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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: The tide may be beginning to turn, but most are pressing on regardless

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The publication and analysis of damning official data from the UK, Israel, and all points of the compass (see here and here) has established that Covid vaccination is driving adverse effects and all-cause deaths on an unprecedented scale. 

Suddenly a few officials are offering apologies. Dr Rochelle Walensky, Director of the US CDC, told us last week that they had got their pandemic response wrong.

The adverse effects and death data is so definitive that lawyers are warning officials to change tack or face prosecution. A law firm in Australia has warned AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority) that they were breaking the law when they forbade doctors and other health professionals from publicly questioning the science underlying the emerging COVID-19 injectables.

Even Google owned YouTube is quietly changing its censorship policy. You are now allowed to post a video asserting that masks don’t work, previously your work would have been deleted. However a school in mask-loving California called the police when a four year old took off his mask and refused to put it back on. He was taken home by the police and excluded from school for a week.

In the UK, the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) advised the government to approve the new bivalent Moderna mRNA Covid vaccine. What were they thinking? They did so without adequate safety data, apparently on the basis that we have done it once and got away with it, so why not have another go? View a list of guilty JCVI members here.

An article in the Washington Post entitled “Your first brush with coronavirus could affect how a booster works” reprinted in Stuff illustrates just how far scientists are willing to go in order to retain their options to experiment on the general population. 

The nuanced discussion claims that mRNA vaccines were initially spectacularly successful (???), but concedes that they no longer work because of immune system imprinting (aka original antigenic sin), and even goes as far as admitting they almost certainly won’t work in future. 

Even so, it quotes scientists urging the development and use of revamped mRNA technology including bivalent vaccines, nasal vaccines, vaccines at birth, and vaccines tailored to individuals (none of which according to the article are likely to work very well, if at all). 

Crucially the article makes no mention of adverse effects of RNA vaccination or rising excess all-cause deaths, instead scientists argue that the pandemic response has not worked but has been overall “a good thing”—an oxymoron. They must be really worried about the longevity of their research grants, but not so worried about the longevity of the world’s population.

The most memorable quote from the article is in the last sentence: Christian Gaebler, an assistant professor of clinical investigation at the Rockefeller University says: “If someone says they fully understood this, they would be lying.” 

Here in little New Zealand the penny has not yet dropped among the general public. Why would it? Over 90% of the population are Pfizer vaccinated and the unvaccinated have been publicly designated (by all political parties, the government, MSM, and academia) as terrorists determined to make the country ungovernable. Any public u-turn would be immensely embarrassing.

New Zealand has become party-central for government overreach. Herd-immunity, adverse effects of mRNA vaccination, and lab-leak theories have all been officially labelled by a government funded research institution as baseless conspiracy theories. MSM have elevated the charge to treason.

All three of these concepts are the subject of copious academic publishing and debate. Excluding them from public discussion or labelling them as false amounts to an attempt to subvert the scientific process. A couple of days ago Brett Sutton, Chief Medical Officer of the Australian state of Victoria, tweeted that the lab leak theory was proven false beyond doubt. He doesn’t appear to be following science publishing. 

See for example this analysis which argues that recently published studies advocating a zoonotic origin of Covid-19 suffered from ascertainment bias. In other words, their case sampling concentrated around the Wuhan Seafood Market because scientists assumed from the outset that it must have begun there. As a result they omitted to cast a wider sampling net which might have disproved the theory. Statistically equivalent to asking only train drivers if they liked railways, then concluding that all people like railways. 

From this point, any politician, media outlet, or health professional who continues to claim the universal safety and effectiveness of Covid vaccination and its applicability for the young has either neglected to inform themselves or they are being willfully misleading. 

Anyone who casually blames climate change, holiday heart syndrome, or a host of other excuses for the rising rate of all cause deaths is not only barking up the wrong tree, but they are also confusing the public and obstructing the course of justice.

I am surprised NZ media reprinted the Washington Post article, it doesn’t fit with their prior publishing, but then again maybe the tide is beginning to turn even here. We are still waiting for a public discussion offering honest and complete information about risks in a form that can be readily understood.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. NZ media has lots of stenographers who just republish from the Corporate media. Not sure whether they are forced to do with the low rates for hosting their newspapers on Corporate servers. It is all part of the propaganda which is centrally made and all the mockingbird media repeat it.

  2. Sorry Guy I couldn’t bring myself to read the Stuff article, I refuse out of principle to give them my clicks as I feel that only encourages them!

    I have no doubt the govt will start to slowly backtrack as it becomes glaringly obvious the sickest people are the jabbed ones and the boostered are the ones dying. Our excess mortality is up and that is something that cannot be hidden. With respect the the shortages of employees, I think that because a lot of vaccine injured people are no longer able to work, this has contributed to the employment shortages.

    With respect to the 90% vaccinated claims. I have always questioned this. 90% of what exactly? The ELIGIBLE population at the time which I believe did not include children under 18. So what could that figure be? Anyones guess I reckon and who really believes the govt was telling the truth?

    I have also heard a rumour that health mandates are being dropped here at the end of September. I hope this is true because that means some staff can be immediately reemployed. If not then it is clear the Government is stubbornly prepared to let its own citizens die in understaffed hospitals while capable and qualified people sit at home with their hands tied. It’s criminal. People are dying from under diagnosis and not being able to access treatment- more so that those actually dying from ‘covid’’. I think we all largely accept now , that whatever covid is, be it a lab made cold mutation or the relabeled flu, a mask and the jab will not stop you from getting it and lockdowns only delay the inevitable and cause more deaths and destruction that the ‘virus’ itself.

    The whole situation is a mess and if the Govt thought we would be compliant then they really unleashed some whoop arsh on themselves as people have woken up at a great rate of knots due to the lies and deceit. I am not one to cause trouble ever, I just like to be largely left alone and I DO NOT alike being forced to do anything against my will. I will never again trust the Govt or the medical fraternity and I will NEVER take another vaccine, not even tetanus. Massive own goal on their part. So yeah not surprisingly childhood vaccinations are now at very low rates. Their threats of authoritarianism will only make us comply less and mistrust them more. Those politicians currently in power won’t be able to walk the streets once the vaxxed -up discover their immune systems have been permanently munted. If the politicians thought us unvaxxed crazy nutter conspiracy theorists where angry at being treated like ????, then they ain’t seen nothing yet!

  3. The truth always holds-up under scrutiny but lies must be concealed. Jacinda ardern is participating in a global criminal conspiracy. This cannot be exposed!

  4. Yes, well, umm, at least the cracks are beginning to appear somewhere. We can all but hope. But is is pretty clear this Government won’t be numbered among the enlightened. Yet, I do like the idea of legal firms putting the appropriate people on notice – we are watching you. Time for some action on that front here. And there is still time before the elections to wake up the voters, the vexed and vaxed. Gee, what an interesting last couple of years, who would have thought it possible. But change must come, the perpetrators held to account for what they have done. It will indeed be a brave politician who walks the streets when the truth is known. As to the future that is down to you and me, there’s no expecting anything from the current crop apart from more misery. They will receive their reward in due time. Onward and upwards you wonderful people, and may peace walk with us all…

    • Great video thanks for the link. The fraudulent covid ‘vaccine’ narrative is now well and truly sunk.
      I suspect government, health agencies, academia and MSM are now getting very nervous about being sued into oblivion.

      • “I suspect government, health agencies, academia and MSM are now getting very nervous about being sued into oblivion.”
        Add Big Tech companies to the list too, by censoring truth they have caused many an injury and death!
        I have no sympathy for any of them. They have put lives at risk. Maybe they shouldn’t have given Pfizer a free ride with no accountability for injury and deaths caused!!! On an experimental treatment. What were they thinking?
        I would still like to see the data/reports/clinical trial results from which the “safe and effective” line was so confidently spouted for so long. That statement is going to come back to haunt her in the future when all of this is said and done.

  5. And very sadly yet another incredibly healthy person dies ‘mysteriously’ in their sleep.
    My greatest sympathy and respect to Rab Wardell’s grieving loved ones..


    Another of many thousands upon thousands of people needlessly dying ‘suddenly’ and ‘unexpectedly’.

    There’ll be more than just Fire and Fury when thousands of charges of culpable homicide are laid against all those who advocate, administer and, worse, mandate the Covid 19 injections. Especially those who knowingly concealed the truth and wilfully published and advertised disinformation about the ‘effectiveness’ and ‘safety’ of the Pfizer and other Covid 19 injections.

    We salute you, Guy, for such a time as this.

    • I saw this too. Absolutely terrible. He was even interviewed last night on TV.

      Those who pushed this poison on people need to be made to pay for these deaths of good, innocent people.

      My heart breaks every time I read such a story. ????

  6. I watched an interview on Fox News with a republican senator. He said that when the republicans win the House in November they will dine out on Fauci. His advice to Fauci was emigrate to a banana republic that doesnt have an extradition treaty. Even when he retires he can be called to account. Apparently his annual pension is $US350K

  7. Do media check the credentials of these scientist for conflicts of interest, perhaps attaching an up to date CV would help.

  8. Government, health agencies and MSM will just never admit that the excess deaths and ’SADS’ cases are anything at all to do with the jab.

    The legal implications and political fallout would be off the scale, so they have to keep doubling down with the ‘safe and effective’ and ‘nothing to see here’ PR narrative.

    How long can they keep it going before their consciences or public opinion gets the better of them? Is the question.

  9. “They must be really worried about the longevity of their research grants, but not so worried about the longevity of the world’s population…”

    ☝️This might just be the most accurate take ever written.

  10. The biggest lie that is going to continue is the so called “long Covid”. A large section of the jabbed population is having side effects due to the jabs and loss of natural immunity. These injuries interact with any small effect Covid may have but classified as long covid and attributed wholly to the virus. Jabbing and loss of natural immunity do not count. In order to secure funding, fake researchers are encouraged to come up with long covid narratives. One such recent propaganda is here

    Jabcinda is pushing these type of narratives that are expected to downplay the damage she has done to the health of kiwis (in addition to mental health, economy etc.).

    • Luckily the un-jabbed will always be the control group to in time prove that theory wrong. One of the reasons they so desperately wanted everyone jabbed. They didn’t want a control group!
      I noticed recently someone did an OIA request as they wanted to see the data for the hospital admissions and deaths INCLUDING THE UNVACCINATED numbers as those numbers are strangely missing. The reply came back that they do not keep that data. Yeah right. Try all they like to obfuscate, the truth will eventually out! Those numbers were recently published in I think it was Victoria and the results were clear. All the way up from unvaccinated to boosted, the best outcomes were for the unvaccinated and the numbers of hospitalisations and deaths steadily got worse and worse all the way up to the fully boosted. Quite damning. Let’s see the same type of stats here please.

  11. new Zealand is increasingly a pariah state, a laughing stock on the international stage and a destination for ex-pats only slightly more popular than Kuwait. A backwards little place that is not only geographically but also rationally remote from the logic that’s increasingly clear when it comes to these failed mandates.


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