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Hipkins: 5-11 year old roll-out ‘safe and necessary’, MIQ changes announced

Minister of Health Chris Hipkins yesterday announced a suite of changes agreed to by Cabinet in response to the Omicron variant’s arrival in New Zealand.

Hipkins was joined by Dr. Ian Town, Chief Science Advisor for the Ministry of Health and Dr. Danny De Lore, Paediatrician.

In announcing the roll-out for children aged 5-11, Hipkins said this was ‘necessary and safe.’ This contradicts the opinion of Dr. Robert Malone (and other leading world scientists), a key scientist in the development of mRNA vaccines, who did not regard the mRNA vaccines as safe, ‘particularly for children.’

  • Omicron – the most transmissible variant yet. It is now in more than 70 countries around the world and was detected in New Zealand last week.
  • Every case coming into our borders will be the Omicron variant.
  • Our immediate job right now must be to slow it down.

Cabinet has agreed to a ‘suite of precautionary measures’:

  • Timeframe for people to get their Pfizer boosters reduced from six months to four months. Shorter timeframe will start in early January.
  • Where workers are required to be vaccinated, this mandate will now also extend to booster doses. Border and health workers initially, then all other mandated workers by the 1st of March.
  • Date for self-isolation for those travelling from Australia pushed back to the end of February.
  • Requirement for travellers to return a negative pre-departure test will reduce from 72 hours to 48 hours before departure.
  • Managed isolation extended to 10 days with a negative day 9 test.
  • Vaccination roll-out for 5-11 years will begin on 17 Januaru 2022.
  • While vaccination of children will always be choice made by parents, in the interests of our ‘collective safety’ and vulnerable members like grandparents, vaccination is important.
  • Vaccination of 5-11 year old is ‘safe and necessary’.
  • In the event of a community case of Omicron, the traffic light system will be used first. To slow the spread, the red setting may be used earlier on in order to try and slow that spread. No intention to move to lockdowns unless it is absolutely necessary to stop the spread of a widespread outbreak, where our health system comes under considerable strain, and our overall health risk becomes too much to bear. But even then any lockdowns are to be highly targeted.

This week, Neil Oliver of GBNews interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, one of the key scientists in the development of mRNA vaccines. Malone is a well-known critic of the mRNA vaccine roll-out and pandemic response. Oliver asked Malone if he thought these vaccines were safe.

Malone replied:

‘I do not regard them as safe, particularly in children. The risk/benefit ratio is completely upside down. More children will die from these vaccines than will be saved.

The data are quite clear. I have always held two key positions. The vaccine should be reserved for those at highest risk of this disease. I have not said they shouldn’t be used. I have said they should be reserved. We should not have universal vaccination, we should absolutely not have vaccine mandates. That is, in my opinion, illegal and grossly immoral, based on the Nuremburg Code, the Common Rule, the Helsinki Accord.

We do not have adequate disclosure, and unfortunately, as the data have emerged increasingly, I’m increasingly forced into a position where I’m not even sure if they have a merit for those at highest risk. Particularly given that we have therapeutic drug strategies that work, that keep people out of the hospital. And if that wasn’t enough, the data with Omicron is creating an even greater imbalance between risk and benefit.’

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  1. Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, talking about the COVID vaccine:
    The vaccines force the cells to produce uncontrolled among the toxic part of the virus, the spike protein, causing damage to healthy cells.
    The ‘vaccine’ is FIFTY TIMES MORE LIKELY to cause death in children than COVID.

  2. Many of our grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents fought and gave their lives for our freedom, and the freedom of our children, and our children’s children.

    Many lost so much and suffered enormously due to the tyrannical will of a person who rose to power promising freedom; whose party brainwashed much of the German populace into persecuting, imprisoning then murdering millions and millions of innocent people – never mind going to war against many countries. All done at the hands of law-abiding citizens, ‘following orders’ in a so-called first world country.

    The Pfizer ‘vaccine’ is harming and killing thousands upon thousands – we all know this by now. If we don’t we’re asleep on our feet, or choosing deliberate blindness or to remain brainwashed.

    Are we wanting to follow further orders from a leader who wants to now begin injecting CHILDREN with a substance WE KNOW does vastly more harm than good?

    Read the medical information by researchers and professionals who actually know what they are talking about – not our politicians and the ridiculous mainstream paid-for-media.

    Children need to be protected from Jacinda Adern, Ashley Bloomfield and Chris Hipkins and all those who work with them in pushing these medically unfounded and highly injurious Pfizer vaccines and mandates.

    Children need protection from loving parent/s, caregivers and all of caring society.
    Children need lots of love, healthy food, sunshine, fresh air, adventure and freedom – and must absolutely be protected from this insane government with it’s perverted intention of soon vaccinating our beloved children, children and grand-children.

    Stand up New Zealand, stand up strong together and unite firmly against this unmitigated cruelty to our children – and protect them and their freedoms.


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