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Hipkins: ‘There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices’

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins told reporters yesterday the COVID-19 jab was not compulsory, even though it was mandated.

Hipkins was answering a question from a reporter about the recently announced NZ First policy of compensating the victims of COVID mandates and lockdowns.

‘In terms of the vaccine mandates I acknowledge that it was a challenging time for people, but they ultimately made their own choices. There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices.’

The government’s controversial COVID gene therapy mandates were declared in late 2021, requiring workers in education, medical and other fields to provide proof of up-to-date vaccination status in order to maintain their employment and careers.

Hipkins was Minister of Health from July 2020, and Minister for the COVID-19 response from November that year. In the latter role, he oversaw the launch of the government’s “My Vaccine Pass” vaccine certificate in November 2021, the national vaccination rollout, and the passage of the COVID-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Act 2021, which provided the legal framework for the Government’s vaccine mandate.

Video of Hipkins’ claim was shared widely on social media in New Zealand and overseas, where it attracted a lot of comment and criticism, as the mandates had the effect of compulsion for those who could not afford to lose their jobs.

‘New Zealand PM is now blaming NZ citizens for taking the mandatory vaccines to keep their jobs and feed their families. These people are sick,’ tweeted independent Australian journalist Rukshan Fernando.

‘Remember? He clearly doesn’t? Is this gaslighting? I get confused…’ tweeted kiwi musician Jason Kerrison.

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  1. What a piece of work, (was going to say something else), makes my blood boil, get jabbed or loose your job, and that is the only reason most of my acquaintances, got it, and what makes it even worse, the bloody jab is useless and in a lot of cases harmful, unreal.

  2. What a sick and evil b#####d is someone who would make such a callous and unsympathetic statement as that. Judgement is coming for you chippy.

  3. coercitive manipulations in all western governments.
    Compulsory = government is liable
    Otherwise not liable.
    They all knew about the deadly effects of the so called vax that is nothing else than a biological weapon.

    Follow the work a.o. of david nixon on substack.com ( nixonlab) . Because there are seemingly injectable medications also involved with nano tech.
    And i am starting to ask myself if the ” epidemic” of ” trans” is not in some ways the result of experimental stealth treatments/ injections .

  4. Typical Hipkins doublespeak once again.

    It’s clearly not a “choice” when duress, coercion, threats, blackmail, discrimination and workplace bullying is involved.

  5. He was the guy who said they were going to hunt us down FFS! Look at his eyes – they are black. Evil.

    I predict Labour are in for an absolute drubbing this election having alienated so many people. I predict under 20%. How anyone can think they have been a good government is totally beyond me. Forget most open and transparent…..more like most deceitful and divisive govt EVER.

    One thing you will have noticed, if they say they are something they are usually the opposite. Kind? More like Cruel. Transparent? More like sneaky. Govern for all? More like in it for themselves.

    Vote these corrupt, spineless evil criminals OUT. 😡😡😡

  6. This is the abusive husband who tells you the black eye was your own fault.

    Textbook narcissism, proudly brought to you by the WEF.

    Don’t hold it against him, Chippy was just another cog in the machine, as Luxon will be.

  7. Chris Hipkins pretending that the most disgraceful violation of human rights in New Zealand’s history was somehow ‘a choice’ is beyond the pale.

    I’d be interested to see a real journalist ask Mr Hipkins to explain his understanding of medical ethics and informed consent. It won’t happen obviously.

  8. Coercion of medical treatment is a crime against humanity under the 1947 Nuremberg protocol.

    However, who will prosecute and see that justice is done. The military perhaps? After WW2 it was military tribunals that “got it done”.

  9. Anyone taking bets what his last words will be?
    “I didn’t know,” “I was only following orders,” “God save the Queen?”
    Any takers?

  10. If this vaccine was ‘not compulsory’ then why was there a requirement to obtain an exemption..or be sacked?
    Interestingly, my GP (in his capacity of being my treatment provider) applied for an exemption due to on-going suffering of severe adverse reactions to a previous vaccine (not Covid) 9 years prior..the MOH Covid team declined the exemption!!!
    I sat the whole period out at home and lived by the rules, was unable to get a haircut, go out for dinner, attend sporting fixtures or even leave the country to source further Medical advice …and wore a mask everywhere I went…. to protect everyone else ….based on the podium of truth!
    For all of those Healthcare staff, Police and Defence force staff, Port workers, teachers, MIQ workers who lost their jobs…a formal apology and offer of reinstatement to their roles is the least that should occur.
    This is an absolute disgrace!

  11. I read a comment from a Russian woman that lived through Stalin’s terror who said ‘that if that wasn’t bad enough the hardest thing to stomach was the BS the bureaucrats came up with to explain their insanity.’

    Chippy and his mates are a bunch of gaslighting, cancel culture little totalitarians pissing in the pocket of the media in lock step with the Greens, ACT and National. As with the US the hubris, delusion and corruption is bi partisan.

  12. This is the same DPM who stated as a veiled threat that the Labour Government would “Hunt down those who are NOT vaccinated…” at the daily briefing of lies, deception and deceit. He made this threat several times live on-air!
    He, along with the Jabby Witch, stated that it was “mandatory that everyone get their boosters!”
    Who will do an audit of Chippie’s finances? After all, Jabby left office (or..RAN AWAY to avoid prosecution and the threats of potential inflicted harm) with millions of dollars and went to Massachusetts, the home base of the Wiccan movement, and played with the Harvard University crowd that is steeped with the far-left thinking offspring of the J***** Elite Globalists, the same crowd that insists that we all buy battery-powered vehicles and ride public transport (that was shut-down during the Plandemic) while they jet about in their Citations, Gulfstreams and CRJ’s.
    Chippie is also self-delusional as we can see in his presentations of himself before the cameras, and will suddenly not remember his endorsement of mandates, policies and quickly-rushed laws.
    Fortunately, most have DVD Recorders which did just that as a reminder to him and New Zealand the crimes against humanity and the massive human, civil and medical rights that were violated under both international and New Zealand law!
    And don’t think that Nazional will be any better; Luxon and Willis are taking their orders from the Elite J3wi$h Globalists ie WEF / WHO / NWO tyrants, and are repeating what they are told to say.
    Does any un-jabbed person detect the same dress and show to the public which is just that, with both Luxon and Willis being unable to conjure-up a single individual thought of morality (insisting on illegal vaccines), economic sense (no plans to get away from the Zionist-controlled Reserve Banking System and return the Treasury to the Gold, Silver and Platinum Standard)) and the hype of ‘new’ taxes before total the totally-planned global economic collapse?
    Hell- even Jack Tame exposed Nicola Willis for being the ignorant, deceiving, parroting dumb-ass that she truly is, by exposing her ignorance in that she couldn’t even define what an internet VPN is on Q&A!
    Kudos to Jack Tame, who really exposed how ignorant and out of touch BOTH mainstream political parties really are!
    In doing so, Jackie-Boy will probably be thrown under the bus by the Sinclair state-run media here, and will in all likelyhood end-up at Al-Jazeera, BBC, or in Oz.

  13. All the politicians, media personalities and medical professionals and others who allowed this to happen should be standing trial for war crimes. To hell with the next election we the people want accountability, It is time politicians feared the people instead of people fearing govt.
    This next election needs to send a clear message that if you push this globalist crap here you will never work again and you will without any doubt end up in prison for life.

    • Absolutely, and there are already laws on the books to deal with these sociopathic psychopaths!
      If I remember, those laws are treason, subversion, espionage and international human rights violations!
      The voting public will need to closely monitor the polls, and volunteers to become poll workers should do just that, as suggested by Voices for Freedom.
      Rest assured that those of us who are combat Veterans are NOT intimidated by the current Labour Government Cabinet, SIS, GCSB or Police Intelligence; if those entities had been doing their jobs initially instead of breaking into the home and harassing a Pro-Firearms Christchurch Protestant Minister as well as Vinny Eastwood and Billy TK , we wouldn’t be looking at a high Covid ‘vaccine’ death rate as forecast by Deagel New Zealand.
      Any government entity that is following the orders of this current government is complicit in resurrecting Stalinistic Communism and tyranny against the population, and will at some point be dealt with; problem is; when and if, depending on if the election is stolen away from the minor parties!

    • Yes it is way past time for accountability. Jab sin da could hear the drum beats rolling thats why the step down. But her faithful little lapdog was there to take over that evil little boyish grinning goul in the background at most of Jab sin das press releases.The whole censorship of the narrative to the paid off media was to have the people not remembering the true horrors of what really happened in NZ in the Plandemic years. You see the Govt. cant claim innocence here they knew about the shots being deadly because of the sickening payoffs to parents who innocently took their children to be ‘vaccinated’ only for some of them to die in their arms half an hour later. Talk about brainwashing the people, in WWII the guards in the concentration camps had to wrench children out of the arms of parents so that Dr.Joseph Mengele could experiment on them with all sorts of drugs. In NZ during these Plandemic years parents willigly gave up their children to be vertually murdered. Some of those pay outs were $450k plus to make the parents shut up and go away so that the Govt. could keep spruiking their agenda. I hope those parents realise that they also became part of the Infanticide and Genocide for not speaking out at the time. NZ lost its innocence in what happened in these years. But worse than that the shots are not just simply an untested ‘experimental vaccine’ but a military grade technological bioweapon for a depopulation. This is a whole different ball game. This is a War Crime and therefore a Crime Against Hunanity. The key players in this NZ Labour Govt and some on the right too, need to be prosecuted and incarcerated over these atrocities.

  14. Is it true that the other Chris (National leader) was just as emphatic about everyone getting the jabs? Something i heard about him even saying those who didn’t should not continue to receive any benefit payments?

    • Worse than that Luxon once stated that he wins power he wants to jab every 5 year old before they are allowed to start school. I would not vote for this idiot or his Party Labour or ACT. Better off with NZ First NZ Loyal and Sue Grays Party. They are the only ones talking any sense at the moment.

      • ABSOLUTELY!!!
        Liz Gunn’s NZ Loyal and Sue Grey’s Outdoors & Freedom Party are the only two now with any credibility.
        The New Conservative Party has basically ejected Ted Johnston who wanted the NC’s to form-up an umbrella coalition with NZ First, NZ Loyal and the O&FP, but the ‘board members and membership did not agree’…so he’s out.
        I’ll be voting for the NZ Loyal Party, as I’m tired of living in a failed Zionist state that is robbing us all of our health, wealth and the lives of our children!
        There is a remote chance that this may well be the political coup that breaks the Labour / National / National / Labour cycle.
        IF that happens, be prepared for Operation Katipo and UN Troops enforcing the Noahide Law and Talmudic processes on our soil as they reinstate the Globalist political supporters ie Labour & National.
        There will then be the possibility of civil conflict, and those of us who are veterans, gang members, and societal outcasts far outnumber the NZDF and the NZ Police. The advice to them is this; IF the minor parties secure the majority of the votes (unless massive fraud occurs), then those agencies mentioned would do well to step down and step aside!!!!

        • This UMBRELLA movement is IMHO the only viable way to get the #@$%& out of parliament.
          Can we please promote more content RE UMBRELLA?

    • Yes anybody who thinks things will radically change under ‘mud-guard’
      Shiny on top sh*tty underneath
      Is sadly delusional
      People aren’t going to be voting for National
      But Voting against Labour
      The end result will be more confusion and higher tax’s

  15. NZ think hard about this election any partie in parliament at this time needs to be dealt with ,they cannot be trusted w e need new parties in parliament that will work for the people . If you vote for Labour or National NZ is doomed and bankrupt,vote for a change.

  16. Yes we were forced.
    We are all forced to pay the 62.1 billion dollars wasted on lockdown and a useless non-vaccine that has caused more adverse reactions than all vaccines in History – for a virus with an IFR (Infected Fatality Rate) no greater than common ‘flu.
    We are all forced to suffer the consequent complete breakdown of our formerly adequate Public Health system.
    In March of this year I was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition requiring a routine operation. The specialist termed my case urgent. During the last month I have sent four emails to Auckland Hospital requesting an approximate date of admission. There has been no reply. Along the way, many health professionals have told me “the system is broken”.
    Those responsible should not be walking around free.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and that you have not been given any date to expect to be seen. I hope you hear back soon.

      I fully agree with you. What an absolute disgrace. That government has literally laundered taxpayers money to Pfizer and goodness knows who else. What’s the bet some of those MPs have shares in Pfizer, or the companies who supplied masks and test kits.

      Just a bunch of self serving lying criminals who deserve every bit of distain that comes their way. Furthermore they should be in jail for what they have done violating people’s individual freedoms and rights and coercion of a medical procedure.

      Our country is broken, people have died, been permanently injured physically and mentally, businesses ruined, families destroyed and these self aggrandising despots are to blame for it all.

      God will be their judge.

  17. Hipster hasn’t got a clue what a woman is so it’s no surprise he can’t grasp the slightly more difficult concept of compulsory mandates

  18. Chris Hipkins displays total incompetence. He has to be under pressure from his masters to make such a stupid statement and shoot himself in the foot. He always looks as if he is packing his pants. I wouldn’t want to be Chris Hipkins

  19. “And from the RED corner this time”… Another elected puppet fulfilling their job description to the full.

    [Yet another shining example of how we’re born “inherently good…”]

    Nah, as for me & my house… we’ll stick with ol’ school Truth, Justice and Righteousness being great building blocks for a strong and vibrant life. Personally, family, community, city, nations…

    Build on the Rock people.
    Hold your ground.
    Hold onto hope.

    Joshua 24: 14, 15

    • Matthew 7:26 “And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:”

      • Brilliant!
        Poli Hunger Games!
        The script THEY wrote already themselves, now let’s enact Hunger Games with Labour tw*ts and Nat tw^ts in major roles.
        I’d even pay for a cage fight with Hippy and Luxon, as weinerly as that may look.
        We could even think of….na, ssschtopp it!

  20. School boy Hipkins was engaged in intelectual masterbation when talking to the media. He is single, and no one will touch him remember.


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