as they enrolled us all, including our children, in a giant biotech experiment.

In a symbolic and very real way the pandemic is the beginning of the end for our medical systems, as we have known them. It was caused by all the inherent contradictions in our profit-orientated pharmaceutical/medical system, which allowed lax control of biotechnology research. Thinking that biotechnology can solve everything will always be remembered as an example of the hubris and greed of the human race. As a result we must become more respectful and more aware of the enormous complexity and protective efficiency of natural immunity and unmodified human genetics.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Foundation for Population Control, relabelled as Gates Foundation later on, is on track. JabSinDa, the globlaist agent and mascot for WEF, is also on track. This is not any conspiracy theory and even before the covid scamdemic, this was made known and the MSM pundits called it as ‘conspiracy theory’. Cost of living in NZ has gone throiugh the roof and the trend will continue for many months to come. The consequence is that nutrious food, vegetables and fruits, becomes very expensive and so many will be opting for cheap unhelathy food, which will again speed up the population control objective. Unborn babies are also killed at a record rate, thaks to JabSinDa’s “progressive” aka satanist agenda. By next year this time, life is going to get very tough for kiwis. JabSinda will be the top scorer among the WEF puppet leaders I think.

  2. The fact that only a single “vax” product was allowed in our island nation with closed borders was one of the first red flags for me in an endless parade. Smelled immediately like a great experimental setup. I cannot see how people cannot see this.

  3. Is any new Govt going to tell all? Yeah Nah Haha
    I see energy costs in Italy have gone up 600% and the Nazi based parties will heve the balance of power

  4. That’s the problem with being New Zealand, we are the perfect test bed for all sorts of plans and nefarious schemes by those who would be masters of the World. If we ever learn to say “no” it won’t come soon enough. That our own data is available to overseas interests to seal our fate, and denied New Zealand citizens who would fight on our behalf is beyond any form of comprehension. It’s a bloody joke.! Please someone wake me from this nightmare… ????

  5. The fact that they’re scrambling to change laws in order to cover their own arses smacks of corruption and illegitimacy. Welcome to the USSRNZ.

    Every day all I see is more and more confirmation that I’ve made the correct choices. I will continue to dismiss and ignore every word they say.

  6. The lesson is mainstream political parties in New Zealand are mostly untrustworthy and should not be elected ever again. Of course the usual morons will trot out and vote for them anyway.

  7. Thanks again. The demonic evil ones mentioned, including Ardern, will get their proper reward (hopefully soon.)
    Testing of “vaccines” for population destruction is now reduced to using a set of 8 mice!

  8. Yes the ‘problem’ with making New Zealand a test case is that when something goes wrong you cannot hide it. The govt may think they have got away with mandating the population to take dodgy vaccines but one thing they cannot hide, even the coroners cannot hide it, is the number of deaths. Dead people are dead. The fact 35% more people died (Of whatever cause) after rolling out a vaccine still under trial to 95% (so they say) of the eligible population is something this evil govt can not hide.

    There are many people out there now who took the vaccine for whatever reason and boy are they angry. Especially when they realise it’s useless, and their mates who didn’t take it aren’t getting sick.

  9. I asked my horse ???? ???? ????: Is it worth having Myocarditis to avoid a runny nose or sore throat?
    My only source of truth nodded Yes.
    I didnt ask any of the bugs ???????????????? because they are going to be my food in future.
    We all have to follow the science oops ????????????.
    ???????????? ????????????????????????

  10. The Bible writes of this, in revelations 18:23” And all nations will be deceived by the pharmika”,
    Boy did the Bible get that right on!
    Jacinda surely has read the most popular book in the world…?…..?.I think we all should send her a copy of the Bible in black and white

  11. The ‘Covid Vaccines’ are killing people and the Govt. is covering it up. This is now being proved in the US and other countries. The NZ Labour Party are now tainted forever with this stigma. The Govt. knew damn well the vaccine was killing men women and children and is still maiming them for life. They are guilty of participation in a mass Genocide by offering in some cases up to 450k hush money to the parents of children who died after getting the jab. I hope the parents realise that by accepting the hush money and not speaking up that they are also guilty of the Genocide. The Govt. need to be held to account over this they are on the wrong side of God. But will they ever be investigated or prosecuted ? The NZ Govt. sicken me with their free loading self serving attitude for instance as to the casualties in the Ukraine and how callous Russia is or China’s hard line on its people. All the while the NZ Govt. are guilty of the some of the worlds most repulsive and heinous crimes like using military grade weapons on peaceful protestors, presiding over with iron fist authority the worlds longest lockdown in history on the Tokelau Islands and the killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands of its own citizens they self gained on for a flawed ideology. Yeah here’s looking at you NZ Govt.

  12. Quite clearly all of our organizations at the top are corrupt, they interfered in Sue Greys court case. The governments legal team convinced the judge they didn’t have to answer Sues questions. They also said if she won, they would just change the laws. I hope we at least have the numbers on our side now. I wondered why people are not being taken to court eg Jounalists, the medical council, doctors, injectors. It is because it costs $100,000 minimum and takes two years. There was an injunction early on, the judge was paranoid about COVID-19 and basically agreed to try the injections out on a limited amount of people. MOH or Medsafe said they can’t support these injections because there was no short term, medium term or long-term data. But the government had already ordered millions so what are they to do? Then they got Pfizer involved and they agreed to keep them updated as the trial went on. Medsafe and MOH and the rest of the government agreed to turn the public into lab rats, even using coercion and two classes of people pure evil. They didn’t tell the public this information and we had a lot more information on top of this. https://www.brighteon.com/227c1993-e762-4258-948f-9a28ccbab95d https://rumble.com/vm6o27-dr.-carrie-madej-exposes-the-covid-vaxx-what-is-in-it-and-what-it-is-going-.html https://odysee.com/@SolacoMan:c/The-Biggest-Crime-Ever-Committed-on-Humanity-(Covid-Vaccines)-Christine-Anderson-(German-MP)-EU-Parliament-05-July-2022-(3-min-video):0


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